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9 Best French slang words you should know while visiting France

Comment Ça Va ? This might be the first Phrase you heard in french. So let’s travel to France without hesitating and with confidence like a pro french person. France is a country in Europe but not only in france, french is spoken by 200 million people. It is the second most language spoken n Europe.


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Let’s head to the most used slang words:

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1.Arrête de te la péter

People use this sentence when someone is showing of. Use this phrase in a decent manner, as can you please stop showing of. when you are tired of listening his/her conversation over simple use this phrase.

For Example: J’appracie ce que tu essayes de dire mais Arrête de te la péter
Meaning: I like what you are trying to say but can you stop showing off.

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The literal meaning – Let it go. Another meaning for it is forget it. when you are frustrated of tired of a thing you are working of just forget it. even if you are explaining something to a person ans he isnt understanding youjust leave it to him and say forget it its similar that. Stopiing Arguing in that sense.

For Example: Laisser-Tomber tu ne comprendre pas.
Which means Forget it you can’t understand.

3.J’ai un petit Creux

Instead of being hungry the french say i have hunger in stomach. A very regular phrase used to express when you are little hungry. When you are having hunger knocks in your stomach while travelling to a destination this will be the way you say. Creux is hollow,from the verb Creuser which means to dig But Avoir + Creux changes the sense completely. It means having hunger.

For Example: Tiens,J’ai un petit creux allons à la café.
Means: Hey I am hungry lets go to cafe.

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See you later.
No its not your speaking grade or somethin. its a french phrase which says À Plus Tard or À plus which means see you later. the sentence started with teens and is a abbrevation widely used.

5.Un Boulot

If you find many people in the moring in tram or metro they are most probably going on work. Which they say as Boulot. Boulto is a french slang word use for work,hardwork or lot of work.metro boulot dodo is a very hard phrase to escape in france. so metro boulot dodo translates as metro,work,, sleep. Another similar word for Boulot is “Besogne” similar to state as hardwork.

For Example : J’ai trop de boulot
Meaning: I have lot of work on.

Image credits: Unsplash

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Many french words paint the word fro eating exaple: Manger, Fiam, Bouffer. The word Bouffer is a slang word for eating lot of. when you are very hungry and have eaten almost much food you explain it with Bouffer. the slang word for verb Bouffer is La Bouffe where you are almost ready to eat more.

Example : J’ai bouffe au moins 10 croissants-Ils étaient super bon.
Meaning: I ate at least 10 croissants they were very delicious.

croissants- La bouffe
Image credits: Unsplash

7.Une Clope

Une clope is the french slang for Cigarette.French people love to smoke. Down to the streets of Paris you will find peple having coffee with ‘Une Clope’.

Example: Je peux te taxer une clope?

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If a person is crazy /awesome he is referred as Fou or Ouf in verlan.What is verlan? In french when you make new words for or an inversion of the same words its Verlan. Thus the word Ouf is and inversion of Fou or crazy.

For Example: C’est Ouf!
Meaning: Its crazy.

9.Une Poche

You might be thinking Poche is a pocket so how can it be slang! The answer is No in the south of France ,Poche is a paper or a plastic bag. So whenever you buy something the shops of the markets and want to ask the Bag , ask for the Poche. Similar to english like do you have a bag or can i get a bag?

For Example: Vous avez une poche pour ranger les courses ,sil vous Plait?
Meaning: Do you have a bag so I can put my groceries in, Please?

Une poche- A shopping bag
Image credits: Pixabay

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