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Why 2021 could be the Year of Redemption for Travel?

The majority of 2020 has had articles about cancelled travel plans and long lost vacations. All of it is due to unforeseen circumstances which have affected the travel industry deeply. The industry saw a surge in the year 2019 with travel companies flourishing and offering more jobs to people. The exact opposite and worst is what the industry is staring at currently.

When we foresee the upcoming year 2021, travel plans seem too far away. But according to various surveys which have been taken, people are more than ready to pack their bags and embark on a vacation. We have narrowed it down for you as to why 2021 would be the year of redemption for travel.

What are the reasons?

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Let’s face it. No one can live without travelling forever. Even if it is not for leisure, you will have to travel one time or the other for the sake of necessities. This will be the first and foremost reason why it might kickstart in 2021. Apart from this, there is another group of people who just have to go on a vacation to get away from lockdown blues. These two groups will form the major branches of spreading travel in the upcoming year.

The year 2020 saw a lot of cancellations. Hence, there will be yet another group of people who would want to redeem their credit notes or vouchers before it expires. Credit notes usually come with a travel validity of up to one year and the best way to utilise it would be during the post COVID travel. This will prove to be much cheaper when compared to steep prices later on due to increased demand.

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Other modes for travel

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Although one can only take a Leap of Faith, the number of travel enthusiasts who have visited various websites has surged especially this month. Depending on how quickly we get a confirmation on a vaccine, this number is surely going to rise. Even though scientists have warned of a second wave, it is never too late or too soon to plan a vacation. You will realise that you get better prices in the current times when travel companies and suppliers themselves offer the best discounts.

People’s sentiment and timing are what will prove to be a game-changer. Even if people are not stuck with refunds or credit notes, they might definitely want to make up for all the lost vacation time in 2021. Some of them would not have gotten out of their homes for the whole of 2020. This group would be willing to spend how much ever it takes when they plan a vacation in 2021. The balance between the discount seekers, credit note clients and ardent travel enthusiasts will bring the industry back on track.

Everyone is hoping for a speedy recovery in both world health and world travel. If both can happen hand in hand, there’s nothing like it. With appropriate safety precautions and social distancing norms, travel dreams can become a reality in the new normal. If you are craving for a safe and secure vacation within your city limits, you can check out some of the staycation deals offered by Pickyourtrail. The world is waiting for you and is yours to conquer. You just have to take the first step!

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