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Athens in Greece
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Best Attractions in Athens – Scout through One of the World’s Oldest City

The southernmost country of the Balkan peninsula is the country of Greece. This is a country where geography played a major in the country’s development. The mountains of this country have cut down internal communications but the seaways have widened the horizon. It is a country with more than 2000 islands of which only 170 is Inhabited. Attiki (Attica) is home to one-third of the capital of Greece, Athens. Attiki is the area around the capital. The landscapes of Greece is obvious to the eye not only for its rugged beauty of the landscapes but also for the Variety and complexity. Three major elements that dominate the country are the sea, the mountains and the lowland. Here in the article let’s talk about the Best attractions in Athens.

Oia, Greece
Image Credits: Charlie Marusiak on Unsplash

Attractions in Athens

You can see the harmonious blend of ancient history with the contemporary tradition in the city of Athens. It is home to many archaeological findings from the Ballot disks from the Greek courts to the Doric and iconic greek temples and statues. But it is something more than an archaeological site. It is a concrete jungle of magnificent towers in the city of Plaka, and the alleys built over ancient greek residences. This city leaves no wish unfulfilled. Coming to leisure and fun, the city offers many options for the tourists. Athens, being the capital city of Greece, is also an important city to be visited. Now let us look at the best attractions in Greece.

Best Attractions in Athens
Image Credits: Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

1. Acropolis

Words won’t be enough for you to describe the Greek’s ancient citadel. This is just a broken building sitting on an abrupt looking rock. But there are still many people looking forward to visiting this classical landmark of Athens once in their lifetime. Skip the queue and get some fun and mind-blowing inside facts about the democracy and the prophecy of Greece with a registered guide. The Erectheion, the Propylea and the temple of Athena Nike are also some of the important places. Visit the Acropolis to get time travelled centuries back and to enjoy these wonderful artefacts.

The Parthenon of the Acropolis, Athens, Greece.
Image Credits: Michelmondadori from Pixabay

2. Acropolis Museum

Unveiled during 2009, this museum is found in the southeast slope and was unveiled by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi. Acropolis has been a place for more than thousands of archaeological findings. To give the tourists the view of the Parthenon, The ground floor is with glass panels, giving the view of the foundation. Going through three floors of a chronological trip through centuries, you will be spellbound by the collections. In a large trapezoidal hall, you will be able to spot the archaeological findings from the Propylaea gateway, the Erechtheion and also the Temple of Athena Nike. This will be a historic time travel through time and you will feel complete once you finish the museum. This is definitely a must-visit place in Athens.

Acropolis Museum, Athens, Greece
Image Credits: Google Images

3. National Archaeological Museum

A wonderland to ancient art, the Athen’s National Archaeological Museum is the largest and the richest in the world. The galleries in this museum all exhibit world-class exhibits that have even been enticing giant scholars for years. You will see the Antikythera wreck dated back to the 4th century BC, the world’s first and also oldest analogue computer. Then there is the gold funerary mask from the 16th century BC, the mask of Agamemnon. These ancient yet fascinating exhibits bring in many tourists to this museum. This is one of the most important places and also one of the best tourist attractions in Athens. Make sure you add this as a part of your Itinerary.

A sculpture from the National Archaeological museum.
Image Credits: Mika on Unsplash

4. Plaka

Lying in the shadows of the Acropolis, Plaka is an antidote to heavy city traffic and to the most silent greek ancient temples. It is jam-packed with family-run shops from ceramics and musical instruments to speciality foods with olives and spices. Lying on the Athens ancient residential quarters, Plaka is a lovely place to spend your quality time in peace. Pick-up a Gyro or Spend time to a meze Plaka. Having a fine dine and nightlife in Plaka is crazy. This is one of the hips neighbourhood and you will fall in love with the place and the locals there.

Plaka, Athens, Greece
Image Credits: Kirkandmimi from Pixabay

5. Temple of Olympian Zeus

Not much of the remains are there, but with what is remaining you will be able to tell what it used to be. The construction of the temple of Olympian Zeus took a long time which started in the 6th century BC and finished only by 2nd century AD. In the surviving 15 columns out of the original 104, we can see the scrolls and acanthus patterns. This is one of the most ethnic places to be visited while in Athens. You will certainly feel the vibrations of the place and the reason why it is one of the best places to visit while you are in Athens.

Temple of Zeus, Athens, Greece
Image Credits: Jared Pedroza from Pixabay

6. Benaki Museum

Founded by the art collector Antonis Benakis in 1930, This Benaki Museum has almost the chronology of Greek history and culture. On the three floors, you will be able to see the art collection from the prehistoric to the present times. The ground floor contains Neolithic vases, Archaic ceramics and also classical sculptures. The first floor gives you the exhibit of the late Byzantine period’s religious icons and folk costumes. The documents, weapons and also paintings from the Greek war are found on the 3rd floor. This institution is in the memory of the art collector’s father Emmanuel, who was a politician and died a year before the construction of this museum. Visit this museum, one of the best attractions in Athens, to learn the rich history of Greece and the historic city.

Benaki Museum, Greece.
Image Credits: Google Images

Athens is one of the most historic and culturally strong cities in the world. You will be constantly surprised by the archaeological findings and the rich history behind it. Add Athens to your Greece tour packages and also add all the activities from the given list to make a perfect vacation. You can also customise your own Greece holiday packages on the Pickyourtrail website. Keep following the space for more fresh contents on travel.

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