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Amsterdam in September – 10 Top Things to Do For an Amazing Trip

When you google search ‘What is the best time to travel to Amsterdam’ the result would be either between April and May or September and November. During these periods, the weather is probably going to be gratifying, but museums and attractions are going to be less crowded than within the peak summer travel season. Visit Amsterdam in mid-April for your best chance to ascertain the tulip fields in bloom.

Amsterdam in September may be a great time to go; the weather is typically mild, the crowds are thinner and travel costs are usually lower. You’ll enjoy shorter queuing times to popular attractions, supplying you with longer to take in every other quirky aspect this excellent city has got to offer.

Amsterdam ( Image credits – Unsplash )

Weather in Amsterdam in September

Amsterdam can be explored on foot, through leisurely strolls across the quaint streets, or on a motorcycle over the canals. There’s really no better thanks to truly appreciate the sweetness and charm of the town than by physically traveling through it. Amsterdam in September may be a great choice to try to do just that since the weather is that the perfect mix between warm and funky. 

The weather constantly changes in September in Amsterdam. While the primary half of the month is more pleasant for outdoor adventures, the last half sees the town preparing for the autumn season. The weather is actually one among the prime reasons why you ought to consider making a visit to Amsterdam in September.

Amsterdam , Netherlands
Image credits – Unsplash

Amsterdam in September has numerous festivals being organized. A number of the favored ones include the Netherlands Theater Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Amsterdam City Swim, Amsterdam Wine Festival, Barrel organ Festival and lots of others. While you do not need to attend all the festivals, they are doing offer an authentic check out the culture and traditions of the town and also are great fun!

If you are considering a trip to the Netherlands then probably September is the best time to plan for the following reasons!


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10 Things to Do in Amsterdam in September

  • The Canal Cruise tour
  • Spot the Van Gogh Museum
  • The Heineken Brewery
  • Visit Red Light District Area
  • Anne Frank House and Walking Tour
  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
  • The Royal Palace of Amsterdam
  • Visit the Museum Market
  • The Open Monument Day
  • Nederlands Theater Festival

1. The Canal Cruise tour

The best thanks to begin sometime in Amsterdam is by choosing a wonderful canal cruise down the long-lasting canals that populate the town. Absorb the breathtaking architecture and admire the intricate design aesthetics of 17th-century Netherlands. Most of those tours come equipped with audio commentary available in several languages.

Canal cruise tour
Canal tour ( Image credits – Unsplash )

The Amsterdam canal tour is out there in several variants, including a 75-minute cruise, a 1.5 hours evening cruise, and even a special 1-hour lovers cruise. Visitors are given audio guides, which provide them with information regarding the varied attractions they are available across. The view from the water provides a brand new outlook to visitors and enjoy views of elaborate bridges, quaint churches, and traditional houses. The pleasant weather and therefore the clear skies make this a perfect activity for the month of September.

2. Spot the Van Gogh Museum

One of the foremost iconic landmarks in Amsterdam is that the van Gogh Museum. Home to the most important collection of artwork by the legendary Dutch artist, Van Gogh. A rehearse the museum also allows you to realize more insight into 19th century Netherlands. However, the museum houses quite his paintings. It also anchors quite a few sketches, drawings, and even letters that Van wrote. If you decide on a guided tour, your guide also will provide you with details regarding his tragic life and death, alongside interesting stories regarding an equivalent.

Van Gogh Museum
Van Gogh Museum , Amsterdam ( Image credits – Unsplash )

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3. The Heineken Brewery

Enjoy a visit to the primary brewery in Amsterdam and determine all about how the brand grew to be so famous. You’ll be taken on a tour of the brewery where they explain to you intimately, the method and various steps of brewing beer. Even be told about the brand, how its logo came into being, and other interesting facts. You also get to enjoy old commercials and even enjoy a beer tasting session.

The Heineken Brewery
The Heineken Brewery ( Image credits – Pixabay )

At the top of the tour, you’ll be treated to complimentary drinks. You’ll even purchase a customized bottle of Heineken beer together with your name on it! Thus, a visit to the hallmark of beers may be a fun and interactive activity, making it one among the simplest things to try to do in Amsterdam in September.

4. Visit Red Light District Area

The Red Light district of Amsterdam is amongst its most famous and visited locations. Get an authentic peek at the foremost known district of Amsterdam with this tour. The Tours start every hour from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You will be amid an area guide who’ll accompany you and share interesting tidbits about the place and its past. You’ll even be visiting an area brewery and therefore the Chinatown of Amsterdam!

Red light district
Red light district ( Image credits – Unsplash )
Red light district , Amsterdam
Red light district , Amsterdam ( Image credits – Unsplash )

5. Anne Frank House and Walking Tour

The tragic yet inspiring tale of Anne Frank is intricately tied to the history of Amsterdam itself. Discover how Anne Frank became a worldwide icon and the way her father published her diary post her demise. The tour also includes a stop at Anne Frank’s house and other important buildings within the Jewish neighborhood.

Anne Frank
Image credits – Pixabay

Visitors also can access the key Annex from where she wrote her world-famous diary. If Anne Frank’s extraordinary life fascinated you, head over to The Anne Frank Museum that contains all details of her brief life.


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6. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam
Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam ( Image credits – Pixabay )

The first Madame Tussauds to open in mainland Europe, Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is found within the centre of the town and opened in 1970. The planet famous wax museum is home to wax figurines of famous celebrities across different categories like music, sports, movies, and Golden age of Dutch history, among many others. The museum also houses a waxwork of Anne Frank.

7. The Royal Palace of Amsterdam

If you’re wondering what to try to do in Amsterdam in September, visit the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. Look out its history through its days as Amsterdam’s government building first, then the French Royal and Imperial Palace, and therefore the Palace of the House of Orange.

Apart from the breathtaking architecture, the palace also houses a wealth of sculptures and paintings. Many of those paintings portray royalty, providing us a glimpse into their lives during the time of the monarchy.

The Royal Palace
The Royal Palace ( Image credits – Unsplash )
The Royal Palace, Amsterdam
The Royal Palace, Amsterdam ( Image credits – Unsplash )

8. Visit the Museum Market

If you’re a lover of individualist, goods, look no further than the Museum Market. Undoubtedly one among the foremost unique places to go to in Amsterdam in September, the Museum Market is legendary among the locals for beautiful textile, statement jewelry, quirky stationery, and far more.

The Museum Market
The Museum Market ( Image credits – Unsplash )

Take a walk round the market together with your friends and family as you admire the products and luxuriate in the pleasant weather. it’ll definitely be a pleasant experience!

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9. The Open Monument Day

Definitely, one among the foremost popular things to try to do in Amsterdam in September. During this annual event, thousands of buildings and other historical sites are hospitable to the general public, absolutely freed from cost. For instance, places just like the prison tower and hall are all made accessible to the general public. What’s more, visitors can participate in events like music shows, guided tours, exhibitions, and other extracurricular activities.

The Open Monument Day
Image credits – Pixabay

10. Nederlands Theater Festival

Looking for more things to look out in Amsterdam in September? The annual Nederlands Theater Festival is another must-see event that takes place within the month of September. A favorite of all theatre lovers, the fest aims to mix elements of the Dutch and Flemish theatre, so as to make a more diverse platform that will be enjoyed by everyone.

Nederlands Theater Festival
Image credits – Pixabay

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