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A side click of a train in Araku Valley
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Araku Valley Guide – Find Nature’s Beauty At Its Best!

Bored with your routine life and badly wanna take a break? How about getting close to nature? Plan a vacation to the most beautiful hill station, Araku Valley. Nothing can beat the beauty of nature and you will witness it all in Araku Valley. This valley is located in Andhra Pradesh and will guarantee you with some breathtaking views, lush green forest, pleasing climate, and a peaceful feel. What more could someone ask for? Interested to fall in the lap of nature? Well, in that case, this Araku Valley Guide will be taking you a step closer to nature virtually. This Araku Valley guide will be covering some of the important things which you should be knowing for sure. So, just scroll down and keep reading.

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Trees in Araku Valley
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Araku Valley guide: Best time to visit

A guy standing on top of a mountain
Image Credits: Unsplash

If you want to get lost in the beauty of nature at Araku Valley, make sure you visit this place from December to February. You will be able to capture the best of nature during these months. The stunning scenic views will slowly melt your heart. In addition, if you are a person who is so much into adventure activities, then make sure you choose to travel between the months of September and May. So, choose the time according to your interest.

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Araku Valley guide: How to reach?

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Air

1. Train

Travelling to Araku Valley by train is one of the best ways to reach this place. Also, you can easily find trains from Visakhapatnam. The interesting part is that you will get to witness the mesmerizing scenic beauty, waterfalls and will be passing through 65 tunnels which could really be a unique experience.

2. Bus

You can take a bus from Visakhapatnam which is approximately 129 km from the Araku Valley. Travelling by bus is one of the cheapest ways to reach Araku Valley.

3. Air

Visakhapatnam has an international airport which is very well connected from various metro cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. Once you have landed at Visakhapatnam, you can hire a car and reach Araku Valley.

Araku Valley guide: Top 3 places to see

Now you must be wondering on what to exactly see in Araku valley, right? Well, we have made a quick list of the top 3 places which you shouldn’t be missing to witness on your trip to this valley.

  • Araku valley coffee house
  • Chaparai Waterfalls
  • Borra Caves

1. Araku valley coffee house

It is a sin to not visit this place on your trip to Araku Valley. Especially, if you love coffee, you definitely can’t skip this place. This place has a special bond with coffee and provides you with the best one. Head to this coffee house and get a chance to taste the best local coffee. Also, make sure you buy some coffee powder and chocolates.

2. Chaparai Waterfalls

Chaparai Waterfalls is one of the must-visit attractions in Araku Valley. This waterfall is also famously called as the Dumbriguda Falls. The waterfalls are beautifully surrounded by the green forest which adds more beauty to it. This gushing waterfalls will literally make you awestruck with its beauty and will add a lovely touch to your trip.

3. Borra Caves

A visit to Borra Caves is one of the best experiences to indulge during your trip. Borra Caves are million years old limestone caves and are one of the deepest caves in India. Also, make sure you visit this cave during the day time to witness the real beauty of limestones glowing due to the natural skylight. That would be a lovely experience, huh?

Araku Valley guide: Top 3 things to do

Well, hope you are clear with the top 3 places to visit in Araku Valley. Now it’s time to discover the top 3 things to do in Araku Valley for a perfect experience.

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Taste the famous Bongulo Chicken

1. Hiking

A group of people hiking
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here is something for the adventure junkies. Yes, it’s hiking. Hiking is one of the top 3 things to do in Araku Valley. You can hike and explore the colossal mountains with your set of folks. And yes, hiking here is one of the best ways to capture nature’s beauty.

2. Camping

Camping is always interesting and will provide you with plenty of memories. So, to make the best memories, make sure you head to Tyda Nature Park. This park has a lot of huts and tents to set a great camping experience for the tourists. In addition, this park also provides many other activities such as trekking, bird watching, and rock climbing.

3. Taste the famous Bongulo Chicken

How can you miss tasting Bongulo chicken which is one of the famous dishes in Araku Valley? No way, huh? So, get ready to treat your tummy with the delicious Bongulo Chicken. Trust me, it’s totally going to be a lip-smacking experience. In addition, you can also try the tasty Madugula Halwa and Teepi Avakaya which will literally make you droll.

Araku Valley guide: Top 3 places to stay

The final one to be covered by the Araku Valley guide is all about the top 3 places to stay. No matter where you travel, a perfect stay can provide you with a homely feel, huh? So, make sure you have a look at the top 3 places to stay in Araku valley.

  • Punnami Yatri Niwas
  • Haritha Valley Resort
  • Balaji Hotel

1. Punnami Yatri Niwas

Punnami Yatri Niwas is a perfect stay which offers the best amenities and good service. This resort will light your stay experience and is one of the most famous resorts in Araku Valley. The resort also has car parking, doctor on call service and a snack bar for a better experience.

2. Haritha Valley Resort

The greenery surroundings, neat services, lovely ambience and the infrastructure makes Haritha Valley Resort one of the best places to stay. Interestingly, this resort is located nearby many attractions such as Borra Caves and Tyda Park.

3. Balaji Hotel

The final one to enter the list of top 3 places to stay in Araku Valley is Balaji Hotel. The Balaji Hotel is a budget-friendly hotel and is located near Garden road. If you are looking for a perfect budget-friendly stay, you can definitely choose this hotel.

Coffee Plantation
Image Credits: Unsplash

Well, I hope you found the Araku valley Guide useful. Now that you have this guide, travelling to Araku Valley becomes easy. Ready to take your nature break? If yes, quickly head to the Pickyourtrail website and check on the travel packages to Andhra Pradesh. Also, you can drop a message in Whatsapp for more options. In addition, follow this page for more amazing travel contents and updates. Choose Pickyourtrail and have a seamless vacation!

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