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Visiting the ancient city of Akrotiri(Santorini)

Santorini has to be on everyone’s bucket list when you travel to Greece. If you love to see historical sites, museums and beaches(of course) Akrotiri is one of the places. It is in the southwest part of Santorini and you can get to the place by taxi or a local bus. This ancient city is referred to as the “Greek Pompei” as it a volcanic eruption that covered the entire area during the 17th century. One of those off-beat destinations which offer a great view to the Caldera. Perfect travel time is from May until October where the temperature is quite pleasant and less rainfall.

Archeological site at Akrotiri
Archeological site at Akrotiri. Image Credits: Pinterest

Why you should visit Akrotiri during your next Greece trip

Archeological site of Akrotiri – Get your history lessons

Akrotiri is one of the recently excavated places in the world which you can relish n your next Santorini travel packages from India. It wasn’t until 1967 where the excavation sites started. This had bought into light the historic settlement of Akrotiri next to the Akrotiri village. The site has paintings, buildings which were completely covered because of the volcanic eruption in Thera during the 17th century. In fact people believe that the eruption had been protecting these paintings, buildings for a long time by being a shelter.

Trooper tips & facts:

The site was closed between 2005 and 2012 as one of the shelters had collapsed a little bit. Re-opened and gained a lot of tourists post-2012.

Red, White, and the Black Beach in the ancient city- Footprints wherever you go

Volcanic place
Image Credits: Photo by Mahkeo on Unsplash

Beaches are plenty when it comes to Greece and Akrotiri is no exception. You will be able to walk or talk a boat to the red, white, or the black beaches. The Red Beach gets its color because of the volcanic sand. The beaches are relatively less crowded compared to other ones in Greece.

Trooper tips and facts:

Since you might get to access the white beach by walking through the shallow waters, make sure you don’t carry additional items.

Below is the map of Akrotiri in the bronze age:

Image Credits: Wikipedia

Experience the place on your own or you could make use of the guided city tour if you need help with our customized Santorini Greece packages. Nearby attractions include the Kamari village, Amoudi bay. Get to eat at the local tavernas(Greek cafe or restaurants). If you love seafood, there are plenty of restaurants that offer them. Hiking trails at Fira is also a close-by activity. If you want to hike on the Santorini island, go through the villages of Fria, Imerovigli, and go uphill to reach Caldera. Magnificent views of the sea, volcano along the way motivates you to hike. Total hike time might be around four to five hours. Akrotiri is ideally a Santorini day trip. This is the right place for you if you enjoy history. Add this to your Pickyourtrail Greece package when you travel next time.

If you’re on your Greece honeymoon, Santorini should be the city of your choice. Discover these prehistorical cities in addition to the beaches to make the journey more colorful. Click some awesome memories on your Santorini honeymoon packages and bring them back with you. Share them across Pickyourtrail’s Instagram if you liked the experience 🙂 Embark on the ultimate romantic journey or indulge in your dream vacation with our meticulously curated honeymoon packages and dream vacation packages, promising unforgettable experiences in breathtaking destinations worldwide.

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