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Canada during the fall
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Attractions In Gatineau – You Can Simply Buy Happiness Here!

You can’t buy happiness but you can plan a vacation to Canada and that’s pretty much the same thing. Canada is always a good idea for a family holiday or a dream trip with friends. In this article, you will get to know about the lovely city of Gatineau in Canada and the important places to visit in the city. Gatineau is situated along the river of Ottawa opposite the capital city of Canada. It is a small yet one of the busiest and best cities in the country of Canada. The attractions in Gatineau and the entertainment options offered by the city is truly mesmerizing.

waterfall in Gatineau
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Why Gatineau?

Most of the tourists visiting Canada will miss out on Gatineau. Since they keep their first leg on Ottawa, they don’t cross the river to explore Gatineau. However, there’s a lot to see and do in this beautiful city. Continue reading this article and you will never feel like missing out on Gatineau the next time. The city of Gatineau is full of parks and many other attractions. You cannot simply miss enjoying the reverberating nightlife and exciting annual events here. Roam around and discover more about the city and enjoy all of it. Listed below are the attractions in Gatineau that you shouldn’t miss.

Attractions in Gatineau

#1 The Canadian Museum Of History

The Museum of History, one of the major attractions in Gatineau
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The first attraction you should tick in your list in Gatineau is the Canadian Museum of History. The Canadian Museum of History is a star attraction that you should never miss. Get to know about the country’s history and cultural diversity. Apart from the historical significance, the place also acts as a research centre. 

The employees here are renowned experts in archaeology, history and folk culture. The employees here are renowned experts in archaeology, history and folk culture. Moreover, this is considered as the oldest cultural institution in North America and there are 3 permanent galleries in the museum namely the Grand Hall, Fort people’s Hall and Canada Hall. You can also enjoy the theatre experience at the IMAX movie hall inside the premises of the museum.

#2 The Children’s Museum

If you are travelling with kids, the best way to entertain them is to take the little ones to the Children’s Museum. The museum has a lot of interactive options to keep the kids busy. Receiving over half a million visitors each year, the museum has cafes, cargo ships, desert treks, bazaars and much more. The museum is suitable for kids under the age of 14. Do not miss taking your kids to The Great Adventure exhibition. Kids can visit countries like Nigeria, India, Japan, Mexico and Indonesia under one roof.

#3 The Gatineau Park

Let’s relive the memories of rushing out of school to play our favourite games in the park. Gatineau Park is one amazingly beautiful area to play your heart out. This vast area is considered as Canada’s largest outdoor playgrounds. Throughout the year, the park looks lie a wonderland for nature lovers.

Enjoy skiing and snowshoeing at the park during the winter season. Also, during the summer, you can spend your day at the beach while experiencing hiking, mountain biking and canoeing. However, during the fall, the park brings out all possible colours in front of our eyes. The place simply turns into a photographer’s paradise. During this season, you can enjoy bird watching, camping and stargazing.

#4 The Casino du Lac-Leamy

The Casino, one of the important attractions in Gatineau
Image credits: Unsplash

Head to The Casino du Lac-Leamy, a government-run casino in Gatineau. The casino features around 65 tables where you can try your luck for 24 hours in the week. Also, the amphitheatre that features over 65 tables where you can try your luck 24 hours a day. Make money out of games such as roulette, baccarat, craps and blackjack. You can also try out the amphitheatre, restaurants and numerous bars inside its premises. It is one of the famous attractions in Gatineau.

#5 Skiing at Gatineau Hills

Skiing in gatineau
Image credits: Unsplash

Nestled on the foothills of the majestic Laurentian Mountains, Gatineau hills are great to experience skiing. Every year, a lot of tourists and local residents visit this place to enjoy fun-filled and memorable skiing. Boasting over 190 Kilometres of ski trails, Gatineau hills are indeed an example of the best attractions in Gatineau. Make your way to the Camp Fortune alpine ski centre or Vorlage ski hill to experience a rush in the adrenaline. If you are planning a visit during the fall, do not miss visiting Gatineau Hills to get spectacular foliage changing colour view.

#6 The festivals of Gatineau

Apart from eye-catchy attractions, Gatineau also hosts several festivals and fun events throughout the year. Likewise, the Gatineau Hot Air Balloon Festival is the most famous festival amongst all. On the weekend of Labour Day, the entire city turns out into a party paradise. After the Balloon Festival comes the Rendez-vous des Saveurs de l’Outaouais festival. It is a food festival where you get delicious food and wine in abundance. Finally, the biggest festival of the year is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. Every resort, hotels and museums take part in this festival to offer a grand feast to its visitors.

#7 Restaurants and Bars

We all know what’s special about a French-speaking city. A lot of French charm and most importantly the restaurants and bars will definitely be the highlight. Similarly, the city features some exotic restaurants and amazing bars where you will literally feel Europe vibe in Gatineau. A lively ambience and peppy music while gulping a cocktail is truly a top-notch experience. Also, enjoy the authentic Italian food and give your tastebuds a twist. 

#8 L’auberge Symmes

If you are a history lover, head to the L’auberge Symmes. Also known as Symmes Inn, this place is one of the important attractions in Gatineau. This building was initially constructed in 1931 and was used as a hotel. Later, in the forthcoming years, Symmes Inn became a renowned museum in 2003. Take a guided tour where you can opt between French and English tours for an hour.

#9 Beach at Leamy Lake

What’s a vacation without some beach sands? If you are visiting Gatineau during the months of June to September, then Leamy Lake is one of the must-visit attractions in Gatineau. It is during these months, the lake opens for swimming and other fun games. Though the lake is open throughout the year, you can take in the utmost beauty of the beach during this season. The place is famous for sun-bathing as well.

#10 The aircraft Museum

If you are a fan of Historic aircraft and quaint inventions, head to the Vintage Wings of Canada. Located in a vast area of 2100 sq metres, the aircraft museum is one of the important attractions in Gatineau. You can spot combat aircrafts such as North American Aviation p-51 Mustang and Fairchild PT-19. You can also make your day memorable by flying in one of these flights.

Sometimes, exploring the least explored sites of the world gives you the best memories to cherish. Gatineau and its attractions have a lot more to offer that cannot be put in words but just experience. The place with a mix of all kinds of getaways becomes an ideal destination for all age groups. The boundless joy that Canada offers is truly incomparable. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Canada right away by customising your very own itinerary! Also, check out the various International tour packages available on our website for destinations around the world

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