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The bekal beach and fort
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Bekal Beach in Kerala – Enjoy the Sun, Sand and Sea

Bekal Beach is located in the Kasargod district of Kerala, right on the stretch of the Malabar coastline. It is the perfect place to be in if you want to enjoy the sun, sand, sea and swaying palm trees. Bekal beach in Kerala is also called as the ‘haven for exotic sights’ and it is known for its beautiful backwaters, fascinating landscapes, stunning hills, and, historic forts. Bekal beach is a charming getaway for everybody to escape the buzzing concrete city life. This Bekal beach holiday will be one of the unforgettable experience to have in a lifetime. So read on to know more about this natural paradise.

The Bekal Beach
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Bekal beach – the exotic haven

The Bekel beach in God’s own country, Kerala offers a variety of options to any traveller. You can get the best of the beach experience when you are here. The serene landscapes and azure waterways make it the best option to spend your leisure time. Go on a walk with your loved ones and get the best views of the sunset. Relish the local cuisine and above all, enjoy the warmth of Keralite hospitality. The beach destination hosts many experience-oriented tour packages for entertaining the tourists. Bekal is also one of the famous Honeymoon destinations in Kerala. This natural paradise allures travellers from all over the world to enjoy a full-filled, relaxing vacation or a honeymoon at the beach environment.

The Bekal beach and fort building
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The Bekel Beach stretches over 36 acres in area and is the best choice for a leisure holiday. It’s India’s first man-made beach destinations and a fascinating place to visit round the year. Tourists from all over the world, swarm to experience the beach stretch and its pleasant demeanour. This delightful beach environment also has beautiful cottages with thatched roofs lined with Casuarina orchards. The 400-year-old Bekal Fort is a must-visit historical place. Its grand architecture will interest history lovers and art enthusiasts. In addition to this, The Bekal fort offers the best panoramic view of the massive Malabar coastline and it will cast a spell on you.

When to Visit Bekal Beach?

The beach paradise is a destination to visit all around the year. The climate is soothing and remains pleasant during all the months, making the experience best of all to the visitors. However, the best time to visit this exotic haven is between September and March. The weather is perfect to roam around, relax by the beach. Even in the winter months, November and December, the weather is very inviting.

The Monsoon months between July and September becomes the best time to experience rainfall in Bekal. During these months, this magical beach town remains foggy and misty. The climate is so cold and the enthralling backwaters will cast a spell on you. The cool breeze pampers you and lets you enjoy the charming town. There is a bonus if you are planning to visit Bekal in the month of January and March. The extra-ordinary ritual art form called ‘Theyyam’ festival takes place at this time. This unique dance performance is surely not to be missed.

Thus, If you are planning a trip to Bekal, worry not, you can plan it for any time of the year!

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How to reach Bekal Beach?

Located at around 16 km from the Kasargode district of the God’s own country, Bekal Beach is easily accessibly by all means. The other highlight of the tourist spot is that also has an extensive parking area, making drive-ins easy.

1. By Road

The easiest way to reach Bekal is via road. Tourists can take the Kasargod-Kanhagad highway also called as the NH 44 to drive into the beach. Also, from Kasargod, buses ply to and fro Bekal, making the journey hassle-free. Bekel is also well connected to other cities likes Kochi, Mangalore and Thrissur, making it easily accessible. You can choose to take private taxis and enjoy the ride to the beach.

2. By Train

The Kasargod Railway station is the nearest station to the Bekal beach. Once you arrive at the station, you can choose to take a bus, cab or an auto-rickshaw to reach the beach town.

3. By Air

The nearest airport that connects to Bekal is Mangalore International airport. It is located at about 65 km from this charming beach destination. Upon arrival at Mangalore airport, you can choose to hire a cab to reach Bekal Beach. One another Airport that connects to Bekal is the Calicut International Airport. It is about 200 km away from the beach destination.

What to do when you are in Bekal?

1. Relax by the Beach

When you are at Bekal, you can get the glorious view of the sun and enjoy the sandy retreat. Wake up to the shimmering rays of the sun and spend time playing with sea waves and sand. In the evening, you will witness how the quaint beach town buzzes with shops and people. Walk around the most charming walkway around the beach, observe the splendid views of the sunset and play your favourite songs. Do not forget to photograph the amazing hues of the sunset, because you will treasure it for a lifetime. The beauty of the coast can be best enjoyed when you’re on the Bekal fort, So, try that too!

