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HM Tower of London – The Heart of London

One of London’s most well-known and famous tourist attractions is the Tower of London. Built in the early 1080s by William the Conqueror, the Tower has served as a fortification, castle, and jail.

The functioning collection of Crown Jewels is one of the key reasons to visit the Tower. The collection contains 23,578 stones, including the Koh-i-Noor, one of the world’s most renowned diamonds. Discover who attempted to take the Jewels in 1671 and if they were successful.

Where it is located?

HM Tower of London
Image Credits – Pixabay

The HM Tower of London has been the heart of London for over 900 years and it is recognized as the “UNESCO World Heritage Site”“. The HM Tower of London has been a tourist attraction from Elizabethan times and the Crown Jewels have been displayed for tourists since the late 17th century. It is located on the banks of the beautiful Thames River and in the central part of London City. It is known for its architectural significance and which is the “Norman Military Architecture”.


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Let’s learn a bit about its history

The HM Tower of London was built on the banks of the River Thames by William the Conqueror in 1078, for the protection of London and also to declare his power. It is an impressive fortress built with many coating of history, which has become one of the significant symbols of royalty and it was built around the White Tower. The HM Tower of London has been a royal residence, fortress, mint, and also as a place of execution.

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The HM Tower of London – Reasons to Visit as a Tourist

  1. It is one of the most famous and iconic tourist attractions of London.
  2. To check out the working collection of Crown Jewels. There are 23,578 spectacular collections of gems and added to that the world’s most famous diamonds, “the Koh-i-Noor” are displayed for the tourist to view.
  3. The astonishing architectural structure to admire. Also for the great view of the Thames River. And for some amazing pictures.
  4. The things not to be missed to see in the HM Tower of London are the ‘Yeomen of the Guard’, the Ravens, Henry VIII’s armour, instruments of torture in Lower Wakefield Tower, and the Traitors Gate.
  5. And there is a limited number of wheelchairs for people in need, and for them to visit the HM Tower of London without any discomfort.
  6. There is a concession for admission for visitors with a disability at the concession rate. And also caretaker or the accompanying adult is given entry free of cost.
Image Credit – Pixabay

Attractions not to miss within the HM Tower of London

1.The Famous Captive Ravens

There are at least 6 black ravens while visiting the HM Tower of London. At times there will be more, but there won’t be less than six. The legend has said that the ravens protect the Crown and the entire kingdom, and it is believed that if the ravens ever leave, the monarchy will end. And with such a forecast, the wings of each bird are clipped so that it won’t leave. The first mention of the captive ravens is in 1883.

Image Credits- Pixabay

2. The sparkling Crown Jewels

There are more than 23,000 of the world’s most beautiful and dazzling gemstones, which are of both the precious and semi-precious variety. The Jewels are highly protected with an armed guard at least one all the time. The admission to the Jewel House is included in the ticket given to the tourists. The tiaras and other precious jewels at the Tower denote centuries of history, dating back from 1660 onwards.

Credits – Pixabay

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3.The Beefeaters

Beefeaters is the other most known name for the Yeoman Warders of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress the Tower of London. It is honorable to be one of the 37 guards who protect The HM Tower of London. For a per to be a Beefeater, the guards must have served the army for at least 22 years and must have reached the rank of warrant officer. The Historians believe that the name Beefeaters came from the practice of having a part of their salary paid in chunks of beef. This particular type of payment took place in the 1800s and the name has is still used.

4.The White Tower


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It is a 1000-year-old Tower that was built in the 11th century and is mentioned as the most significant building in the whole HM Tower of London. It was originally built to store military equipment and horses. Although, in recent times, this building is the site of a majestic armory exhibit. The amazing swords and other weapons are displayed for the tourist to have a look. The major area of interest here is “Henry VIII’s” royal armor. The reason is the below waist part protected the crown jewels of the man with 6 wives. There are collections of weapons from all parts of the British Empire, which are the Maori knives and also the Indian battle headdresses.

5.The Watergate

It is actually named as Traitor’s Gate. It was built underneath the St. Thomas Tower grounds in the 1270s. It was originally known as the Water Gate because it was a watergate that helped to lift water to a cistern on the roof of the White Tower. The gate began to be used for the torture of prisoners accused of treason in the 16th century, and today it still sends a chill up the spine in a building with so many ghosts, yeah you heard it right.

6.Fortress London

The Tower firstly started out as a fortress, built to support London’s safety. The suprising fact is that the tower is still considered to be a working fortress. It has been utilized for different purposes during peacetime and war. However, The entrance of the gate of the fortress has thick metal bars, which is a heavily guarded garrison in the past. There are many lifesized metal models of soldiers and their weapons bring a picture of many battles fought at this very place.

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