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21 Travel Movies to Make You Feel Worlds Away From Home

Remember the time you wished for a break so you can just Netflix and chill, or curl up with a book and a hot cup of coffee maybe? You got it now. Probably longer than you wished for.

There are only so many ways to keep yourself occupied at home, right? After long hours of screen-staring, you might probably want to sit and learn a new language, go through your childhood stuff, or… Well, who are we kidding? Of course, you want to Netflix again.

If that’s you, check this list – the best travel movies that will make you feel worlds…….away from home! You can find almost all these films on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty, a man who only dreams of adventure and excitement, is forced into actually living them (how convenient!) when his job was put at stake.

2. Motorcycle Diaries

Ernesto ‘Fuser’ Guevara (Yes, Che Guevara!) goes on a life-changing journey across South America with his biochemist friend Alberto Granado, which would go on to inspire his Marxist revolutions in the future.

3. Midnight in Paris

Gil, a writer, romanticizes medieval Paris and wishes he could go back and live in the past — until he gets a chance to. A better movie about Paris you cannot find.

4. The Bucket List

Two men on their death bed realise that they never tried anything they wanted to, and venture out to fulfil their bucket list with nothing to lose.

5. Little Miss Sunshine

An entire family take it upon themselves to make their little girl’s dream come true by travelling across the country, while learning about life in the process.

6. Amelie

A daydreaming young girl sets out to fulfil the unspoken dreams of everyone around her – only to see her own life’s calling addressed along the way.

7. Baraka

A documentary film that features random footage from around the world that breathes life into fast-paced cities, standstill forests, culture, ethnicities, people, and in a nutshell, into the vast wilderness that the world is.

8. Into the Wild

This modern-day monk doesn’t sell his Ferrari, but every possession he has and sets out to hitchhike his way across America learning what it means to be alive.

9. Samsara

A visual poetry that follows the footsteps of Baraka in bringing to light stories and sights from around the world that’ll leave viewers pondering about their place in this vast, wonderful universe.

10. Eat Pray Love

Elizabeth Gilbert thinks she’s living the perfect life and this world has nothing more to offer — until she faces a messy divorce and chooses travel as the antidote. She later realizes she was wrong about the world in an amazing, amazing way.

11. Koyaanisqatsi

Meaning “Life out of balance”, Koyaanisqatsi is a silent documentary on how humankind detached from nature as it evolved and how important it is to stay rooted with it. The lack of dialogues and narration only makes it deafeningly loud.

12. Wild

Cheryl Strayed goes through a painful divorce and sets out on 1,100 mile-long hike on Pacific Crest trail to forget everything – and goes on to discover herself on this soul-fulfilling journey.

13. The Darjeeling Limited

Three brothers go on a train journey across India after their father’s death, without really anticipating the beautiful spiritual transformation that awaits them.

14. Queen

A naive girl Rani never looked at the world beyond her family and her fiance until he breaks their engagement just before the wedding, leaving her devastated. She goes on her honeymoon alone and in this most liberating journey, learns to her own self.

15. Under the Tuscan Sun

When divorce, writer’s block, midlife crisis and loneliness sway her life all at once, Frances Mayes decides to remove herself from her usual life and start life afresh in her new house in Tuscany.

16. Castaway

A plane crash leaves Chuck Nolan marooned on a deadly island with little chances to survive. Solitary and the quest for survival teach him more than his normal life ever did.

17. Lost in Translation

Two random strangers cross paths in a Tokyo hotel under vastly different circumstances and find in one another, a friend, a confidant, a partner for life.

18. Before Sunrise

Jesse while on his way back to America from Europe decides to spend the last few hours of his journey with Celine, without knowing it will change his life forever.

19. Revenant

Severely injured by a bear and nearly abandoned and left to die by his own crewmen, gives everything he’s got in surviving the deadly conditions and avenging his betrayal. And in the process, learn how humankind should coexist with nature, not subjugate.

20. Highway

Veera gets abducted the day before her wedding by a local assassin and finds the one thing she craved all her life – freedom.

21. Up

Saved one of the best for the last. Carl Fredricksen forgets his dream of adventure in the course of life’s normalcy until the day his wife dies and he’s renounced of all earthly ties. He then decides to pursue the adventure he and his wife dreamt about, making a few friends for life along the way.

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