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Sunset in Thar desert
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A Day In Thar Desert – An Unforgettable Experience

A day in the Thar Desert: Jaisalmer also called the Golden city is a major tourist spot in the state of Rajasthan, India. The name ‘Jaisalmer’ means ‘Hill Fort of Jaisal’. Jaisalmer is one big town in Rajasthan that is closest to the Indo-Pak border and also that stands in the heart of the Thar Desert.

Jaisalmer is adorned with bounteous golden dunes and castles made of golden honey sandstone and with lakes, ornate Jain temples and Havelis. This town also lies right at the edge of the Great Indian Thar Desert. Most travellers who take the arduous journey to Jaisalmer, intend to go on a camel safari to the desert for at least one day as it is one of the best things to do there. If you are thinking of visiting Jaisalmer anytime soon, a day in the Thar Desert is mandatory. Make your way through this desert and camp under the star-lit night sky in this golden land for an unforgettable experience.

Sand dunes in Thar Desert
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All you need to know about a day trip to the Thar Desert

The dry Rajasthani countryside of Thar Desert starts just outside the town of Jaisalmer and extends up to the Indo-Pak border. The desert is not empty as you might imagine it to be. There are plenty of animals and plant-life that you will see while exploring the Thar.

This desert is a fine choice if you are one who is keen on understanding the local flora and fauna of the land and also curious in experiencing their village life. It is a great way to witness the local life of the people who live in this tough topography.

Local people conducting one day trip to the Thar Desert
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The only mode of transport these villagers use is camels. However, this growing tourist spot also has jeep safari, for those who aren’t comfortable riding a camel.

The ideal time to start your day trip to the Thar Desert

The ideal time to start your 1 day trip to the Thar Desert is between 8:00 and 9:00 am.

Note: Make sure you pre-book your tour and re-confirm your start a day prior to the actual day you are about to take the trip.

What can I expect?

Start with your camel safari that is much favoured by the tourists across the world. After about an hour’s ride, you will be able to see the desert getting covered with low plants, bushes and cactuses. The farther you go, the quieter the desert gets. In just a few minutes you will not hear anything but just the wind.

Whether you go with a renowned agency or a local guide, lunch stop is mandatory. The very sight of your guide start a fire with sticks and make roti with some sabji will make you feel complete.

Cooking lunch in Thar Desert
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Once you are done with your lunch, stroll around the sand dunes; relax and enjoy the serenity. Make sure you wear shoes, the sand is hot and so it may burn your feet.

After which, you can resume your camel ride and head farther to the desert only to watch the beautiful sunset where you can observe the sun descend the golden-red sky right behind the dunes.

Sunset in the Thar Desert
Source: Google Images

I’m certain that it will probably be an unforgettable sunset in your life, probably one of those days you wish would never end.

A day in the Thar Desert is simply not enough and is definitely the highlight of your trip to Rajasthan. Though there are half-day/one-hour camel rides, I would personally suggest you spend at least a day in the Thar Desert. With the shortest possible option is one day and the longest is 7 days, across different scales of luxury, tours are organised by the local people as well as the travel agencies.

Are you already tired of the noise and chaos of city life in India? Make sure you spend at least a day in the Thar Desert. This journey is not just adventurous but quite entertaining and relaxing with all those friendly people around you. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best deals in Pickyourtrail. Check the best selling tour packages to Rajasthan and book your trip now!

Happy Exploring!

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