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Shells-Handicrafts of India
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Handicrafts Of India – The True Epitome Of Culture And Heritage

India has always been renowned for its customs since time immemorial. As regards art and music, India is among the world’s highest-ranking culturally affluent. Travellers visiting India also think people in India are loved for their excellent handicrafts. India is definitely a tenting spot to buy! In India, each region has generation-long skilled in specific crafts industries. Some, if not all of them, still find it quite a challenge to buy unique crafts in India. A much bigger challenge for tourists is to hunt for regions where actual well-crafted handicrafts are sold. Most rural people still survive on their artistic jobs, and India still succeeded in maintaining its craftsmen, its art as well as its crafts. So check out some of the top handicrafts of India that are a must-buy on your visit to any place in India!


Pottery - handicrafts of India
Image Credits: Pixabay

It is one of the top handicrafts of India. Pottery – perceived to be the most sensual type of all arts. Since the Harappan civilization, the practice of handcrafted pottery has flourished in India. Wonderful pottery and ceramic ware are also one of India’s popular buys. On your journey to Rajasthan, in West India, head to a small stall in Bani’s Jaipur Estate, Kripal Kumbh. Kripal Singh Shekhawat, a popular artist at that time, founded this showroom in the 1960s. In Jaipur, too, is blue glazed pottery. The turbans, sculptures, brass objects and traditional men’s shoes that ring at the dots are other things to shop for in Rajasthan.

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You can find three types of shells made from shell crafts in India. Shells of conch, seashell and tortoiseshell. Varieties of shell handicrafts include various products, such as braces, forks, decorating pots, lockets, curtains, lanterns, mirror frames etc. In specific, shell handicraft locations on the sea such as the Gulf of Mannar, Odisha, Goa etc. are present here and at lower rates in excess. You can also buy shell jewellery and bracelets in West Bengal. Definitely a must-list on the list of handicrafts of India!

Silk Saris

Silk Saris
Image Credits: Pixabay

For all the women out there, I’m sure you would have already shortlisted this on your list of handicrafts of India. Silk saris are one of India’s finest heritage saris from Kanchipuram, located close to Chennai. By purchasing where they originate, you can save about 10 per cent on the purchase price. Also you can customise your own silk sarees with your own designs when you get there directly. The silk used here is one of the finest silks. However, you can spot several fakes ones too, so check the authenticity once before you purchase. It’s also often not easy to identify them. Thanjavur or Temple City, renowned for its complex golden foil sculptures, typically by gods and deities.

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Carpet weaving in Northern India is also a significant art. Uttar Pradesh is the ‘s biggest tapestry weaving industry, with the unbelievably stunning tapestries with compositions such as the Taj Mahal. Carpet-weaving is one of the most common crafts in Kashmir. What makes Cashmere’s tapestries so famous is that they are hand-woven entirely. Other objects of Kashmirian origin includes colourful paper-mache goods, leather boots and accessories, and elaborately graven wooden furniture with screens and tabels. The second-most common handcraft commodity is Namdas or rugs.


Pashmina Shawls
Image Credits: Unsplash

This can only be found in India and one of the most recommended handicrafts of India. Fine wool woven into the fabric is Pashmina. Initially woven in Kashmir, and later supplied to various textiles. Pashmina – made from a fine form of wool and then transported to the Kashmir Valley in northern India. Kashmir, best known for the Pashmina chocolates and tapestries smuggled from Persia for many years. The yarn, pashmina, sozni and patterns all are woven in Kashmir. The craft products of Kashmir represent the customs, cultures and values of the province, as well as for other artisans such as papier-mache, fine woodworking, silverware and wood carve.

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Phulkari and Jutti

Many tourists claim that crafts are restricted only to phulkari in Punjab. They could not be more distant from the truth. Although Phulkari, with its wonderful sticking which uses geometric formats and patterns, certainly a highly sought after item, you can see many other goods to be watched for. The first one is wood carving and enamel work which is common in the regions of Jalandhar, Kartarpur and Hoshiarpur. Tourists can not miss the jutti, worn with pride, when you are in Punjab. Although the decorated juttis mostly come into play at ritualistic and special occasions. But you can use the unembellished ones for regular daily use.


In Goa, feni production is flourishing. You can buy these from home and choose between two types of elegant bottles: cashew and coconut. Never miss out to try this out! Goa is also known for its vibrant hippie clothing overflowing shops. Anjuna Wednesday is the most popular flea market, but behind most beaches, there are clothing shops. I’m sure no list would miss out this unique handicraft of India!

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Jute handicrafts
Image Credits: Pixabay

Jute artisans have developed an amazing position for jute globally in the handicraft field. The designs include wallets, shoes, bracelets, other stones, clothing, art pieces and more. Assam is indeed the nation’s third-largest source of jute, the bulk of which are in the Tinsukia, Goalpara, Morigaon and Nagaon region, along with others. Without bamboo products, no mention of the crafts in Assam is complete. Jute weaving, with items like baskets, bags and dolls, is common in West Bengal as well. If you get a chance to explore the annual West Bengal State Handicrafts Expo held each winter in Kolkata for an excellent selection of posts. You can mainly shop these in the Districts of Karbi Anglong, Barpeta, Goalpara and Nagaon, Bamboo. Sitalpati-the Murtha plant tin that is found in Karimpur, Durgapur, and Katakhal districts, is another artisanal commodity that is famous in Assam. It is manufactured with Murtha plants.

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Finding this guide useful? I’m sure after all that travelling and shopping, you’re gonna need a relaxing massage and some ‘you’ time for some shopping. So head down to any of these places and shop the top handicrafts of India. Oh now that you might be interested to craft your itinerary, head on to Pickyourtrail and check out some of the International tour packages to book your vacation right away! Also, feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!

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