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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting

Denpasar is the bustling capital of the Indonesian island of Bali. This vibrant city offers a variety of attractions, including historic temples, bustling markets, and stunning beaches. Visitors can explore the city’s many cultural and historical sites, as well as its modern amenities, which make it an ideal destination for travelers of all backgrounds and interests. Do visit Denpasar on your Bali package.

Ideal Duration: 3 Nights

Best Time to Go: April to July (Best Weather), November, December (Cheap Prices, Moderate Rain) 

Best Avoided: August (Heavy Crowds), January (Heavy Rains)

Important Events: June - Bali Arts Festival, The Sanur Village Festival - August

Getting in Denpasar

Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport, is in the South Kuta district of Bali. It is only 13 kilometers from the heart of Denpasar city. Flights from important international cities routinely arrive at and depart from Denpasar Airport.

DepartureDurationLowest Round-Trip Deals
Delhi7h, 1 stopRs 30,000
Mumbai9h, 1 stopRs 25,000
Chennai8h, 1 stopRs 23,000
Bengaluru8h, 1 stopRs 28,000
Hyderabad9h, 1 stopRs 27,000
Kolkata8h, 1 stopRs 21,000
Kochin8h, 1 stopRs 21,000

Getting Out of Denpasar

From Denpasar, you have direct, nonstop flights to other countries. Here are some of the closest exit point destinations from Bali: Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, and Cambodia.

Popular DestinationsIdeal StayFlight Duration
Bangkok3 nights4 hrs
Pattaya3 nights4 hrs
Kuala Lumpur4 nights3 hrs
Penang2 nights5 hrs
Singapore4 nights3 hrs
Sydney4 nights6 hrs
Perth3 nights4 hrs

Getting Around Denpasar - Denpasar Survival Guide


Exploring a new place on foot is the best way to do so. Bali has stunning beaches and rice terraces, but it also has relatively shoddy roads and cracked sidewalks. The countryside does offer guided walking tours that go to places like Mount Batur and the Ubud villages.


The longer routes between the regencies of Denpasar, Singaraja, Gilimanuk, and Amlapura are connected by buses, anyhow they are less preferred transportation These long-distance buses have at least one terminal in each town. The top fare is 10,000 IDR. However, there are more costly shuttle buses for visitors that are operated by businesses like "Perama."


Ojek is a private motorcycle taxi that accepts paying customers.  You'll simply have to stand across one side of the street and wave your hands to signal that you need a ride, and an Ojek will halt for you. Before a few years ago, it was difficult to guarantee the safety of this service, but Ojeks has significantly improved in reliability with the introduction of smartphone apps like "Go Jek" and Uber's "UberMOTOR." The least expensive fare is IDR 30,000 for a 5-kilometer trip.


In Bali, taxis are the most reliable mode of public transportation. These taxis are abundant and impossible to miss due to their striking blue color and the bluebird emblem. The drivers speak fluent English, and the prices are frequently about IDR 70,000. The costs are often approximately IDR 70,000, and the drivers are proficient in English. Avoid using taxis with damaged or nonexistent meters since you can be taken advantage of. Uber is also accessible in Bali and frequently has prices of around IDR 40,000, making it more reasonable than radio taxis.

Transport By Sea

You can go to the sister islands of Bali via local cruises. Because they are a part of expensive vacation packages that also include meals and a brief stay, they may be rather expensive. Conventional, inexpensive boats can be utilized for shorter distances, albeit their safety features are dubious.

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10000+ itineraries curated and counting
10000+ itineraries curated and counting
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