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Lachung: 5 Places to Visit for a Winter Wonderland

Revealing The Hidden Treasures Of Lachung, Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the most exotic and beautiful states in India. It attracts almost 2 million tourists every year. Sikkim allures not just Indian tourist but also people from other countries. They visit this beautiful state for its scenic quaint secluded villages. These villages offer some of the most tranquil and serene attractions. Some of the Villages are Pelling, Lachung, Gangtok, Lachen, Yumthangand Gurudongmar Lake. Also, these villages are closer and it is very much easy to access all these villages by road. These are some of the top exquisite towns that you can witness in Sikkim. These towns attract trekkers, photographers, and adventure freaks. Most Indian’s travel to these towns for their honeymoon vacation. If you are planning for your honeymoon vacation ensure Sikkim tops your bucket list. Also, Sikkim pulls adventure lovers and trekking enthusiasts. Sikkim will satiate your adrenaline carving soul and will never disappoint you. So let us look at the top 5 places to visit Lachung.

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What to expect in Lachung?

Every town in Sikkim will amaze you for sure. If you wish to make the most out of your Sikkim vacation, Lachung should be your first stop. Located at an altitude of 8,600 ft above sea level, Lachung is a charming hamlet in Sikkim. Lachung is a famous travel destination in India and also locally called as Queen of Northeast. People who visit Lachung will fall in love with the place for its tranquil and scenic beauty of the village. The village offers a spectacular and breathtaking view of which are picture-perfect. If you are someone who loves taking instagrammable pictures, ensure to carry an extra memory card to capture the beauty of Lachung. Also, honeymooners don’t worry, Lachung of the most romantic places. In short, Lachung in Sikkim is a paradise that awaits your visit.
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Sikkim forest, one of the top 5 Places to visit in Lachung
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Breathtaking top 5 places to visit in Lachung

Almost people of all ages wish to go one destination in their lifetime that is Sikkim. With its breathtaking valleys, lush green ridges, snow-crowned mountains and lakes, tops the travel list. Lachung in Sikkim is an exquisite town which embraces the ancient traditions and culture. The place is also known for its unique festivals and ceremonies. You can witness its essence in the architecture and the lifestyle of the people there. Lachung is a perfect place to go and enjoy all the attraction or if you wish to do nothing you can relax by the ambience. There are many places for exploration in Lachung!
Check out the list of top 5 places to visit in Lachung during your stay in Lachung.

1. Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley is the top tourist attracted spots in Lachung. Don’t miss this spectacular valley during your vacation in Sikkim. Yumthang Valley offers a magnificent view of Himalayan flowers, twenty-four species. The valley will amaze you with its massive structure. It looks so beautiful during the winter season. If you are making your visit to Lachung during winter, the valley looks like a queen crowned by the snow. Also if you are visiting this valley, ensure you visit the nearby Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary. These two places are best for taking astonishing pictures. if you wish to take scenic sunrise pictures, head to the places as earlier as possible. As you walk in the valleys it will make you feel magical. The valley has flowers spread all over the valley. Yumthang Valley will give a unique feeling and will keep you in a state of peace and tranquillity for ages.

top 5 Places to visit in Lachung
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2. Chopta Valley

Chopta Valley is one of the most visited tourist spots in Sikkim. It is a vibrant place and it also surprises its visitor with rainbow colours. Also, if you are lucky you might witness these vibrant and colourful rainbows. Located in Lachen is best to visit in spring to experience the valley showcasing with partial snows. Adding more charm to the scene is the exhilarating view of the snow-capped Himalayas. Also, another antique piece in the region one must visit is Gurudongmar Lake. Gurudongmar Lake embraces spiritual importance blended with Hinduism and Sikhism too. A trip to these two places will leave you agape in amazement.

3. Chungthang

Chungthang is a historical and beautiful town. This gorgeous town lies next to Lachung. Located 21km away from Lachung, Chungthang is also base camp. It stands at the confluence of the rivers Lachen Chu and Lachung Chu. You can go to other places such as Katao, Thangu and Tibet Border, among others. Chungthang has a beautiful river called the Teesta River. Teesta River combines the Lachen Chu and Lachung ChuThis small town connects other stunning destinations Kalimpong, Siliguri, and Darjeeling. Also, Chungthang is the place where the word ‘Demazong’ [the hidden valley of rice, as Sikkim is known] first originated.

 4.Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Seven Sisters Waterfalls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Sikkim. It is among the top 5 places to visit in Lachung. Seven Sisters Waterfalls in Lachung is kids friendly and a perfect play area for kids. The water is so clean and the waterfall is well maintained. Kids love playing in this waterfall because the water is so transparent. Also, the place is soothing and comfortable for honeymoon travellers and couple. you can take amazing pictures with a backdrop of Seven Sisters Waterfalls. Seven Sisters Waterfalls is a place to experience natures beauty and calmness.

Places to visit in Lachung
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5. Thangu

Situated on the high alpine plateau, Thangu is one of the most beautiful places in Sikkim. The lake gives you a spectacular view of the snow-crowned Himalaya. The lake is partially snowed and offers a magnificent pathway where you can go for a walk with your loved ones. Also, the flower garden which is near the lake gives you a mystic and mesmerizing experience. But to explore all these places in Sikkim, you should be an Indian. Most of these places are on the Chinese borders. if you arent Indian you will not be allowed to visit these valleys in Sikkim.

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