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A houseboat in Kumarakom
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Luxury Houseboats in Kumarakom: A Kerala Backwaters Escape

The houseboats in Kerala has always fascinated us, right? A stay in a houseboat is one of the best ways to soak in the beauty of Kerala backwaters. Also, when we think about backwaters, Alleppey is the first place which comes to our mind, right? But let me introduce something which is better than Alleppey. If you want to connect with nature? Flow in the rivers? And, most importantly want to escape from the crowd? Well, in that case, Kumarakom is a perfect choice for your vacation. Also, you will agree with that as soon as you complete reading this article. How about discovering the 10 best houseboats in Kumarakom? Interesting? Just keep reading and find out the best houseboats in Kumarakom which are waiting to take you on the Kerala backwaters.

A houseboat in Kumarakom
Image Credits: Unsplash

Best time to plan a stay

To begin with, every place in this world has its own best time to visit, right? Similarly, the best time to plan a stay in Kumarakom houseboats is from November to February. You will find the temperature around 15-20 degree celsius and this time remains as an ideal time to stay in a houseboat. Also, do not plan a stay during the monsoon time, as you will have to experience a lot of rainfall.

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10 Best Houseboats in Kumarakom

  • Paradise Houseboats
  • Indraprastham Houseboats
  • Backwater Retreat Houseboats
  • Tharavadu Houseboats
  • Aqua Jumbo Houseboats
  • Amrutham Houseboats
  • Olala Cruise
  • Lake View Houseboats
  • Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats
  • Shiva Ganga Holiday Houseboats

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1. Paradise Houseboats

As per the name, every houseboat here is truly a paradise for the tourists. These beautifully designed houseboats can never be boring for you. From well-maintained rooms to unique facilities, Paradise houseboats have got everything which a traveller will be looking in his/her stay.

Attractions and Amenities

Splendid dining restaurant which offers candlelight dinner, wi-fi, boating, cruising, flatscreen television and many more.

Approximate Price

3,000 INR – 4,000 INR per night

2. Indraprastham Houseboats

Few kilometres from the city centre, Indraprastham houseboats are the perfect choice for people who are willing to explore the local tourist sites. Also, this is one of the comfortable houseboats which you will find in Kumarakom. The perfect hospitality and amenities will make it a memorable stay for the tourist. And yes, the backwaters simply add more beauty and makes it a moment to cherish. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best houseboats in Kumarakom.

Attractions and Amenities

Television, car parking, fishing, music system and many more.

Approximate Price

5,000 INR per night.

3. Backwater Retreat Houseboats

The Backwater Retreat houseboats are some of the most secluded houseboats in Kumarakom. Therefore, this is one of the top houseboats for honeymoon couples. Imagine spending your day here with your better half under the skies. Lovely, right? These houseboats are completely away from the busy world and offer exotic vibes & breathtaking views.

Attractions and Amenities

24-hour room service, television, fishing, boat riding, sightseeing and many more

Approximate Price

3,000 INR – 4,000 INR per night.

4. Tharavadu Houseboats

Tharavadu Houseboat in Kumarakom
Image Credits: Unsplash

Looking for a budget stay with good facilities? Well, not to worry! You have the Tharavadu houseboats to help you. Tharavadu Houseboats are some of the budget-friendly houseboats in Kumarakom. Interestingly, you will find some of the best services at this budget. So, if you are planning a vacation in a budget, you should definitely consider this houseboat.

Attractions and Amenities

Dining room, bathroom, lounge, kitchen, sunbathing area, jet boat ride and many more.

Approximate Price

1,500 INR – 2,000 per night.

5. Aqua Jumbo Houseboats

To begin with, this is one of the eco-friendly houseboats in Kumarakom. Moreover, it is well furnished with modern facilities and amenities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You will also find a 24/7 service here and this houseboat will make you feel more secure with its services. Also, make sure you book it beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles in the booking.

Attractions and Amenities

Professional chefs, experienced staffs, luxurious air-conditioning rooms, and many more.

Approximate Price

8,000 INR – 9,000 INR per night.

6. Amrutham Houseboats

Amrutham houseboat in Kumarakom
Image Credits: Google Images

Introducing one of the best houseboats in Kumarakom, Amrutham houseboat. In addition, you will find a deluxe, super deluxe and premium boat for you and your family to choose with top facilities & ultra-modern technologies. You will find the staffs being very professional and helpful. Interestingly, you will also find a conference room in the houseboat. Above all, you will find plenty of attractions in Amrutham Houseboat to keep you comfortable.

Attractions and Amenities

Village sightseeing, fishing, canoe boating, music system, modern kitchen, air conditioning and many more

Approximate Price

2,000 INR to 3,000 INR per night.

7. Olala Cruise

Comfort meets luxury here. Spacious bedrooms with king & queen-sized beds, along with professional staffs makes Olala Cruise one of the best houseboats in Kumarakom. Also, you will find Indian, Chinese and International Cuisines available. So, delicious dishes are guaranteed in Olala Cruise.

Attractions and Amenities

Overnight cruise, candlelight dinner, fishing, 24/7 room services, free internet access and many more.

Approximate Price

21,000 INR per night

8. Lake View Houseboats

This is one of the luxurious houseboats in Kerala. Special rooms are designed for honeymoon couples and for those who are looking for a romantic getaway. In addition, the bathroom features jacuzzis and hot tubs with marble tiles and glass enclosures. So, if you are looking for a luxury houseboat, you can choose Lake View houseboats.

Attractions and Amenities

24/7 room services, free internet access, fishing, dining area, music system and many more.

Approximate Price

12,000 INR per night.

9. Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats

Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats fascinates you with some amazing interior designs. This houseboat has a different pattern which makes it unique and famous in Kumarakom. Looking for some entertainment? Well, Thathwamasi Premium Houseboats are the best option. You can simply enjoy the stunning sunset from the deck and rejuvenate yourself. Besides, some of these premium houseboats also offer a spacious upper deck for business meetings.

Attractions and Amenities

Paid internet access, canoeing, ayurvedic massage, medical services, and many more.

Approximate Price

2,000 INR to 3,000 INR per night.

10. Shiva Ganga Holiday Houseboats

The final one to enter the top 10 houseboats in Kumarakom list is Shiva Ganga Holiday Houseboats. Wake up to the sounds of bells ringing & mantras being chanted in the nearby temples. Beautiful, right? Also, enjoy the vast paddy fields and get ready to soak in the sun on the deck.

Attractions and Amenities

Dining area, sun deck, kitchen, and many more.

Approximate Price

4,000 INR to 5,000 INR per night.

Houseboats in Kumarakom
Image Credits: Unsplash

Get ready to experience the shades of nature by staying in the best houseboats in Kumarakom. In addition, make sure you book in advance to avoid last-minute hassles in booking a houseboat stay. So, now what? Get ready to plan your vacation to Kumarakom with Pickyourtrail. Check Pickyourtrail website and find some interesting travel packages to Kerala. Also, you can drop a Whatsapp message to know more options. You can also customize your own travel itinerary. Cool, right? Also, follow this page for more travel contents. Happy Exploring!!

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