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10 free things to do in Brisbane | 2020 Guide to Australia on a budget

Brisbane is a thriving metropolis that spells elegance inside out. If the only thing standing between you and that Brisbane vacation is the fear of going broke, we have got you covered! This post brings to light what you have been oblivious to all these days—Brisbane is full of fantastic, absolutely free things to do on your vacation.

These are the top free things to do in Brisbane:

10. Visit the Daisy Hill Koala Center and admire the cutest creatures on earth, Koala bears, in their home territory!

Spotting koala bears is one of the most unique free things to do in Brisbane. Yes, koala parks in Brisbane are where you can find those fluffy creatures in their natural habitat. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a brilliant place to spot koala bears but if you’re running out of money, visit the Daisy Hill Koala Center instead. It has free entry, and it has some cool observation decks to enjoy some cute koala moments with your kids.

9. Plunge into Parkland’s major tourist attraction, the Streets Beach at South Bank.

Take a dip in this man-made beach centred at the heart of bustling South Bank. Streets beach has a fascinating blue lagoon to swim away the heat and is open to all for free. Relax back and indulge in people-watching—this place is a hotspot leisure destination for locals and tourists alike.

8. Visit the famous art duo of QA-GOMA—Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art

From international films to modern art, from cults to classics, from Australia to Asia-Pacific, the twin museums situated in the Queensland Cultural Centre has it all stashed under one roof. You get free entry into both Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, and special exhibitions are ticketed at a small prize.

7. Catch a free cultural event at the Brisbane Powerhouse—one of the coolest free things to do in Brisbane

Not sure if it’s the joy of never-ending festival vibes or the chance to come close to genuinely good performances, there’s something catchy about the Brisbane Powerhouse. The genres are wide-ranging—the powerhouse lends its stage to events across music, theatre, movies, comedy, art, writing, circus and more. From hosting the MELT: Festival of Queer Arts and Culture, and Queensland Cabaret Festival, this is one true powerhouse that doesn’t shy away from shedding light on boldest and most liberal of arts. And yes, the entry is free.

6. Enjoy a free live music event by City Sounds, the longest-running live music program in Australia.

Every week brilliant artists come together in presenting sparkling music treat, basically anywhere in Brisbane. It’s a continuous music gig, that never falls into redundancy. Every week there’s something new, and hence it’s still very popular even among the locals who would’ve attended it a million time. Free music event? Yes, please!

5. Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point Cliffs and Brisbane River in one go—Cycle along the Brisbane Riverwalk with terrific views to either side.

“I just got the perfect idea on where this riverwalk could be”—thought the person who designed Brisbane Riverwalk maybe! You can start after a scenic view in the Kangaroo Point, cycle your way through the Brisbane riverwalk and reach the New Farm Park. Brisbane a unique tourist attraction in Brisbane given it covers these many iconic attractions in one circuit:
What to see:
Story Bridge: The iconic image everyone associates with Brisbane. Did you know you can actually legally climb this bridge for a far-reaching view of Bridge? That comes with a small fee though. But well, the normal view
Kangaroo Point Cliffs: You’ll not find a time when this iconic cliff is not being climbed or not picnicked at. Just because.
Brisbane River: This charming river runs through the story bridge and has a lot of river-view cafes lined for you to grab a coffee from, and the interesting of all—the Cityhopper ferry takes you on a river cruise and it’s absolutely free to do.

4. Spot jacarandas at New Farm Park

The New Farm Park is a 37-acre green oasis dotted with breathtaking jacaranda trees and complementing landscapes. This can be your perfect nature getaway inside the city. Make sure you pack a picnic and don’t forget your camera! And all of this comes for free.

3. Travel back in time to explore the remnants of prehistoric creatures at the Queensland Museum.

The Queensland Museum is the trophy that Brisbane holds high up to reflect its interest in cultural heritage, scientific evolution and what not? You may not be into science but you will surely have a good time peeking at giant fossil structures of prehistoric animals. Got kids? The only tough time you’ll have is trying to get them leave the place!

2. Soak up breathtaking views from atop Mount Coot Tha and later dine at a hilltop restaurant.

Mount Coot Tha is an entire point of attraction unto itself. Soak up the beautiful city of Brisbane from the top, hop on a bicycle and discover a hidden nature trail or dine at a rooftop restaurant. This is a subtle, offbeat attraction that you’ll totally love, and on top of it, it’s free!

1. Window shop or catch an impromptu event in the Queen Street Mall.

The Queen Street Mall is the perfect place to spend some lively time with your pals—you can browse through the countless shops all day or halt at a perfect cafe for people-watching. From a new event popping up in every direction in every corner, this place is anything but static. Go and bring back some memories!

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Having an unforgettable vacation in Brisbane, Australia doesn’t need to be an expensive affair, perhaps! We know you’re inspired—head here and start planning your vacation with Pickyourtrail!

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