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Europe honeymoon
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8 Most Romantic Towns of Europe for a memorable experience!

We believe that it would be blasphemy to count the number of romantic towns of Europe as the list seems limitless, especially among the ancient cities and towns. Quick question: Which European city or town am I talking about? It has eye-catching architecture, charming cobblestone streets and quaint bridges across a picturesque river.

That’s a trick question – because all of the European towns could be of what I have described above!

Europe Sunsets
Image Source: Unsplash

Though Europe is romantic on its own, we at Pickyourtrail have listed down the 8 most romantic towns of Europe which sets it apart from the rest. These towns and cities stand out for their special atmosphere, making them the perfect choice for couples seeking to spend some romantic moments. We assure you that irrespective of the kind of Europe trip you are planning, be it your first city break together or planning for your honeymoon, you won’t commit a mistake with the below list of romantic towns of Europe.

Cinque Terre, Italy – For the glorious harbour view

Cinque Terre
Image Source: Unsplash

The Cinque Terre is an area made of small idyllic towns on the Italian Riveria, holding on to steep cliffs overlooking the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. It is undoubtedly one of the most romantic towns of Europe. One look at the picturesque and you would know what are we talking about here! Forms a part of a national park and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, these towns get their charm from the very fact that they are well-protected. Ditch your search for 5-star resorts and instead, clifftop castles with cobbled streets should be your preferred choice of stay.

The colourful houses of Manarola and sheltered harbour of Vernazza are delightful views to watch and soak in with your loved one. The whole of Cinque Terre in Italy has an infectious atmosphere making it one of the most romantic towns of Europe.

Prague, Czech Republic – For the colourful Christmas markets

Romantic Prague
Image Source: Unsplash

Delightful little spots in the well-preserved Old Town of Prague is exhaustive in numbers and can make any regular holiday into a romantic experience. Prague is no wonder one of the romantic towns of Europe for the exclusive love-struck experiences one has here. Put in your lock to the lovers’ bridge, take a stroll through the Vlatava River and count the numerous spires of the city atop the Town Hall Tower, or simply soak in the sunsets views of the city from the grassy hill located right at the hear of the Riegrovy Sady park.

Prague’s delightful atmosphere at all time of the year and especially with a colourful charm during the festive season makes it one of the best romantic towns of Europe. Old Squares becomes giant lit-up Christmas markets!

Santorini, Greece – For Magical sunsets

Magical Santorini - Romantic always
Image Source: Unsplash

We take our sunsets views very seriously, and when it comes to sunset, there’s no dilly-dallying but to land at Santorini. Most Romantic towns of Europe is headed by this little Greek island. Santorini is famously known for its historic towns and villages, whitewashed houses with a blue tomb clinging to the clifftops.

Days in Santorini are well-spent by exploring the rugged landscape, trying out the unique local wines, lazing on the black-sand beaches and gorging on delicious Greek cuisine. Ensure you’re in the village of Oia right on time at dusk for a scintillating sunset view with your loved one at one of the most romantic towns of Europe!

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Bath, England – For the soothing spas

Roman Baths
Image source: Unsplash

Little did you know that the same hot springs that made Bath an attractive and one the most romantic towns of Europe for the Romans would continue to be a big draw for you also to the somerset city. Breeze gazing as you walk through the city that’s built on spas ensures to create a delight inevitably. Their historic streets add up to the city’s unmatchable charm. Don’t forget to check out the ancient Roman baths while also ensuring you experience one of those spas in a more modern venue!

Our travellers have soaked in the views of the Bath Abbey’s tower and then walk down by the River Avnon to take a stroll through the unique Pulteney Bridge. Their reviews about the city always make us skip a heartbeat and book our tickets!

Venice, Italy – For the romantic gondolas

Venice Gondalas - Romantic Experience
Image Source: Unsplash

Who are we kidding by making a list of the most romantic towns of Europe without including Venice – that would be illegal somewhere! We are talking about the capital of the most romantic towns of Europe, which is irrespective of its crowds, has a uniqueness to its scenery and acts as a magnet for the couples.

A ride on a gondola is undoubtedly the best experience you will have here with your loved one and hold it close to your heart always. Though this is the fun and romantic part, we urge you to also consider the quieter parts of the city by visiting the narrow streets and secluded squares for a more intimate atmosphere.

Mostar, Bosnia , Herzegovina – For the bridge that connects!

Mostar-Romantic town in Europe
Image Source: Mostar

Mostar, a tiny city, is nestled in a breathtaking valley spanning across the Neretva River with a beautiful quaint footbridge. A beautiful scene, connecting the two halves of the city, stands as a marvellous monument of unity and peace. This bridge is the best metaphor for forever-lasting relationships. Most romantic towns of Europe cannot be matched with this charming Old Town.

Giethoorn, the Netherlands – For the fairytale life

Giethoorn - Romantic town in Europe
Image Source: Unsplash

The Giethoorn village in northern Holland of the Netherlands is famously known in many names: “The Venice of the North,” for its narrow and beautiful canals; “Like something out of a fairytale,” for the homes with thatched roof homes, age-old wooden bridges, and tree-lined footpaths. This is one of the most romantic towns of Europe and purely for no other reason but for its sereness. Blissfully quiet.

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Bruges, Belgium – For a bit of everything

Bruges - Romantic town in Europe
Image Source: Unsplash

This little medieval town of Bruges in Belgium is popularly known for its cobbled streets lined with chocolatiers, romantic cafes and restaurants serving the best food – why won’t this be on the list of the most romantic towns of Europe? A greener European city with picturesque canal system built to perfection with ancient stone bridges including a few that stands out from the lot – Bonifacius Bridge and Groenerei. We, at Pickyourtrail, suggest our travellers to beat the cold-weather and visit here during their autumn for a more romantic experience.

We reiterate that the list is limitless. The romantic in you would want to know more about your choices and even otherwise, we at Pickyourtrail are just a call away for your travel inspirations and for the ever so best prices! Why should Europe honeymoons only be romantic? 🙂

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