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Waterfalls in Coorg
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Waterfalls in Coorg – Get wet under the droplets from Heaven

India is surely a heavenly place to visit if you are looking for a close time with nature itself. Nature has definitely some kind of liking to this country. You will literally find so many natural pitstops with some great views that any tourist and nature lover will crave for. India has all sorts of places to visit. From high snow-capped mountains to dry deserts, every possible phenomenon of nature is available at this country. Not only that, this country has many archaeological sites that are very culturally rooted and has much historical significance. Also with many cultures and languages spread across the country, this is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. In this place, Coorg holds a very unique place for its stunning tourist spots. One of those spots is the waterfalls and here we present you the beautiful waterfalls in Coorg.

The beautiful landscapes of Coorg.
Image Credits: Photo by Paras Hazare on Unsplash

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Waterfalls in Coorg

Coorg is one great place to visit in India. Located amidst the magnificent mountains of Karnataka, this place is very much famous for its coffee-producing hill estates and streams that go through these green covered hills. But more than this it is very much famous for its culture and people. Coorg is one of the most famous hill stations of Karnataka. This place is very much known for its extravagant scenery and lush greenery. Along with this one of the most famous things in Coorg is the beautiful waterfalls. So here is the list of the beautiful waterfalls in Coorg that you would love to get drenched in.

Abbey Falls

Madikeri town is one of the major towns in Coorg. When people speak about Coorg, the place that immediately strikes our mind is Madikeri which is also the central hub. 7 km from here you will be able to spot the most beautiful Abbey falls. This is a very popular fall to the locals, owing to its close proximity from the Madikeri town. Visit this falls between October and December as this is the best time for you to view the falls full-on torrential. This is due to the rains that these regions get during this season.

You will be able to find this falls between the coffee and spice plantations and large thick forests. You have to walk a mile downslope to view the beautiful Cauvery river surging down the strong rocks of the Abbey falls. Visit this falls to have some great time which is one of the best waterfalls in Coorg.

The beautiful Abbey Waterfalls in Coorg.
Image Credits: Photo by Chaitanya Rayampally on Unsplash

Mallalli Falls

Formed by the Kumaradhara river, the Mallalli falls is one of the most spectacular falls that is seen in Karnataka. Cascading down the prominent Pushpagiri hills, this is certainly a wonderful place to visit by any tourist touring the beautiful Karnataka. This is also one of the most visited waterfalls in Karnataka. July to December is the best season for you to visit this beautiful waterfall as this is running in its full volume during these months and you will be able to have the best experience. Access the jeep from the town to the waterfall or have a great hike down the bumpy forest trails to have some exciting experience while viewing the beautiful Mallali falls. Lovely, huh? That is why this is one of the most wonderful waterfalls in Coorg.

Mallalli Falls
Image Credits: Flickr

Chelavara Falls

Want to visit one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Coorg? Then you have definitely got to visit Chelavara Falls. This is one beautiful waterfall that will be brimming with glory during the monsoon seasons. Locally, this is known as Emepaare which means Tortoise. This is because of the rock which resembles a tortoise. This is definitely one good waterfall to visit in Coorg. But one downside is that the Kodagu district administration has banned tourists to enter the waterfalls presently. This is mainly because of the Several accidents that had been reported near to this falls. But one thing is certain here, you can certainly enjoy this particular waterfalls from a distance and it will still be a very good experience. However, you won’t be able to visit the waterfalls closely.

Chelavara waterfalls in Coorg
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Iruppu Falls

Iruppu falls is definitely one famous fall that is there in Coorg. Locally it is one of the most famous falls in Coorg. This is the Lakshmana Tirtha river that is plunging down as a very beautiful waterfall. Visit this waterfalls during the Monsoon season as this will give you one of the best experiences and it will certainly be a beautiful sight for all the tourists visiting this place. This is much more beautiful with the lush greenery that is found around this waterfalls. You will get to find this waterfalls 80 km away from the Madikeri town and 25 km away from Nagarhole. From one end of the road, you will have to walk 500 m downhill to reach this waterfalls. This is one of the best and also one of the beautiful waterfalls in Coorg.

Iruppu falls
Image Credits- Wikimedia Commons

Devarakolli Falls

Compared to other waterfalls that you visit here, Devarakolli Falls is quite smaller. But if you are a big fan of a very beautiful trek with some scenic environment, then this should definitely be your pick while you are in Coorg. The dense forestland with the water falling from a high altitude is such a serene and calming sight that you will get to watch. The beauty of this waterfall lies with the tall, towering trees with lush greenery surrounding. Along with this, a clear pool of water in the foot of the waterfalls perfectly sets you up for a great experience. From the Coorg main bus stand, it will just take 30 minutes to reach this falls. Visit this waterfall for it being one of the best treks to the waterfalls in Coorg.

Devarakolli falls
Image Credits: Pikist

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Coorg is one of the most beautiful places that you will certainly love visiting with your family. This is also one great place to have your honeymoon. You can get the best deals for the Karanataka holiday packages with Pickyourtrail. You can also customize your own vacations on the website. For any queries, you can directly contact us on Whatsapp. One of our travel consultants will get in touch with you to make your vacation a memorable one. Check out our website for more blogs on domestic travel.

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