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What To See And Do In Tallinn During Your Estonia Trip

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and is an ancient city snuggled against the Baltic Sea. With its charming historic Old Town that records back to the 13th century, it has been attracting in visitors since the fall of the Soviet Union. Low-cost flights, affordable rates, and the scenery of Prague without the masses have made Tallinn a go-to weekend getaway for Europeans.

Though the city has become a tad bit extra packed and expensive in the last few years, it’s still one of a favourite place in the region. It is known to be peaceful and enjoyable with people are open and comfortable and the country is very tech-positive so much that they allow e-residency assistance particularly for digital nomads. To help you experience the best of your trip, here are the best things to see and do in Tallinn from the touristy to off the beat options!

Credits: Pixabay

1. Take a Free Walking Tour

One of the greatest things you can do when you come to a new city is to take a free walking tour. They’re a great method to study about a destination and its history while touring the main sights. Not only will it give you a solid foundation to the city but you’ll get an introduction to a local guide who can explain any and all inquiries you might have.

2. Estonian Maritime Museum

Established in 1935 and placed inside a historic 500-year-old building, this museum highlights the archives of Estonia’s maritime culture. The main highlight is the interactive Seaplane Harbour display, which includes a small 184 seaplane as well as the steam running icebreaker Suur Toll and do not miss the 1936 submarine Lembit, the only survived Baltic warship from prior to the WWII (and one of only two submarines in Estonian naval chronicle). There’s also an aquarium, ship miniatures, and a flying simulator. It’s an enjoyable and informative site for adults and kids alike.

3. Glehn Park And Castle

Glehn Park can be found on the Nomme hillside and is home to medieval-style Glehn Castle. Constructed in 1886, both the park and castle were designed by Nikolai von Glehn, a rich and complex fellow known for his distinctive taste in decoration such as tables and chairs shaped like statuettes, huge sculptures and an obelisk at the beginning of his house indicating the grave of his beloved horse.

4. Tallinn Town Hall And Square

Tallinn Town Hall & Square
Credits: Flickr

Tallinn’s Gothic town hall is the most ancient in the Baltics. Finished in 1404, it flaunts a 64m spire covered with a weather vane of an ancient soldier called Old Thomas, a Tallinn city keeper and hero from the 16th century who struggled in the Livonian War. You can scale the tower to 34 meters (111 feet) from May through September. The heart of the Town Hall is accessible to guests as a museum only during July and August; inside, you’ll get to see colourful patterns on the walls, elaborate wood carvings, and remarkable arched ceilings as you study about the town and its story.

5. Toompea Castle And Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Credits: Flickr

Toompea Castle records all the way behind to the 9th century and is now used by Riigikogu, Estonia’s Parliament. The east wing has a vividly painted pink and white exterior in baroque fashion, as commanded by Empress Catherine the Great in 1773. The opposite side still has its ancient stone exterior. The Estonian flag is elevated over the tower at sunrise every day.

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