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Written by Akshaya Devi on May 6, 2020 Share on

Nightlife in Andaman — Coolest things to do in Andaman at night

What we, as travellers have heard so far about Andaman is, it isn’t the life of the party, and it certainly isn’t loud like Goa or Thailand. But tourists who travel on Andaman tour packages for these reasons return back with memories they never expected to have, and experiences they never imagined to encounter. This small piece of land dotting the Bay of Bengal is perfect, complete and adequate just the way it is. No more, no less.

Andaman is a phenomenal place to be, as we know it. But it’s time we clear the assumption about Andaman’s nightlife — truly there is no such thing as a dull night in Andaman. Now let’s talk nightlife in Andaman.

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A guide to Andaman nightlife

Outdoor experiences

One of the best things to do in Andaman if you love the outdoors is trekking. The tropical rainforests of Andaman linger with petrichor and the scents of aromatic greeneries at night. You will hear crickets and other species announce the arrival of the night in their eerily sweet voices, and the stargazing experience? Nothing like you have seen before. Enrol in a guided night trek and equip yourself with necessary safety measures before the trip.

Nightclubs and pubs

Port Blair and Havelock islands have the best bars and happening nightclubs in Andaman and Nicobar islands. When they say there is an unspoken party scene in Andaman, they mean the pubs in Port Blair. DJs light the place up with electrifying music, hookah bars stay open for people well into the night, but you won’t find music that screams on to your face. That’s the kind of experience you would find in Andaman.

Pink Fly, Bonova Cafe and Pub and Cicada Lounge Bar and Grill are some of the pubs you should visit if you want to indulge in Andaman’s quintessential nightlife served with a tinge of delicious, lip-smacking food.

Restaurant and binge-eats

There is the Venom bar with gorgeous views of the white-sand shore and the sea, the Mandalay restaurant that is nothing short of spectacular for the kind of long evening you’d like in an island destination and a lot, lot more. They make dining experience awesome, with incredible views to keep company and also the kind of food that makes your day.

Beach party and bonfires

Now, this needs no planning. Say you visit the Havelock islands, the place is no short of beaches to visit, with a beach for all kinds of travellers. Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach, Govind Nagar beach, Kala Pathar beach, and Vijay Nagar beach etc are only a few of the discovered beaches that make for stunning beach parties in the Havelock island.

Fullmoon parties and jamming nights by bonfires are the coolest things to do in Andaman at night, especially if you prefer falling asleep under the stars rather than in a luxury resort (Andaman has got plenty of that, too!).

It’s not overstating to say that Andaman truly comes alive at night. Go on a night tour and discover Andaman in a different light. Check out our Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon package

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