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Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh
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Best Places to Visit in Horsley Hills when in Andhra Pradesh

Are you planning a holiday, and unable to decide where to go? Visit Horsley Hills and have the opportunity to discover the hilly landscape, amidst the natural beauty of bounty. We’ve found out some of the best places to visit in Horsley Hills, which will enhance your holidays. Horsley Hills or Horsleykonda is a sequence of Andhra Pradesh hills which are situated in the Chittoor district. A must-visit for a relaxing family vacation when planning on visiting Andhra Pradesh. Blessed with blue sky and scenic views, Horsley Hills has no dearth of places to visit. From state zoo to stunning waterfalls, there is plenty to give at the site. Here’s a collection of some of the best places to visit in Horsley hills that will ensure you’re having a nice time on your Andhra Pradesh holiday.

  1. Talakona Waterfalls
  2. Gali Banda
  3. Kalyani
  4. Chennakesava Temple
  5. Whisper Wind View Point
  6. Kaigal Falls
  7. Gangotri Lake
  8. Horsley Hills Zoo

1.Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfalls in Horsley Hills
Image Credits: Google Images

Situated just 120 kilometres from the Horsley Hills, Talakona Waterfalls, above Horsley Hills, tops places to visit. It marks its place in the lush green nature of the National Park of Sri Venkateswara, in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district. The swirling waterfall attracts visitors from all over the nation and falls from a height of 270 feet deep into the valley. Thus it is considered one of Andhra Pradesh ‘s highest waterfalls. Besides seeing its extraordinary beauty, visitors often come here to see the settlement surrounding the heavily wooded forest.

2.Gali Banda

Situated at a distance of 300 meters from the Horsley Hills bus junction, Gali Banda is a rugged landscape and a slopey area deriving its name from the winds blowing here. It’s considered one of Horsley Hills’ best places to visit because of the minimal elegance it possesses. Tourists should visit the site to enjoy the abundance of natural beauty. The hills and green trees are cloud-capped enough to soothe your senses and relax your mind. It’s one of the most popular places for couples to visit in Horsley Hills, as they can enjoy some solitude while witnessing the breathtaking sunrise or hypnotic sunsets.


Kalyani is the name of the great Eucalyptus Tree which is 150 years old. The tree is 40 meters high and covers an area of 5 metres. This is home to many species and birds. Based not even a kilometre from Horsley Bus Stand, this is a must-visit destination for all nature lovers and wildlife photographers. The fun fact is it is possibly the only tree in India to have a name.

4.Chennakesava Temple

Chennakesava Temple in Horsley Hills
Image Credits: Google Images

Besides the breathtaking scenic beauty, Horsley Hills with its famous Chennakesava Temple also captures the attention of tourists. It is one of the famous places to visit on the Horsley Hills. During the 16th century, the local chief of the region founded the temple during the Chola Empire. This boasts South India’s rich art and architecture, with Vishnu being the principal shrine. The temple’s interior is absolutely magnificent and has paintings portraying the epic Ramayana.

5.Whisper Wind View Point

Whisper Wind View Point
Image Credits: Google Images

Whisper Wind View Point is a perfect spot for visiting Horsley to admire spectacular views from the viewpoint over the entire hills. You can see the beautiful valleys, the lush green forest and the Hillocks. Visitors often climb onto the rock to take photos of birds in fine poses, or themselves. One of the enjoyable things to do in Horsley Hills is to visit this beautiful viewpoint.

6.Kaigal Falls

It’s an injustice to visit the Horsley Hills, and not visit the Kaigal Falls. Also known as Dumukurallu Waterfalls, it is one of the best places to visit in Horsley Hills, and one of Andhra Pradesh’s popular waterfalls. You can visit this place to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends, schedule a day-out and walk around. The main attraction here is the waterfall, from a massive rock, which falls from a height of forty feet. Thanks to the heavy rains the flow of water appears to escalate during the monsoon season. Monsoon thus serves as the best time to visit Horsley Hills to enjoy the genuine beauty and the greatest creation ever created by nature.

7.Gangotri Lake

Gangotri Lake is considered to be a major attraction in the Horsley Hills list of tourist places due to the tranquillity it has to offer. This is a seasonal lake, which only during the monsoons stays filled with water. Therefore, the best time to visit Horsley Hills is in the monsoon season, during heavy rains. The tourists from all over the world come here to experience the hypnotic beauty and catch the rare find. The specific sightseeing has a peaceful environment to give its visitors and is the ideal getaway for those who want to take a break from the noisy life of the region.

8.Horsley Hills Zoo

Horsley Hills Zoo
Image Credits: Google Images

If you’re a nature lover then Horsley Hills’ magnificent zoo must be on top of your Horsley Hills list of places to visit. While the zoo is very small compared to the others, Andhra Pradesh ‘s government is doing its best to conserve and add to the essence of what remains. The majority of the destination is filled with lush green foliage and surrounded by a series of hills making Horsley Hills one of the best places to visit. The zoo provides quite a breathtaking view, and is home to crocodiles and peacocks as well as a wide variety of wildlife.

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Why is Horsley Hills called Ooty of Andhra Pradesh?

Located near the south western border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Horsley Hills is a hill station which is the perfect amalgam of the charms of Andhra Pradesh and the beauty of the hills. It is thus often called, the Ooty of Andhra.

What is the best time to visit Horsley Hills?

Winter Period of December and last until February. Horsley Hills’ weather during these months extends between an agreeable 10°C and 22°C. This is also the best time to visit Horsley Hills.

What are the Local foods of Andhra Pradesh?

Pulihora, Chepa Pulusu, Gongura Pickle Ambadi, Pesarattu, Andhra Chicken Biryani, Gutti Vankaya Koora, Punugulu, Curd Rice are the local foods of Andhra Pradesh.

In which district of AP is Horsley Hills located?

Horsley Hills situated in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. Horsley Hills comprise one of the best hill resorts of Andhra Pradesh. The hill station named after a British Collector of Kadapa, who had discovered the beauty of the area and made it his summer resort.

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