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7 Most Underrated Places You Must Visit In 2021

Most people search for popular destinations to travel to rejuvenate themselves. But the feeling of exploring a less touristy place is very thrilling. These countries or cities might not have the same number of visitors every year, but that’s what makes them more beautiful. The underrated places deserve some love and credits for the immaculate beauty they have in store for us, including fresh air, and clean lakes.

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There are so many exceptional places around the world that are waiting for surprises for travelers. Here are the seven most underrated places that you must visit in 2021.

1. Northern Ireland

Image source: Pexels

Northern Ireland makes for a memorable trip as it offers a blockbuster range of attractions and restaurants. It has the world’s most incredible natural wonder, “Giant Causeway”, a UNESCO world heritage. Other must-visit places are Mourne mountains and  Fermanagh Lakelands that will leave you inspired. You can also take a road trip on the Causeway Coastal Route, ranked as one of the most beautiful road journeys in the world. A drive through this rugged coastal road takes you through quaint villages around the Atlantic ocean. Another reason why Northern Ireland has been attracting people from the last few years is due to the significant fan following of Game of Thrones. Some of the fantastic landscapes you see in the series backdrop are from this fantastic place. Lastly, Northern Ireland is an excellent value for money destinations, and it also offers plenty of accessibility from city to coast in just a few hours.

2. Poland

History lovers are going to enjoy a visit to this not so obvious holiday destination. You will find many medieval castles and museums like the POLIN Museum. On the northern coast of Poland, you will see white sandy beaches that host some popular resorts like Sopot, and the Hel Peninsula. You can go for a sunbath or even enjoy water sports. Nature lovers can also take a trek off the beaten track to discover the breathtaking mountain ranges. Poland is also home for 14 UNESCO world heritage sites with picturesque trees, old towns, and beautiful medieval churches.  People also devour Poland for its fantastic food options it has to offer. Polish sweets like jam-filled doughnuts, poppy seed cake are traditional desserts that everyone must try.

3. Uzbekistan

This country is another less explored place that works hard to attract tourists from around the world. Many reasons make Uzbekistan worth visiting. Every visitor must visit the Silk Road’s most iconic sights like the most exquisite Islamic architectures. The Aral sea is one of the surreal views in the world with large boats and crumbling lighthouses. It used to be the world’s fourth-largest lakes, which is now a vast dry landscape. Uzbek cuisine is also famous among many gastronomers as it is flavorful and hearty. Enjoy the varieties in bread along with char-grilled mutton shashlik. Every meal is served with a generous amount of vodka, a tradition left behind by the Russians.

4. Venice, Italy

Image source: Pexels

Venice, the floating city, is a small and concise place in Italy that one can easily cover in a few days. Take a walk in Venice’s central city, enjoy the canals, and try out various cafe for wine and coffee. Get the most beautiful sights of Venice city by climbing to the roof of the Campanile Belltower. It is best to reserve your tickets for the Belltower before to avoid the long queues. Another beautiful spot is the Ponte di Rialto, the famous bridge overlaying the Grand canal where you can enjoy the mesmerizing ferry rides back and forth the canal. Accommodations are available in all ranges from luxury to hostels, making it a budget-friendly destination.

5. Cook Islands

The Cook Islands are one of the most remote, authentic, and rustic destinations on the map. The islands lie between New Zealand and Hawaii. You can make a stopover when traveling to Australia or New Zealand or Los Angeles. They have plenty of beautiful landscapes, white-sand beaches, and ranges waiting for you to explore.  Aitutaki is Cook’s second-largest island where you can drive around the rainforest-laced shores in an hour.  You can also go for a hike while exploring the enticing beauty of corals and volcanic mountains. Kayaking is a great way to traverse the coastline. Shopping enthusiasts can explore the Punanga Nui Market located on the waterfront in Avarua. You can shop for handicrafts and black pearls that stallholders promote from across the archipelago. Do not miss the Muri Night market for the fantastic delicacies of fish cooked in coconut milk and citrus baked in an earth oven. Newlywed couples can enjoy a romantic holiday by living in beachfront bungalows and thatched-roof villas lined by the Rarotonga’s shores.

6. Mongolia

Mongolia is a thinly populated country and is classified among the lone surviving nomadic societies. Mongolians are the kindest souls you will ever meet, and you will get a chance to stay with them. The attraction of this location is that tourists have still not discovered this destination, which makes it untouched by modern life. You will stand amazed by the astonishingly distinct environment from the stunning Gobi desert in the south to the West’s marvelous mountains. Going to Mongolia is also very adventurous as there are no actual roads, electricity, and toilets. The adventure gets real when you get to go wild camping and sleep under the starry skies. Don’t forget to install a roof rack on your vehicle for easy carrying of camping essentials. An excellent time to tour Mongolia is during the National Naadam Festival that happens every summer to celebrate wrestling.

7. Guam

This again is a great vacation spot, famous for its breathtaking ocean views that looks like an untouched paradise. Guam stands surrounded by a thriving coral reef that makes it an excellent off-beaten haven for adventure lovers. You can go diving and snorkeling all year round while witnessing the abundant marine life. Head to the south of Guam to see the rural villages, rainforests, astounding beaches, and astonishing sunsets. Shopping lovers might find Guam a haven with high-end retail options and duty-free shopping.


So, start planning your next trip to one of the above stunning destinations. Make sure to do your research like the temperature, their culture, and pack clothing accordingly. Even though 2020 restrict us with the traveling choices, with the hope that 2021 will be much productive, let’s plan a trip for next year.

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