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South Hampton City
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Top 7 things to do in the city of Southampton, United Kingdom

Located in England’s South Coast, Southampton is a port city. It is also considered as one of the greenest cities in the UK. There are a lot of things to do when you are here in the city. The city also happens to hold one of the largest natural harbours. Did you know? In the 1930s, the harbours used to be the busiest port in England for transatlantic passenger travel. Queen Mary, which is one of the great liners, was also built in the local shipyards. Here is a curated list of Top 7 things to do in Southampton.

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If you are a person who happens to love history, Southampton is an ideal choice. Go back to the stone age period, where you can find a few parts of the twelfth-century stone walls still standing. Or head to the first museum which was opened in 1912 which is also known as the Tudor House. Spend some time shopping both in and around the city. Head to Westquay Shopping Centre and shop till you drop. Love nature? Then you can plan to visit the New Forest and the Isle of Wight, which also includes a 326-acre Southampton Common. Or maybe enjoy occasional hiking and biking.

Best things to do in Southampton

1. The 14th Century Medieval Walls

When you are walking through the Bargate, you can get some amazing views of Southampton’s 14th-century medieval walls. The unbroken stretch of the city wall is the third-longest in Britain. While you are here, enjoy the view of Wind Whistle Tower. Later, head to the St. Michael’s on Castle Way which is the only remaining medieval church in Southampton. Built-in the 11th century, the cathedral also contains a font made of Tournai marble and Norman relics.

Ruins of buildings in England
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Following the walls that are south to Mayflower Park, which lies just opposite to the Mayflower Memorial is a 14th-century warehouse. Find God’s House Tower in the same area, which is present on Winkle Street. Or head to Bargate of Southampton, a place that gives you lots of fun. Above all, you can go through the history of old walls and medieval vaults.

2. St. Michaels Square

Built-in the 15th century is the magnificent Tudor house in St. Michaels Square. A place which was once home to a wealthy merchant family. It is now converted into a museum which showcases the exhibits from the period of Victorian and Edwardian. If you would like to know about the place in detail, take the free audio guides the museum offers. Enjoy the renovated kitchens, various artefacts that include Victorian and Georgian Jewellery. You can also find the Tudor period’s archaeological finds. 

After your visit to the Tudor House, next visit another classic vintage home. The Medieval Merchant’s House located in the French Street. This magnificent and historic townhouse was constructed in 1290. Till date, it is the one and only existing example of its kind which is occupied with furniture from that period. Ornaments, furniture, hangings on the wall, and some different architectural designs showcase how the 13th-century wealthy family lived their life.

3. Museum for the automobile enthusiasts

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If you are an automobile enthusiast then you should definitely visit this place first. The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is one of the world’s largest museum which is fully dedicated to the automobile. There are some great collections present in this museum. You can find the original James Bond vehicles here. There are several other automobiles exhibited from the other movies which include the flying Ford Anglia from the Harry Potter.

The other beautiful spot to visit in Beaulieu is the Great Gatehouse of Beaulieu Abbey constructed in the 13th century. This place has got an amazing Palace House with Gardens. It has widely spread lawns and pathways that overlook the Beaulieu River.

4. Spend some quality time at The Sea City Museum

The Sea City museum speaks the story of the Southampton people and what they had to do back in the past. The history talks about Britain’s rich maritime, that includes the story of the people who arrived in the port over the centuries. Also, about ‘The Titanic’ which was the ill-fated cruiser.

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The Civic Centre that was established in the year 1930s accommodates this fascinating museum. Check out an interesting collection of some 3500 works that includes English artists and old masters from the year 1750 to the present. More than that, you can also find some expensive collections of ceramics.

5. The Solent Sky

To explain the story of Southampton’s aviation heritage, Solent Sky uses an amazing collection of models and photos. This region is particularly famous for the experimental and developmental work between 1908 and 1960s. The iconic spitfire is the most famous of all.

The most mesmerising showpiece of the museum is the big Sandringham flying boat and the Supermarine racing seaplane. It is known as the predecessor of the spitfire which has won the ‘Schneider Trophy’ in the early 1930s.

6. Walkthrough the south of the city centre

The old town of Southampton features various unique locations which are associated with popular residents and visitors. The visitor list includes William the Conqueror, William Shakespeare, Henry V, Issac Watts, The Pilgrim Fathers and Jane Austen.

The 800-year-old Bargate was originally built as the main gateway to the medieval city. It also marks the entrance to the old town where the temporary art exhibitions and events are hosted. Various plaques have been laid from Bargate till the waterside to host key events, to the opening of the National Oceanography Centre from the early Roman settlement.

7. Princess Alexandra Dock 

Travelling to the East of Southampton’s old town, Princess Alexandra Cock has been changed into a shopping centre. In front of the Canute’s Pavilion is where the smart yachts are moored. The pavilion has also got designer boutiques, cinemas where the foreign languages are also filmed.

If you are a person who arts and nature, head to the port city of England. Visit Pickyourtrail website to check out a hundred different packages available for England. Need more? How about customizing your vacation as you please just by getting on a call with us? Leave us a Whatsapp message and we will get back to you shortly.

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