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Whitehaven beach,Queensland- the most picturesque beach in Australia

By Tanmayee - August 21, 2020
Whitehaven beach,Queensland

It’s no surprise that Australian beaches are among some of the best and beautiful beaches in the world. One such heavenly beach located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef is the Whitehaven beach. Trust me when I say that this is no normal beach. The moment you set foot on this beach, you’ll be embraced by the white silica sand and turquoise waters which will make you fall in love with the beach.  Spanning over seven kilometres along Whitsunday Island, the award-winning beach should be a must-visit in your Australia itinerary. 

A little about the Whitehaven beach ,Queensland: 

What were once mountaintops, the Whitsundays have been formed into islands due to the rising sea levels. Later in 1879, Staff Commander EP Bedwell discovered the beach and named it Whitehaven due to its pure silica white sand and breathtaking scenery. Besides being home to turquoise waters, white silica sand, and lush foliage, the Whitsundays is also home to aboriginal people. Because of its significance, the Whitsunday and the neighbouring islands have been declared by the Queensland government as national parks. It is also listed under the world heritage area of Great Barrier Reef

What you’ll love about the Whitehaven Beach,Queensland:

It’s in a pristine condition: 

Whitehaven beach,Queensland
Image source: Zhimai Zhang on Unsplash

I’m not even kidding when I say it’s unbelievably clean. Unlike the other beaches in Australia, this beach consists of white sand which has 98% of pure silica making it super soft and fine. The beach continues to remain untouched by pollution and inhabitation. They have imposed strict rules and regulations to maintain its pristine. The effort they put into preserving it sure paid off when it was awarded the top Eco-Friendly beach in the world. 

It’s just a stone’s throw from Hamilton island:

The best part about the beach is that it’s super close from Hamilton Island. You just have to hop on a high-speed catamaran and you’ll reach there in 30 minutes. You’ll find several Whitehaven beach tours from Hamilton Island. You can also opt for the scenic helicopter ride for a more luxurious experience. 

The impossibly white silica sand: 

White silica sand at whitehaven beach
Image source: Dean McQuade on Unsplash

The sand on Whitehaven beach is so white that you’ll be awestruck by it. The sand here consists of pure silica, which makes it so fine and soft. And the best part is that the sand doesn’t retain the heat, thereby making it comfortable for you to walk barefoot. 

What can you see and do at Whitehaven Beach,Queensland?

There are plenty of things that you can see and do at the Whitehaven beach. From soaking in the sun to walking along the beach through building sandcastles and taking a dip in the waters, you can do it all in here! 

Whitehaven beach tours
Image source: Elena Emmy on Unsplash

There are several guided day tours to Whitehaven Beach,Queensland from Hamilton Island that you can opt for. You can travel on a cruise or a catamaran or even a yacht to reach there. Most of the tour operators let you spend some leisurely time there, where you can chill, have a small picnic or do whatever you want. If you’re a thrill-seeker, then you can also visit take part in watersports and spot beautiful marine life. 

Hill Inlet
Image source: Wikimedia

When you’re in Whitsunday, a place that you should not miss out on is the Hill Inlet. Head to Tongue Point which overlooks the hill inlet to witness some of the most beautiful views that you can ever see. From the lookout point, you’ll see a fusion of turquoise water and white silica sand that will get you hooked! If you’re lucky, you’ll also be able to spot the marine animals – from turtles to dolphins and sharks in the waters

Where to eat?

You won’t have any restaurants in here, so you’ll have to carry food. If not, you could have a nice meal before or after visiting the beach. 

Where to stay?

You don’t have many accommodations on the Whitsunday island. Your best bet is to go camping, but for that, you need to take a permit first. I wouldn’t recommend this cause it’s time taking unless you’re really longing to stay here. I’d rather suggest you take a beautiful sea-facing resort at Hamilton Islands instead. 

When you’re visiting this beauty of a beach, make sure to carry a camera to capture some of the most picturesque views that are insta-worthy! It doesn’t matter if you are beach-lover or not, you’ll still have a great time. 

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