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Greece in August
Written by Aiswarya Giridharan on May 30, 2023 Share on

Greece in August 2024 – All in One Guide to Greece Travel in August

Greece occupies the southern part of Europe and is sandwiched amongst Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Turkey. Greece has a strong influence to this world right from its philosophical life hacks to political inspiration. From majestic mountains to roaring seas, Greece has everything for everyone. The geography is simply impressive wanting every first time visitor to be back again and again. With the season being at peak, all you favourite getaway gates are wide open at Greece in August. Plan your vacation ahead. Pre-book everything you need to book and you are all sorted. Greece in August is just going to be amazing to you and let us unwrap this plan to make this holiday exciting!

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Average Temperature in Greece in August

Weather in Greece in August
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The Greece climate in August is absolutely warm and dry. This marks the peak season in Greece in August. And only when the sun begins to shine overhead, both the beaches and mountains become a traveller’s attention seeker. Average temperature in August in Greece is around 27 degree celsius.

  • Average Temperature: Average temperature this month is around 27 degrees celsius with an average high of 31 degree celsius and average low of 22 degree celsius.
  • Humidity: Humidity in Greece in August on an average is 47.7%.
  • Sea Temperature: The average sea temperature in August is around 77°F to 82°F which is ideal for swimming.
  • Rainfall: A total of 6mm precipitation is experienced in August.
  • Sunshine Hours: On average, Greece experiences 12 hours of daily sunshine this month.

Top 5 Things to Do in Greece in August

And here is a list of things to do in Greece in August to stud your August vacation with amazingness.

  1. Know its history while hiking at Corfu.
  2. Scale up the Mount Olympus.
  3. Scuba Dive at Santorini.
  4. Drop your jaw at Melissani Cave
  5. Sea Kayak Milos is worth the try!

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Top 4 Places to Visit in Greece in August

1. Athens

Athens being the capital of Greece is one of the best places to visit in Greece in August. This place has a wonderful mix of history and culture blended into contemporary lifestyle. Athens has the highest temperature in whole Greece ranging around 34 degree celsius. Athens, rightly called as the heart of Ancient Greece; has the flavour of Greece in its every aspect.

The Acropolis and The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis is a must visit place in Athens and expecting huge crowds is a sure prediction win! Pre-booking your tickets could be the wisest things to do and visiting this place as the first thing in morning or the last thing in your evening could be an ideal plan your itinerary would thank you for. The Acropolis is the right place to get know what Greece is all about. It is studded with historical sites where you can walk through history without the textbook pressure.

The Acropolis museum houses archeological arti-facts and is located near the Acropolis. And alike the Acropolis, it is wiser to pre-book tickets to visit this museum. It is open between 8AM and 8PM and has some of the rich flavour of ancient Greece every traveller must visit to get to know!

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Acropolis Athens, Places to Visit in Greece in August
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Santorini

Called as Thera in ancient Greece, this place is a must visit at least to satiate the instagrammer in you. This place has seen the largest volcanic eruption and the remains of that eruption is today’s Santorini. This place has a large number of churches. The cafes and bistros here a not to miss ones. The climate of Santorini is perfect for grape cultivation and hence leaving Santorini without tasting its wine is a sin! August happens to be one of the windiest months round the year and is a perfect place to do your runaway Aurora reel giving you white-washed backgrounds. Don’t miss to watch the sunrise at Oia and the sunset at Imerovigli.

Santorini, Places to Visit in Greece in August
Image Source: Unsplash

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3. Corfu

Corfu has one of the best beaches in Greece in August to visit. This island, obviously surrounded by seas has the best picturesque nature sites. Sprinkled with generous amount of greenery, this place keeps the josh of the scenery scene perfect. Rightly preserving the old building, this place happens to be the testimony of “old is gold” proverb. The night is as vibrant as day and Corfu is called the party island. This could be one of the best party holiday destinations in Greece.

Corfu, Places to Visit in Greece in August
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Crete

Crete is one of the largest islands in Greece and fifth largest on Mediterranean. Relatably, this is one of the most populous island in Greece wherein you can enjoy the warmth of locals. The northern side of Crete is contemporarily built and the southern side is still keep the history alive. The south has the best beaches to visit in Greece in August and Crete absolutely happens to be one of the best places to visit in Greece. Exploring this island fully might take a week yet is worth digging this wonderful treasure.

Crete, Places to Visit in Greece in August
Image Source: Unsplash

Top 3 Festivals not to miss in Greece in August

There are 3 festivals celebrated in Greece in August. These festivals imply the importance Greece gives to its the art and music domain. Join hands with the locals to celebrate –

  1. The Pulsar Festival
  2. Olympus Festival and
  3. The Molyvos International Music Festival

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Frequently Asked Questions about Greece in August

1. Is it advisable to visit Greece in August?

Yes, the weather in Greece in August is very comfortable and August happens to be a peak season. Pre-booking your tickets is a sure shot way to save your money.

2. What is the weather in Athens, Greece in August?

Athens being one of the hottest places in Greece, records an average of 34 degree celsius during August.

With more than handful number of reasons to visit Greece in August; this place happens to be the top 1 destination to excite any holiday maker! Explore Pickyourtrail website to come across some of the amazing Greece Tour packages or Greece honeymoon packages. Or let us make your planning interesting by customising your Greece holiday in your style!

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