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Written by Rohitha Bollipalli on June 26, 2023 Share on

9 Best Restaurants in Prague to Visit in 2024 – A Foodie’s Guide

Dearest Bohemia(as in Bohemian Rhapsody) is a sweet constitute of the Czech Republic. The country itself is a beautiful conglomerate of people and cultures from different regions. Deriving bits and pieces from Germany, Transylvanian and Scandinavian regions, Austria, Hungary and Poland, the country’s vibe has come to be distinct over a period of time. Especially, Prague, its cultural and regional capital. Baroque and Art Noveau balance each other out in the city’s visual architecture. When it comes to food, it is a whole other level of diversity with Sauerkraut and trdelnik on one end and fruit dumplings & pork knuckles on another. This article will clear up all your doubts about Czech cuisines and give you a good idea of the top 10 restaurants in Prague. Czech us out if you like what you read.


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9 Best Restaurants in Prague

  • Bistro Sisters
  • Wine Food Market
  • IF Café
  • Cukrář Skála
  • Lokal
  • Cafe Louvre
  • La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise
  • La Boheme Cafe
  • Grand Evropa Hotel Cafe

1. Bistro Sisters:

Open Faced Sandwiches
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Chlebičky is a Czech staple, that comes as a traditional form of Bruschetta. Otherwise known as open-faced sandwiches, these delicacies are served in Sisters as a speciality. Fresh crispy bread is generously slathered with sauces and topped with meat and seasonings. You will have to try this and decide for yourself. These tiny pieces of bread are a piece of art due to the fusional twist the Sisters provide. Pork roast, grilled beef and crispy salmon skins are a must try. The plating is very chic too, with an edgy burst of colours on display.

2. Wine Food Market:

Wine food market
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Brunch dons a new face at Wine Food Market. With a glass tavern-like appearance, this is a hip place that actually looks like a market. The food on the other side is delicious. You could buy ingredients, grab a bite on the go or shop wine for hours at end. Wine food market specializes in Italian food and fresh-off-the-boat seafood. Grilled meat, salads and farm fresh pizzas are popular too.

3. IF Café:

Chimney Cakes
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IF Café at Vinohrady is a delightful dessert bar that will warm your heart. With cakes that look like Pinterest’s go to desserts, the cafe has a New York-y groove to it. Having Chimney Cakes and coffee together will transport you to dimensions previously unknown. Breakfasts are a good time to be here(because desserts after breakfast, who doesn’t wanna feel amazing right in the morning?). You could have eggs benedict or avocado toast (if you’re a millennial, eat like it) and gradually move on to puddings and coffee. Think about it.

4. Cukrář Skála:

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Kaloche is a Bohemian food that came along with them when they migrated to America centuries ago. Made with yeast and sweet dough, the round doughnut-shaped bread is filled with poppy seeds, blueberries, jam or even sausages in the centre. In Cukrář Skála, these traditional festival desert comes superimposed with modern culinary prowess. Desserts in this outlets literally translate to eye candy. Picture perfect cakes, Trdelnik, Gelato and the main pleasure package -Kaloche are famous desserts served here.

5. Lokal:

Lokal looks like an old classroom that was turned into a restaurant. The air though is nothing like the outlook. With curious new aromas everywhere and plates of scrumptious food laid on tables, you will like the place as soon as you enter. The sausages are pretty original. Beer is of top quality. Everything good about Czech cuisine is found here. So head to Lokal if you’d like a try in a fresh cuisine, a delectable range 0f choices if you already love Czech food.

6. Cafe Louvre:

Cafe Louvre Cakes
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The changes that happened along the course of Prague’s journeys are reflected in the setup of this restaurant. Cafe Louvre is a hundred years old, with changing styles all imprinted on the ambience. There are separate menus for Czech food. This cafe is said to have been frequented by Franz Kafka and Albert Einstein, so who are you to argue with 20th centuries finest men? Get yourselves there already! There are some items on this menu that have been there for decades but don’t let that put you off, that’s the secret behind their success. Gnocci, walnut ice cream, lemonades and cakes are a must-try. Dine at Cafe Louvre if you like pastel coloured turn of the century interiors and the best of Eastern European food.

7. La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise:

Pork Braised
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This is a Michelin starred, vogue member of the top 10 restaurants in Prague; and a seductively stylish one at that. Situated on the end of an old lane, it stands out heavily by its looks. With recipes taken from traditional Czech dishes, the chefs here blend them effectively with modern foods. The wines are exceptionally fine too. Look for the pickled shallots, braised pork, crusted beef and the various sauces.

8. La Boheme Cafe:

Chilly Rum Hot Chocolate
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This is the best cafe for coffee in town! With quite a range of yummy cakes, teas and simple but cracking European cafe food, Boheme Cafe rocks the cafe scene in Prague. There are countless travellers who step in just for the name and come out deeply impressed. The owner is a coffee freak and his love for the magic beans is evident throughout. Chic interiors are brimming with panelled displays filled with coffee beans from all over the world; different brands and different kinds of coffees are set up for sale. Boho chandeliers, cute potted bougainvillaeas, boldly printed walls and trendy furniture largely adorn the cafe. Definitely try their Chilly Rum Hot Chocolate.

9. Grand Evropa Hotel Cafe:

Grand Evropa Hotel Cafe
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Sounds a bit like ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ doesn’t it? If it would have been in Budapest, people like me would have gone gaga over it, but this restaurant is hyped about, for pure reasons only- food. Much like Prague itself, it was built in the 19th century following Art Noveau styles. There is also another reason movie buffs would make a run for this cafe. The bar and cafe shown in ‘The Titanic’ were shot here. Everything about this cafe yells ‘Antique and amazing’. The food here is great, so is the bar, where the actual party lies(I’m talking about the 1800’s decor). Everything is moderately priced for such a beautiful place. You should go here solely for the hot chocolate, if not for anything.

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