2. Climb up to the Bekal Fort

Standing strong for about 400 years, the Bekal fort offers a spectacular view of the Malabar Coastline. The Fort is Polygonal shaped and it was built for the purpose of defence. It is one of the well- preserved forts in God’s own country. Using sidewalks and a series of stairs, you can reach the top of the Bekal fort and enjoy the panoramic view of the sea. There is something more than the beach view when you are in the Fort. The Bekal Fort is also an architectural marvel built in the 17th century. It has observation towers, armouries, peephole, sculptures and murals inside it. Thus, the fort is also an ideal place to visit for history enthusiasts.

The polygonal shaped bekal fort
Image Credits: Google Images

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3. Taste the local cuisine

A destination is best experienced is when you taste its food and experience its culture. There are several places to eat and eating options that include fresh sea-food and local Keralite delicacies. When you are at Bekal you can taste dishes liked Puttu Kadalai, Fish Polichathu, Tapioca, Idiyappam and Malabar Fish Cury, etc. You can sit by a seaside restaurant and savour a freshly caught fish, cooked to your interest. There are several vendors selling mouth-watering dishes with local flavour and style. So, sit by the beach, enjoy the climate and relish the food.

4. Take a Houseboat trip

The biggest highlight of the Bekal beach is its serene backwaters. Hire a traditional houseboat and sail across its azure waterways. Pick a beautifully crafted, hand- made houseboat with excellent interiors, friendly staff and cooks. When on the houseboat, enjoy stunning views around, spot swimming ducks, storks, hornbills, and, other migratory birds. Also witness the local villagers engaged in their local occupation like boat building, coir making, catching fish, etc. Settle down for a sumptuous lunch cooked by the local chefs and enjoy it while sailing on the boat.

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5. Shop some souvenirs

No trip is complete if you don’t shop at the destination and buy some local goods and souvenirs. The Bekal beach is also an excellent place to shop for homegrown species and masala. You can also shop extensively for handwoven cotton Kasargod sarees, which are one of a kind. More than this, there are several shops around the beach, where you can stop by and shop.

6. Visit the stunning Pallikere beach

Located very close to the Bekal beach, the Pallikere beach is another hideout in the vicinity. The surreal Pallikere beach is known for its landscapes and coastal stretch. You can sit by the side and enjoy the waves when you are here. Else walk by the beach, wetting your foot and take some amazing pictures. From the Pallikere beach, you can get the magnificent view of the Bekal Fort.

Where to visit near Bekal beach?

1.Trek the Ranipuram Hills

Located at the Northern tip of Kerala, Ranipuram hills are the offbeat trekking destination in Kerala. The lush green landscapes, about 750 m above the sea level, is an excellent destination for a day trip. Popularly called as the ‘Ooty of Kerala’, it provides the best panoramic views as you trek along. Bus ply to and fro from the Ranipuram Hills making it easily accessible too.

the ranipuram hills
Image Credit: Google Images

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2. Take the adventurous water rides

Visit the Bekal Hole Aqua Park, if you want some adrenaline rush. The aqua park has plenty of adventurous water sports and several entertainment options. The part is the best place to be in for families as kids will love the water games. There are several options like kayaking, pedal boating etc..,

3. Visit the Spiritual caves

Head out to Nithyananda Ashram if you want to observe some excellent craftmanship and tranquillity. Located close to the Bekal beach the Nithyananda Ashram is known for the ‘Panchaloha’, a sculpture of Swami Nithyananda. This cave is known as Internation Spiritual hub, and another speciality is the cave is being carved out of a single cave. The other highlight of the cave is it has six entrances to it.

4. Climb up the Chandragiri fort

In the Kasargod district of Kerala, lies this magnificent fort called Chandragiri. The fort belongs to the 17th century and it is the place to be if you are a history enthusiast. The fort also gives the best view of the Malabar coastline, and is indeed the best time to visit is during the sunset.

The less explored, honey-coloured Bekal beach is the place to be for a leisure holiday. Lining the North of Kerala and Karnataka borders, the destination is easy to access. Several beachside resorts in Bekal provide the best services and hosts amazing services. So, pack your swim-suit, sunscreen and camera, check out packages to Kerala at the Picyourtrail website. Enjoy 24*7 travel support and get your queries answered on the go with the Pickyourtrail app. If you are so curious to plan a trip to Bekal beach in Kerala, drop us a message on Whatsapp, we are at your service!

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