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How to reach Austria from India
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on July 27, 2023 Share on

How to Reach Austria from India – Have a Worthy Experience!

Austria, located in central Europe, is well known for its beautiful landscapes, cultural richness and amazing history. It is the dream of every tourist to explore these famous cities, including ViennaSalzburg, Graz and more. It is one the smallest country in Europe yet offering such wonderful and picturesque sightseeing opportunities to explore. So, if you are planning to visit Austria soon, below is a detailed guide regarding different ways to reach Austria from India. Travel is now just a click away!

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Travel Options

  1. Reach Austria by Air
  2. How to Reach Austria by Railways
  3. How to Reach Austria by Water

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1. Reach Austria from India by Air

Travelling by air is one of the convenient, comfortable and fastest ways for travelling internationally. In Austria, there are 9 major cities, among which 6 have their airports. The main airport in Austria is Schwechat Flughafen in Vienna that serves as the only important international airport in Austria. It is the only one connected to almost all the major airports around the world. It takes around 9 hours to reach Austria from India. You can have flights from Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. You can have private cabs or shuttle buses to take you to the city centre from the airport in Austria.

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2. How to Reach Austria from India by Railways

The railway network of Austria is very reliable as it is beautiful to traverse. You can travel in trains to Austria from the countries like Czech RepublicSwitzerlandGermanyItaly, Liechtenstein and Slovakia. But from India, it is not possible. The national railway service provider is the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), and the hub of this operator is Vienna.

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3. How to Reach Austria from India by Water

You can reach Austria by waters from places such as Linz, Bratislava and Budapest through River Danube but not from India. The journey by water is very slow, tiring and expensive too but the views are amazing. Still, if you want you can try travelling by water to explore.

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Transportation in Austria – Getting around

Transportation in Austria is very convenient, comfortable and affordable. There are many ways to transport in Austria. You can have a look below and know about the ways to transport in Austria.

  1. By Train
  2. Via Air
  3. By Car/Bike
  4. Via  Bus

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1. By Train

Travelling by train in Austria is the most comfortable, convenient and affordable means of transportation. The rail network of Austria is well maintained with its free Wi-Fi and even international connectivity. It is also the most used means of transportation by both locals and tourists. You can even explore the beautiful scenery by train in Austria.

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railroad-locomotive-How to Reach Austria from India
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2. Via Air

In total there are 6 airports in Austria, so you can even choose aeroplanes to travel to the country. Travelling by air is quite expensive and most likely takes the same time as public trains take. If you want to travel by aeroplane, try booking tickets as early as possible (before 2-3 months) to get great and cheap deals.

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3. By Car/Bike

One of the perfect ways to explore Austrian lanes is by car or bike. The feeling of driving through beautiful roads with amazing landscapes is just awesome! You can easily rent a car, but it might be a bit expensive. Remember not to rent a car near the airport as they might charge more, so rent a car for long trips. In the city, you can use public transport and save some chills!

austria-automobile-How to Reach Austria from India
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4. Via Bus

Travelling by bus is also a good option to travel in Austria, just like trains. It is not much expensive and is comfortable. There are approximately 900 bus routes in Austria with over 40,000 stops, which means you can travel anywhere, anytime in Austria.

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Some Must-Visit Places in Austria

  1. Swarovski Kristallwelten
  2. Kriminalmuseum
  3. Karlskirche (St. Charles Church)
  4. Stairs of Reconciliation
  5. Dasparkhotel
  6. Starkenberger Beer pools
  7. Narrenturm
  8. Cemetery of the Nameless
  9. Stephansdom Crypt
  10. Schmetterlinghaus: The Imperial Butterfly Park

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Things to Know Before Visiting Austria

  1. You won’t hear any sound of music, so do not feel awkward.
  2. Sunday is a day for rest.
  3. Austria’s water is best and rated among the top 5 best drinking water in the world. You can even drink water from toilets but still don’t do it (sounds gross!!)
  4. It is okay to eat dessert as a main course dish.
  5. Soft liquor (beer and wine) is legal at age 16, and you can drink it at public places too, whereas hard liquor is legal at age 18.
  6. Follow all the traffic rules and regulations, Austria is a strict country.
  7. Austrians like to smoke a lot!
  8. Public transportation of Austria is well maintained and convenient.
  9. Remember, Austrians are not Germans.
  10. If you don’t speak German? No Worries, people there speak good English too!

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How to Reach Austria from India
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So, here are all the details you were needing! Austria is a great place with well-managed and convenient transportation facilities, and you definitely should explore it. Want to enjoy a trip to the amazing cities of Austria but confused about where to get some great deals? Check out Pickyourtrail for ravishing deals on Austria trip packages and International tour packages, or if you want, you can also customise your Austria trip on your own! You won’t regret your trip to Austria!

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