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Amsterdam Netherlands
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The Netherlands in Winter: A Snowy Adventure

The Netherlands, a country nestled in northwest Europe, boasts a rich tapestry of world-famous icons, from bulb fields to windmills, and everything in between. In December, as winter reaches its peak, the Netherlands dons a vibrant coat of snow, echoing the spirit of Christmas. Explore this enchanting land with Netherlands tour packages, immersing yourself in its cultural delights, picturesque landscapes, and timeless traditions.

Winter in the Netherlands
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Weather In The Netherlands In Winter

The winter season starts in the month of December in the Netherlands and continues up to the month of March. Snow, freezing, and fog are the most common phenomena during these winter months in the Netherlands. During December and January, the winter temperature is as low as 2 ℃. Winter from December to February is cold but not freezing, with daily average temperatures around 3 °C that is, around freezing (0 °C or 32 °F) at night and around 6 °C (43 °F) during the day. The winter weather in the Netherlands offers you multiple opportunities to make the most of your Christmas and the country is best known for the countdown to the New Year. So don’t miss celebrating your Christmas and New Year in this spectacular countryside.

Places To Visit In The Netherlands During Winter

Are you planning for the winter holidays? The Netherlands is the best place to visit. Even though this country seems like a modern destination, it accommodates a lot of hidden beaches in the Netherlands, ancient monuments, and praiseworthy neo-gothic castles. Here are some of the most popular places that you must visit on your winter trip:

1. Marken

Marken, Netherlands
Image Credits: Pixabay

Marken is a beautiful island which holds an important part in the history of the Netherlands. In 1957, This spectacular peninsula was separated from the Dutch mainland by the IJmer sea. Even after being detached from the mainland, it has continued to hold its rustic charm and is one of the most unique and attractive places to visit in The Netherlands.

2. Kasteel De Haar

This is a charming castle in the Utrecht region of the Netherlands. This marvelous architectural building was designed in the year 1892 by Pierre Cuypers who was appointed by the aristocratic Dutch family. This castle features classic Dutch designs with inspiration drawn from the Gothicism of Northern Europe and is one of the best castles in the Netherlands.

3. Bourtange

Bourtange is a village that was formerly a star-shaped fortress in the western part of the Netherlands. This was built during the 16th century by the Dutch Military with the aim of controlling the trade routes which flow between Groningen and Germany. This splendid engineered space is open for public viewing and is a must-visit place for every traveller and explorer.

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a historical city with more than 1000 monumental buildings that are centuries old, Amsterdam is one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands in winter. Much famed for its museums, bridges, and serene canals, it also happens to be an apt choice for those looking forward to visiting the Netherlands in January. So in case you haven’t planned your New Year trip yet then the Netherlands is the best destination in your winter trip. Enjoy the best of winter in the Netherlands, and let this city surprise you with the best of mosques, national parks, churches, restaurants, and cruises in the Netherlands.

Things To Do In The Netherlands During Winters

During the Christmas winter season, the activities offered by the surroundings will surely amuse the travellers from every part of the world:

1. Deventer 

Deventer, Netherlands
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Deventer region in Overijssel province hosts one of the best festivals in the Netherlands called the annual Dicken Festival which celebrates the well-known author Charles Dickens. This event takes place in Bergkwartier. Several characters from his books come into life during this event reminding each person here of their lovely childhood. People come dressed as Scrooge, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, and others.

2. Maastricht 

This beautiful village transforms into a shopping destination, during the winter month of December, the stalls at the shopping streets here give the feel of the shopping experience in the markets which existed centuries ago. This is a unique way of paying homage to the historic Christmas markets in the past. 

3. Amsterdam 

During winter in Amsterdam, the water in the canals and lakes freeze, located in the northern region of the Netherlands, These offer an excellent opportunity for ice-skating enthusiasts. One can witness several locals enjoying this unique experience during winters and visit some of the best churches in the Netherlands. Even though there are artificial rinks available during other months, the experience of skating on real ice is unbeatable.

4. Groningen: Winterwelvaart

Groningen, Netherlands
Image Credits: Google Images

From the authentic mulled wine of Gluhwein to the beautiful little handicrafts, try your hands at the stalls lined up on the banks of Groningen’s canals during winters in the Netherlands. While going for a ride on the canal boats happens to be one of the classic activities, do not miss out on the live performances, concerts, art exhibits, and dining in some of the best restaurants in the Netherlands that one can be a part of and enjoy at this famous Christmas market. 

What To Pack For A Trip To The Netherlands In Winters

The essentials that one must carry when planning a trip to the Netherlands during the winter season are given below.

  • Warm clothing is one of the essentials for the winter season here.
  • A heavy jacket should be carried everywhere during winter.
  • Comfortable, warm, and waterproof boots.

We are sure that by now reasons are outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to the vibrant city, you know what a wonderful destination the Netherlands is in winter when the temperature drops. Head to the Netherlands in the winter season by planning a trip to Europe right away with Pickyourtrail with lots of excitement and making memories that would last a lifetime. Check out some of the best Netherlands trip packages or the Netherlands honeymoon packages and book your winter getaway now!

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