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A beautiful view of Canadian museum for human rights
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Winnipeg: 10 Must-See Attractions

Gateway to the West – Ever heard about this place? Not sure? Well, then its time to explore the beautiful Winnipeg which is the capital & the largest city of the province of Manitoba in Canada. You will find a lot of attractions in Winnipeg and the city is appreciated for its art and culture. Winnipeg, the heart of central Canada attracts a huge number of tourists every year. Let’s find out what makes Winnipeg so special. Get ready to explore Winnipeg, lets find out the top ten attractions in Winnipeg. You will have your own reasons to love this city. Let’s virtually fly to this beautiful city.

A beautiful view of the Winnipeg city
Image Credits: Unsplash

Top 10 Attractions in Winnipeg

Excited to know the top ten attractions in Winnipeg? Well, keep reading…
Also, get ready to find your favourite attractions.

1. The Forks

Forks- one of the attractions in Winnipeg
Image Credits: Unsplash

Planning to visit Winnipeg? You definitely can’t skip The Forks. The Forks is one of the top attractions in Winnipeg. The Forks is a common meeting place with multiple shopping stores, market, entertainment, restaurants and museum. Also, you can find some historic buildings in The Forks. If you are planning to visit The Forks in winter, you should definitely try skating at the ice-skating rink or on the frozen river. Trust me, that will be an amazing experience. Not interested in any of these? Well, you can simply reach out to the lookout tower to get a bird’s-eye view over the river and the city which is one of the coolest things to do in The Forks.

2. The Manitoba Museum

Manitoba Museum- one of the attractions in Winnipeg
Image Credits: Google Images

How can you miss the largest museum in Manitoba? Here comes The Manitoba Museum which is the largest museum in Manitoba and the largest heritage centre in Manitoba which focuses on human and natural heritage. Also, some of the main attractions in the museum are the 95-million-year-old Pliosaur fossil, a display that recreates the Northern Lights, recreated Hudson Bay fur trading post and The renovated Nonsuch.

3. Festival du Voyageur

A beautiful click in Festival du Voyageur
Image Credits: Google Images

The Festival du Voyageur is a ten-day annual festival which is celebrated in the month of February. Also, this festival is the most popular winter festival. It celebrates Canada’s fur-trading past. In addition, the festival includes many special events in French and English. You will find people dancing, live music playing, arts and exhibitions. Make sure you don’t miss the stunning ice and snow sculptures which are the highlights of the festival. Interestingly, there is a beard-growing competition which takes place at the festival. The participants have 10 weeks prior to the festival to grow their beard. Interesting, huh? So, if you are planning to visit Winnipeg in February, ensure you have this festival in your itinerary for some cool experience.

4. Royal Canadian Mint

Coins in Royal Canadian Mint
Image Credits: Google Images

Here comes an interesting attraction in our top ten attractions in Winnipeg. A visit to the Royal Canadian Mint is one of the coolest things to do. Royal Canadian Mint produces coins not just for Canada, but for multiple countries. Any guesses on how many coins are produced here? Well, over 55 billion coins are produced here. Isn’t that great? They have a tour area where you can follow the whole minting process. You will learn more about the evolution of coins and currencies. It is highly advisable you reserve ticket prior for this tour. In addition, the triangular-shaped building also contains a tropical garden and fountain. Never miss having a look at those areas too.

5. St.Boniface Cathedral

St.Boniface Cathedral
Image Credits: Google Images

St. Boniface Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Western Canada. St.Boniface Cathedral is considered to be a perfect example of Manitoba’s French Romanesque architecture. You will also find a museum nearby known as St.Boniface Museum. You can also choose to spend some time in the nearby park for a pleasant evening.

6. Assiniboine Park and Zoo

Polar bears swimming at Assiniboine Park and Zoo
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Assiniboine Park covers 445 hectares of grassy lawns and trees. Meanwhile, the Assiniboine Park Zoo is located within the grounds and is home to a variety of animals. You will find polar bears, Siberian tigers and red kangaroos. That’s cool, huh? Wildlife lovers, never miss this place on your visit to Winnipeg. Also, other attractions in the park are the 4-8-2 steam train and the world-famous Leo Mol Sculpture Garden. Assiniboine Park and Zoo is definitely one of the top attractions in Winnipeg and never miss visiting this attraction.

7. Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery
Image Credits: Google Images

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is an interesting modern building shaped like the bow of a ship which contains 25,000 pieces of classic and contemporary art by Canadian, American, European, and Inuit artists. Winnipeg Art Gallery is one of the oldest art galleries and also hosts multiple events for artists. Also, never miss checking the unique triangular rooftop sculpture garden for some spectacular views over the city.

8. Corydon Avenue

Corydon Avenue
Image Credits: Google Images

This vibrant street is where locals and tourist come to catch the latest trends and to enjoy some time. You will find a lot of small, trendy shops with unique designs. Restaurants will light up your day with delicious cuisines. Also, you will find street arts here. Multiple concerts also take place mostly on Friday and Saturday nights. You can make it more interesting and romantic with your friends and loved ones. Parking here can be a little challenging due to the high number of tourists. To avoid such issues, ensure you reach early to Corydon Avenue. Definitely a cool thing to do in Winnipeg, right? Never miss Corydon Avenue which is one of the best attractions in Winnipeg.

9. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg
Image Credits: Unsplash

Canadian Museum for Human Rights is definitely one of the must-visit attractions in Winnipeg. It is totally loved for its unique building design and for the way of presenting human rights stories. You can enter the museum at the ground floor and ascend over six levels, visiting 11 galleries along the way. In addition to the galleries, there is also the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, which provides wonderful views of the city.

10. Legislative Building

Legislative Building, one of the attractions in Winnipeg
Image Credits: Google Images

Legislative Building is a beautiful building built of local Tyndall stone and Italian marble. Unique features of this building include hidden hieroglyphics and secret numerical codes. Interesting, right? Its time to be Professor Robert Langdon. Tours to visit this building are offered weekly and are lead by an architectural historian. In addition, the building has some beautiful architectural works. Love codes, history and architectures? Well, Legislative Building should definitely be a part in your itinerary and it is truly one of the major attractions in Winnipeg.

Well, that brings an end to the beautiful top ten attractions in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is definitely not a bad idea for a vacation, right? Also, this city is gifted with some attractions. Interested in visiting Winnipeg? Start planning your vacation to Winnipeg with Pickyourtrail. To travel all around the world, Reach our website and find some cool International tour packages and the best thing is that you can customize your itinerary with the guidance of our Travel Consultants. Also, we have the coolest 24/7 App to guide you throughout your vacation. Perfect? So, what are you waiting for? Start planning. Also, follow our page for some amazing contents and explore the unexplored. We would also love to hear your own travel stories with Pickyourtrail! Happy travelling!

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