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Vancouver International Airport in Canada
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All You Need To Know About The Best Airports In Canada

Canada is a very big country and it has got natural and man-made attractions all around it. From gigantic mountains to stunning beaches and bustling cities to quaint villages its a gem of a destination. Thus, it is no wonder that it receives a large number of tourists every year. Moreover, Canada’s rise has would not be possible without world-class infrastructure and facilities. Because of the size and terrain of the country, land travel isn’t always a feasible option. Thus came the need for better airports, and Canada was up to the task. Again, for any kind of traveller, the airport experience is important, because that is actually the first place in the country that you see. Canada has top quality airports with great facilities which ensure that you have no problem commuting within the country or internationally. Let’s check out the best airports in Canada.

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10 Best Airports in Canada

1. Toronto Pearson International Airport

The Toronto Pearson International Airport is the county’s best and the largest. Also, being the busiest the Pearson airport clearly lives up to its name. This airport is huge and aesthetically pleasing as well, with great facilities. Long hauls and waitings will not be boring because it has got a great restaurant and shopping options. You can relax stress-free and wait for your flight here, or enter the country through one of the best airports in Canada.

Toronto Pearson International Airport
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International

This airport in Canada’s capital city may not be very large, but it has got its reputation on the basis of its functioning. The staff here are super helpful and check-ins are normally super easy. John A McDonald and George Etienne-Carter are two of the 19 founding fathers of Canada, after whom which the airport is named. Long hauls and waiting with kids can be a bit stressful as they get bored so easily. But, the cool kids play area in the Ottawa Airport can keep them busy and you can get a bite from the variety of restaurants.

3. Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport

Being one of the best airports in Canada, the Montreal airport sure has a lot to offer. Apart from the nice staff, and great food joints, the airport has nice duty paid shops as well. This is perfect for any last-minute shopping you have before boarding. Also, the self-service kiosks are a great time saver and you don’t have to wait in long lines. All of this makes your airport experience seamless and easy.

Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Vancouver International Airport

The Vancouver Airport is well planned and its upkeep is just superb. This one is located on the Sea Island in Richmond, British Colombia. It is well placed and easy to navigate around the airport. Along with the amazing backdrop of the mountains on one side and the Fraser River on the other side. The decor with indigenous art and garden within the airport makes it an interesting place and hands down one of the best airports in Canada. And like the other airports, the staff are super friendly and help you have seamless travel experience.

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Vancouver International Airport airports in canada
Image Source: Unsplash

5. Halifax Stanfield International Airport

This is the aerial gateway to the maritime provinces of Canada which includes, Halifax, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edwards Island. Also, this airport is famous for its super-fast process and excellent traveller experience. Furthermore, the airport has great facilities in terms of gift shops, restaurants and clean restrooms. If you love seafood, the airport has an Alehouse that serves local seafood and beer. The traffic can be a bit much at times as it has frequent flights to Europe, the Caribbean and other parts of North America.

6. Victoria International Airport

Since this is the only international airport in Vancouver Island, Victoria airport is pretty much busy. Thus, unsurprisingly its is one of the top 10 busiest airports in Canada in terms of passenger activity. Victoria International is well planned and has a modern design and layout. And furthermore enhances its status and ease of travel. Easy to get around with smiling and helpful staff making your life easy with quick service. Vancouver Island is getting increasingly interesting for tourists and the airport can expect more passenger traffic in the coming years.

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7. Calgary International Airport

As one of the finest airports in Canada and flight service to all over the world, Calgary airport is a busy one. This is technologically better than many other airports in the country and the process is quite easy and fast. The brilliant baggage carousel helps you track baggage and saves a lot of time at baggage collection. Also, fine dining options along with a new international terminal is sure to elevate the ease of travel. This airport has flights serving the Americas, Europe and East Asia.

Calgary International Airport airports in canada
Image Source: Unsplash

8. Edmonton International Airport

While the Edmonton International Airport is not a big airport, that does not make it any lesser than the other airports. Design-wise it is aesthetically pleasing and has nice restaurants and resting areas. The play area keeps the kids interested while you can sip a coffee and have a snack while waiting for your flight. There are regular flight services to Central Americas including the US, and Caribbeans. The decor and the artwork are nice to look at as well.

9. Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

Located Ten kilometres from Winnipeg city centre, the James Armstrong International Airport is Canada’s oldest airport. Also, this airport has adapted and grown along with the changing world and has regular service from different parts of North America, the United Kingdom and Iceland. Additionally, there are excellent amenities, resting areas, and food options here where you can comfortably wait even if there is a delay for several hours. It may not be a big airport but it holds high standards of service and fantastic staff members who help you all the way.

10. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

While this one is nowhere near the size of the Pearson International Airport, it has a traffic of almost 3 million passengers in a year. It is located right on the edge of Lake Ontario in the central island. The Billy Bishop is one of the top airports in Canada in terms of service and comes within the top 10 in terms of the busiest in Canada. You have brilliant amenities and friendly staff and also yes the underground tunnel has a moving walkway so that you don’t have to actually walk the 260 meters.

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport airports in canada
Image Source: Unsplash

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