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9 Best Indian Restaurants in Iceland For Your Indian Food Cravings

As we all know, the exquisite food that Indian cuisine has to offer has made won hearts among gastronomers. Indian food, with its rich flavours and spices, flavorful biriyani, spicy curries, and juicy bursting flavours, is a must-try for everybody. It’s also fascinating to observe and watch how Indians go to other parts of the world and mark their footprints. Not just in the United States or Europe, but also in Iceland, you may get excellent Indian cuisine. Iceland is a country with a constant average temperature of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for Indian curries and rotis. Here are the best Indian restaurants you should try when you go to Iceland.

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9 Best Indian Restaurants in Iceland

  • Gandhi Indian Restaurant
  • Hradlestin
  • Austur India
  • Bombay Bazaar
  • Shalimar
  • Indian Curry House
  • Icelandic Street Food
  • Himalayan Spice
  • Nepalese Kitchen

1. Gandhi Indian Restaurant

If you’re in Reykjavik and want to try some real Indian cuisine, stop by Gandhi Indian Restaurant. It is just a few metres from the parliament building and specialises in South Indian cuisine, with most of the cooks hailing from Kerala. You may also specify the amount of spiciness with which you are comfortable.The restaurant is nestled into traditional Icelandic buildings with grace. This is the greatest Indian restaurant in Iceland if you just have time to visit one.

2. Hradlestin

For the last 17 years, this Indian restaurant has been delivering the greatest Indian food in Iceland. All of the spices are imported from India, and the restaurant employs experienced cooks. The restaurant is well-known for its weekly specials. The restaurant is well famous for its meat-based meals, which draw in a large number of customers. Laekjargata is available for both dinner and lunch and is located in four distinct sites around Iceland. This restaurant is most recognised for offering non-vegetarian, meat-based cuisine that appeals to a wide range of customers. You can find wide options of food such as soup , pakoras, indian style pizzas, samosas, biriyanis and much more.

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3. Austur India

Austur India is an indian cuisine restaurant in Iceland that you must visit. It features a variety of cuisines from all across India that mix tradition and innovation. It also offers seafood dishes, which are unusual outside of India in Indian cuisine restaurants. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating.It is famous for a cuisine that consists of an edible rice bowl made of crispy bread, various pieces of meat presented in an oval plate in the Japanese teishoku manner, and basmati rice wrapped in banana paper instead of a plate. This restaurant has been serving its delicacies since 1994.

4. Bombay Bazaar

This is one of Reykjavik’s Indian restaurants, serving Indian food that is more acquainted to Icelandic palates yet still tastes rich and flavorous. It is a little out of the way from Reykjavik’s main city, but it nevertheless fulfils the goal of having Indian food in Iceland from a restaurant with pleasant and prompt service.We all know about Reykjavik’s greatest Indian restaurant, but there’s another one that gives it a run for its money with its mildly spicy food that delivers a punch. The menu may not be as extensive, but it does include classic Mumbai cuisine.

5. Shalimar

This Indian restaurant provides a good selection of vegetarian alternatives on their menu, which includes about 50 vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections. The restaurant also serves Pakistani food. It has the appearance of an Italian pizzeria, it serves a variety of thaalis and other Indian dishes.Although Indian food is plentiful in Iceland, this establishment has included something for Indians and Pakistanis who are all desi at heart and need a taste of home when they need it.

6. Indian Curry House

This Restaurant is the perfect hotspot for vegetarians and vegans, since it offers a vast range of alternatives for the vegans. It has a unique atmosphere and serves delicious Indian cuisine. The Indian Curry House has a variety of curries to select from, and if you visit on a weekday, you will be treated to a special Indian lunch. This is the only Indian restaurant outside reykjavik which serves the best Indian food.

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7. Icelandic Street Food

In Reykjavik, this is a very popular hangout spot for quick food. The area is bright and fashionable, and it is always busy with foodies. The restaurant is well-known for its delectable Icelandic, European, and Indian fast food. The greatest aspect is the restaurant’s preparation of traditional Icelandic cuisine, which is more like handmade and delivered hot and fresh in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves a range of amazing flavoursome soups, delicious cakes, cookies, sugar coated doughnuts, and savory sandwiches.

8. Himalayan Spice

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to eat Nepalese food in Iceland? In Iceland, This restaurant named Himalayan Spice provides Nepalese and Indian cuisine. This restaurant, which is located in Laugavegur, offers a broad range of alternatives for non-vegetarians, vegetarians, and vegans. Their Nepali cuisine is said to have originated in Newari cuisine, and they provide a wonderful selection of curries and other Nepali delicacies. They provide a wide range of seafood and meat meals, all of which are prepared by pleasant people.

9. Nepalese Kitchen

This is a small yet wonderful restaurant in Reykjavik that serves real Nepalese and Indian dishes. The restaurant’s cuisines are delectable and presented in a beautiful manner. The restaurant has delicious selections for vegetarians, vegans, and non-vegetarians alike. A Nepalese family owns and operates the eatery and the owner is frequently seen at the restaurant personally serving and caring for his customers. The restaurant’s atmosphere is lively and inviting.

The above are the best Indian restaurants you will find in Iceland. No more getting worried about, not getting Indian food out of the country. Visit these restaurants when you reach Iceland. Check out Iceland packages at Pickyourtrail or customise your Iceland itinerary or other International Tour Packages through Pickyourtrail for a stress-free vacation.

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