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Australia in July
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Get Ready To Pack Your Bags To Australia in July

July is mid-winter most of Australia and dry season in the tropical north. As Australia is widespread with varying temperatures and conditions. You can go for anything from snow sports to swimming in warm tropical seas, in July in Australia and is one of the best months to visit this beautiful country. When in New South Wales don’t miss out to ski in the Snowy Mountains and visit the state’s Alpine regions in Victoria.

Perth in Australia
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While Australia is known as a hot-weather destination by most of us, the south of the country gets quite cold in winter. Even places that are warm in daytime temperatures in July get very cold at night, such as the middle of the desert. Southern cities like Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, and Hobart get cold in July.

Coastal Sydney and Perth despite in south stay quite cold during this season. In places like Alice Springs or Uluru, you can still expect pleasantly warm temperatures in the day, but temperatures drop significantly at night. With respect to monsoon, Sydney receives less rain in July than in June with slight showers once in a while. Perth receives quite a good amount of rain, as Western Australia has drier months after July. In places like Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, or Hobart there is no monsoon in July and is a good season for travelers to explore Australia.

During July there’s no rain in the Northern parts of Australia and is dry season in the tropical north. Darwin has a warm weather from June till August with low humidity, which most travelers will find more comfortable. Northern Queensland has a colder environment in July and for those looking to visit, this is the best time! Brisbane and the Gold Coast have a tropical weather with temperatures lower in July and pleasant to visit with your family.

Uluru in Australia
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Tourism in July

July is peak season in the north of Australia, and the flights to Australia tend to be cheaper in the winter. Visitors looking to book a long-distance travel, it is advisable to get it done in advance as the hotels and resorts in the north, specifically in places like Whitsundays, become expensive at this time of year. Those looking to visit the south this wouldn’t be an issue as it isn’t the peak season. Schools in Australia have winter holidays in July for a couple of weeks enabling Australians from the south travelling north to experience this beautiful snow-covered winter. You are more likely to spot many Australian tourists in July during this time.

Where to Go in Australia

Sydney Opera in Australia
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Where to go to Australia in July largely depends on the kinds of experiences you want to have. If you enjoy the warm weather and visit beaches, then do visit Queensland or northern Western Australia and explore its beautiful national parks, head to the Northern Territory. Visitors who would love to ski in this cold environment can head to the mountains in New South Wales. Those looking to visit galleries and museums can visit places like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

What to Do in Australia

London Bridge in Australia
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Road Trips

July is the best season for road trips in Australia. You can start your road trip from Adelaide, head west to Perth, or towards Darwin through Uluru and Alice Springs. Alternatively, you can also start your trip from Brisbane and head to Uluru or Darwin. Other road trips along Queensland coast, Brisbane to Cairns and The Great Ocean Road along Victoria’s coastline are also the best in July with a cooler environment.


While Australia doesn’t have the huge mountains in the world but you can go for some really good skiing in the mountains of the south-east and in Tasmania. Ski fields in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and the ACT tend to operate from June onwards.


You can lounge on a beach in Queensland as these beaches are the best during the peak season. Whitsundays and Port Douglas are the most popular areas in Queensland for their beautiful beaches, while Western Australia is less visited and secluded.

July Events


You can visit the Sydney Opera House, St. Andrew Cathedral, and Angel Place City Recital Hall. The Australian International Music Festival takes place for about seven days with young and adult orchestras, wind bands, and choirs giving you the pure opera ambience.

Coonawarra Wine Festival, South Australia

Oenophiles can visit the Coonawarra wine region in South Australia and enjoy a month-long wine festival.

Yulefest and Christmas in July

It is the only place with Christmas in mid-summer and some locals feel that they miss the snow-flecked Christmases of the rest of the world and celebrate ‘Christmas in July’ all over Australia. Yulefest is a fun event in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney

What to Pack

Always keep in mind about the places you’ll be visiting and the activities planned. If you’re going to ski for sure, then bring a warm ski gear and if you are looking at a beach vacation, pack swimsuit, beach sandals, plenty of sunscreen, and beach cover-up. You can always wear layers of clothes to keep yourself warm and top it with a jacket in the evening. Don’t forget to carry your hats and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. In case you are looking to hike or take the bush trail, carry hiking boots along with all of these. Dressing up in casuals will keep you comfortable in Australia but, while visiting Sydney, you can dress up a little for the opera and enjoy the experience with your loved ones!

Australia has a lot to offer its visitors and is one of the best places to visit across the world. Plan your vacation with PickYourTrail‘s Australia packages and enjoy a memorable vacation with your family! Have a happy vacation!

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