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Written by Manish on November 17, 2022 Share on

The Best Nightclubs in Northbridge, Perth

In a vibrant city like Perth, when the sun sets, you will expect decent places. Perth nightlife will not only meet your expectations, but it will also offer you more than you can imagine, and is visiting one of the best nightclubs in Northbridge, Perth among the top things to do at night.

Northbridge is a small place, well-established party area where both locals and tourists spend their weekends. For a great night out, all you have to do is start your evening with a pre-party drink at the bar in Northbridge and then continue to visit one of the best nightclubs in northbridge area, giving you an appointment. And hard work remains from one point to another. In Northbridge, you can discover the most famous best Perth nightclubs. Here are some of them:

Let’s talk about the Best Nightclubs in Northbridge:-

  1. Jack Rabbit Slim’s
  2. Air Nightclub
  3. Mint Nightclub
  4. Butterfly 73
  5. Connections
  6. Geisha Bar
  7. Nevermind Small Club
  8. Paramount Nightclub

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1. Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Best Nightclubs in Northbridge
Photo by Antoine Julien on Unsplash

You will be impressed with Jack Rabbit Slim’s site. Economical food and drinks served by quick and friendly staff will make your evening enjoyable. The place is spacious, has a great sound system and is filled with the right mix of people.

There is a retro dinner in front of the Club where they serve fries and milkshakes. That’s why it is counted as Best Nightclubs in Northbridge.

Jack Rabbit Slim is an excellent choice for those who like to dance one night or listen to live music. The band usually ends at midnight, and then you get to enjoy a great DJ set until 5 in the morning.

2. Air Nightclub

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

Being one of the top night-destinations, the Air Night Club offers a stylish venue with a large dance floor, two secluded bars with elegant seating booths and a beautiful side patio. The Club attracts tourists and locals due to its elegant atmosphere and entertainment provided through state-of-the-art technology. If you are fond of a fancy dress night, this is the place.

Despite the top-notch interior design, sophisticated dress code and upmarket club reputation, the air nightclub entertains a friendly crowd and allows drinks to suit everyone’s budget. Another attractive feature of this Club is that it does not have a cocktail list. But why would you need it, if you can think of any drink that will be available in this Club? Bartenders for recommendations always helps you in choosing what to order.

3. Mint Night Club

Be ready to make your groove on at the Mint nightclub, where mirror balls flash from the ceiling and retro is the order of the day. Home to the ever-popular ash smash hits Friday ‘and’ Pop Life Saturday ‘every weekend, Mint attracts a slightly more mature crowd, but with friendly staff and a great vibe, this is not a good time.

You can avoid the cover charge by rocking before 9 pm, then pop your dancing shoes and get set yourself to step back in time to a function in the 80s, 90s and 2000s, Where the decor is old like tunes everywhere.

There is no party like the Mint Club Party, which make it one of the Best Nightclubs in Northbridge.

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4. Butterfly 73

Butterfly 73 excellence in the core elements of any successful entertainment institution; First class service, extensive beverage selection, delightful cuisine and a select line of entertainment and antics every night.

Butterfly 73 does away with orthodoxy and transcends expectations by staying on the edge of worldwide trends, indulging in party theatres and encouraging extravagant, excessive and over-the-top to ensure unforgettable celebrations.

5. Connections Night Club

Dancing people at Nightclub
Image by Wikimedia

Found in Northbridge, Connections is one of the best nightclubs in Northbridge and also LGBT-friendly. It offers superb music, friendly atmosphere and awesome theme parties. For entertainment, Connection hosts Mud Wrestling Night on Wednesday. On Fridays, some activities let you win concert tickets or DVDs.

The venue offers a spectacular floor, a bar with a fabulous drink and a dance floor with an outdoor terrace with a beautiful city view. There is no requirement in terms of the way you dress, which is why this place is one of the favourite Perth nightclubs. Drinks may seem a bit expensive, but the fun you get from this somewhat different Perth clubbing experience will be worth it. Also, if you are a student, you pay only half the price for the admission ticket.

6. Geisha Bar Club

Best Nightclubs in Northbridge
Image by A_Werdan from Pixabay 

Geisha Bar Club is Perth’s most decadent nightclub located in the heartbeat of Northbridge.

If you take your music seriously, you are welcome in the geisha, where the lights are low, and the beats are on point.

This unrepentant upmarket Club is an oasis from the streets downstairs, which fuses modern contemporary pop artists and cool urban decor as well to create the aesthetic of casual opulence.

The Geisha Bar signifies a return to small, intimate clubs with a relaxed atmosphere and impeccable service.

Come and immerse yourself in a sound temple of underground sounds and colourful cocktails.

7. Nevermind Small Club

Nevermind Smallclub, Late Night Bar and Kitchen. The clean industrial design gives way to a dark yet warm courtyard. Join the incredible Midwest for direct dining from Hey Kitty Kitchen or stay late on weekends for music, events and DJs.

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8. Paramount Nightclub

The Club is home to Australia’s first-ever fully automated LED roof, which transforms before your sights gratefulness to a million-dollar production and lighting setup. Of course, this means that she is hosting some epic gigs from local, national and international DJs and word on the street that they will play well in the wee hours of the morning.

It is home to three bars and two separate rooms that will be booking independent DJs, so you will never get bored here, and if you want to live, make it mostly private, bookable, Which will be on both the top and the bottom.

The list of Best Nightclubs in Northbridge, Perth is much longer than what we have mentioned in this blog (we have highlighted only the best ones), and you can discover the nightlife in Northbridge, Perth although you are staying here. Perth clubbing has many options to cater to everyone’s musical tastes and lifestyles. Do not hesitate and go to one of Perth’s best clubs and have a memorable night out in this city! 

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