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15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Iceland

Iceland also known as the country of land and fire in Europe.From lovely landscapes to volcanoes, Iceland has many things to offer. Capture the best landscapes and colourful birds from the birds cliff. Stay in the arms of nature till your vacation gets over!

Iceland is famlier for Northern lights, snow and volcanoes, but it has many more things within. The most beautiful black sandy beaches with tons of rock cliffs around. Picturesque landscapes and abandoned fishing village has history to explain. Let’s walk to the 15 best beaches of Iceland.

15 Most Beautiful Beaches in Iceland

  • Diamond Beach
  • Vestrahorn Beach
  • Sólheimasandur Beach
  • Reynisfjara beach
  • Skardsvík Beach
  • Raudisandur Beach
  • Ytri Tunga Beach
  • Budir beach
  • Kirkjubol Beach
  • Nautholsvik Beach-Geothermal Beach
  • Álftanes Beach
  • Djúpalónssandur Beach
  • Breidavik Beach
  • Grotta beach
  • Dyrholaey Beach

1. Diamond Beach

Diamond beach is most popular beach Iceland. Catch a sight of Sparkling diamond on the beach.No they aren’t the real diamonds but the broken pieces of Ice from Breidamerkursandur Glacier. This beach is very close to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. The name is hence as diamond beach due to the glittering Ice bergs. You can also spot whales and Icelandic seals on this beach.

Diamond beach
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Vestrahorn Beach

Remember the song ‘Gerua’ From the film ‘Dilwale’.Yes it’s the same beach where this song was shot.It is located at Stokksnes. The beach is very unique as you can view Gabbro mountains besides. The beach sand is black due to volcanoes. You can spot the reflection of Vestrahorn Mountain in the sea waters.

Vestrahorn Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Sólheimasandur Beach

The beach is very close to Sólheimasandur Plane wreck.The abandoned plane wreck of 1973 which is a famous tourist spot. You can easily climb on the plane wreck and can have a stunning view of beach.This wreck is 4 miles away from the ring road. The beach has black sandy desert formed by Kalta volcano.

Sólheimasandur Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Reynisfjara beach

This is one of the most beautiful beach in Iceland.Thee black sands around in Reynisfjara. There are basalt rock formations near the beach.It makes the beach more pleasant and worth visit.You can find smooth pebbles ,black sands and moody atmosphere which will make your mind blow! Along the beach you can see the caves of Halsanefshellir near Gardar cliff. Do not head close to the see as the tides and sneaker waves when you are least expecting.

Reynisfjara beach
Image source: Unsplash

5. Skardsvík Beach

Seen so many black beaches! Head to the non-black beach of Iceland located at Snaefellsness peninsula.Catch a sight of stunning beauty of beaches Aquamarine and surrounded with dark volcanic escape. View beach from short distance as the tides are high and the waves are aggressive.

Skardsvík Beach
Image Source: Unsplash

6. Raudisandur Beach

Raudisandur beach is also know as Red sand beach located at Westfjords. the sands and the shore is vast .One can spot the beauty of Mydrals and sea seals. Visiting this beach is must as you can catch a glimpse of Snaefellsness peninsula and Snaefellsjökul glacier.

Raudisandur Beach
Image source: Unsplash

7. Ytri Tunga Beach

Ytri Tunga Beach- the perfect place to spot seals. An enormous beach located at the south of Snaefellness peninsula. The best time to spot seals is during summer in month of May-July when the tides are low .The two types of famous seals are : Grey Seal and Common Seal.

Ytri Tunga Beach
Image source: Unsplash

8. Budir beach

Budir beach is also known as yellow sandy beach with some rough lava rock formations.Budir is a fishing village but the settlements are abandoned here.Today you can find just a hotel and a black church nearby beach. People head near beach for a small picnic with its beautiful natural surroundings.

Budir Beach
Image source: Deposit Photos

9. Kirkjubol Beach

Kirkjubol is the best beach to get with family and kids.This beach is located in Strandir, towards the West of Iceland.You wont play with the waves but this beach has much more things to do. You can play on the sandy beaches.You can enjoy the waterfalls close to beach. The capital city is far away from this place but can be accessible by Air orBus or by self driving.

Westfjords, Strandir
Image Source: Unsplash

10. Nautholsvik Beach-Geothermal Beach

Nautholsvik Beach is a man made geothermal beach located at Nauthólsvík. The beach is a very close to Reykjavík. It is natural heated lagoon. Enjoy in water as there are no dangerous waves or currents.The best place to visit with families.Visit the place for a relaxing day and enjoy with sauna and man made pools.

Nautholsvik beach
Image Soucre: Deposit photos

11. Álftanes Beach

Álftanes is a large white sand beach close to Reykjavík.This is a family getaway place. If you want to feel the waves of Álftanes there’s a swimming pool in the town with wave machine. The town is the home to President of Iceland. You can also have beautiful views of the city and landscapes around.

Álftanes Beach
Image source: Pixabay

12. Djúpalónssandur Beach

This beach is unique with the coolest rock formations. Djúpalónssandur Is also the home for Versatile history. the area has remains of the scattered fishing boats crashed in 1948. The area also has natural springs, lava rock formations and panoramic road to walk. You cant enjoy the waves as the tides are high and sneaker.

Djúpalónssandur Beach
Image source: Unsplash

13. Breidavik Beach

Breidavik beach is located close to the Raundisandur beach. You can spot specaticular birds collections at Látrabjarg birds cliff near the sea. Breidavik has nice options to accomodate. You can capture some more pictures of the landscapes and different birds.

Breidavik Beach
Image source: Unsplash

14. Grotta beach

Grotta beach is one of the romantic beach in Iceland. There’s a small light house at the beach and can be accessible during low tides.Visitors can climb to the top of lighthouse and capture mesmerising views of Grotta beach. You can have a small hike to this beach from the capital city of Iceland.

Grotta Beach
Image source: Deposit photos

15. Dyrholaey Beach

The beach known for its beautiful arch is located In Vik, the southcoast of Iceland.The arch on the beach is picturesque. when you walk to the top of Dyrholaey You can catch panaromic view of Dyrholaey Beach as well as Reynisfara beach.The best time to visit the beach is summer where you can spot Puffins.

Dyrholaey Beach
Image source: Unsplash

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