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Prague beautiful view
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5 Best Places to Visit Around Prague That Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Must-Visit Places around the beautiful city of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is an excellent springboard for adventure. Whether you are looking for historical castles and quaint medieval streets, cultural experiences in art galleries and museums, or only a chance to see the scenery, you will find plenty of Must-Visit Places around Prague and outside the city.

From old churches and crypts in Kutna Hora and Cedelak to beautiful ancient palaces and unusual natural rock formations, there is no end to the possibilities for day trips from Prague. And other great European cities of Vienna and Dresden are also within reach. you should be convinced to read about these and other places with a list of 5 best places to visit around Prague.


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5 Must Visit Places Around Prague

  • Cesky Krumlov
  • The Old Town of Kutná Hora
  • Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks
  • Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad)
  • Dresden

1. Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov Must-Visit Places around Prague
Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay 

One of the most preserved walled towns in Eastern Europe, Cesky Krumlov is second only to Prague after attracting tourists from the Czech Republic. The entire Old Town Center has indeed been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for beautifully preserving many 14th-century buildings that reflect its narrow streets.

The Ceske Krumlov Castle, located in a rock provincial above the Valtwa River, is even older, dating back to 1240. The palace complex, consisting of 40 palaces and other buildings, along with five courts and a splendid original Basque theatre. Attractive Garden.

You can visit the palace and tour the old city with a guide to learn more about its long history on the Cesky Krumlov trip from Prague. This fun 10-hour tour includes a scenic ride through the bohemian countryside by air-conditioned coaches before a tour of the palace and the old city, time to explore on their own before returning to Prague. It’s a Must-Visit Places around Prague

2. The Old Town of Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora Must-Visit Places around Prague
Image by Ekaterina Vysotina from Pixabay 

About 80 kilometres east of Prague, the city of Kutan Hora is full of magnificent architecture. An attraction is the Barracks St. Barbara Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built-in 1338.

The cathedral’s exceptionally decorated interior features unusual frescoes featuring mint and quarry (where the silver mine was once the largest in Europe), as well as a mural of St. Ignatius’ vision. It is also worth noting that the Italian Court (Valsky Dvur), whose old mint was once built with many coins from Europe and the former residence of the Bohemian king Václav IV.

A few minutes drive outside Kutna Hora is Kesina Chatu, built-in 1822 and with a private theatre, pharmacy, library and picture gallery as well as a beautiful park in the English style. It is the most important attractions in the country is on the outskirts of Kutna Hora. Known as the “Bone Church”, the Gothic All Saint Chapel is home to the remains of some 70,000 people who were killed during the plagues that began in 1380, or who were victims of the 15th-century Huset Wars (meditation Look at, and you’ll see evidence of injury on some bones).

By 1526, the crowd in the church cemetery was so severe that a local woodcutter, the Frantisek Rint, was allowed to remove bones and build this fantastic display including a curious (if not a small den) weapon, a working arrangement. a functioning chandelier, bells and even chandeliers.

If you are travelling from All Saints Chapel, St. Barbara’s Cathedral, Old Mint, and other historical destinations to visit, which is an air-conditioned coach on Ponce Hora Day Trip to six hours from Prague. There are many options to travel from Prague to Kutna Hora, especially if you only want to visit one way.

3. Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Parks

Bastei Bridge Must-Visit Places around Prague
Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay 

The Two national parks, one in the Czech Republic and one in the East German state of Saxony, protect the vast, scenic area along the banks of the Alan River. The towers above the Elbe are massive sandstone pillars, which have been carved into great shapes by wind and water.

An interface of hiking trails through the jungle hills reveal waterfalls, views and deep valleys. Busty Bridge is the main attraction of Saxon Park. It is a connecting rock formation 76-meter high stone arched bridge. You can stand on the crest of a fading reef across this remarkable structure and look directly down at the Elbe River. Pravcicka Brana is the most massive sandstone in Europe and the symbol of the Czech National Park. The Kamnitz (Kamenis) River has formed a dramatic narrow gorge, which you can travel in a small boat.

You can see these highlights from Prague on the small-group Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park Day Trip, a 13-hour excursion that includes many other options. Depending on the experiences you choose, you can board a gondola-style boat down the river, walk along the Elbe, take a boat ride through the Gorge of Kamnitz, or take a seven- or 15- You can take kilometres guided hike. You can also experience the parks in winter to see the frozen snowfall.

4. Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad)

Karlovy Vary Must-Visit Places around Prague
Image by Ralf Gervink from Pixabay 

More than a dozen powerful hot springs, some shooting jets of water 14 meters in the air, have made Karlsbad, the commonly used German name of Karlovy Vary, a health resort for many centuries.

It was the Holy Roman Emperor Karl, IV, who discovered and popularized these impressive springs in 1358. But there is much more here than soaking in its famous mineral water. The city is full of with magnificent neoclassical and art nouveau spring houses, arcades, and spas built in the late 19th century and the beginning 20th century.

Karlovy Vary is world-famous for International Film Festival, one of Europe’s oldest festivals, and one of the city’s many cultural attractions. The wealthy spa-goers also needed other activities and entertainment for centuries, so Karlovy Vary now has an active performing arts centre with numerous art galleries and museums. At Moser Glass Factory, you can see artisans making beautiful art objects in bohemian crystals.

An easy way to get here is on a Karlovy Vary day trip from Prague, a 10-hour tour that takes you by coach through the beautiful Bohemian countryside. Learn from Highlights include a visit to the Moser factory to watch as the crystal masterpiece, then a stroll in the spa town and time to admire the arcades and other buildings and fountains and sample the water.

5. Dresden

Dresden Elbe View
Image by KiraHundeDog from Pixabay 

Dresden Old Town’s magnificent baroque church, palace, and other buildings have been carefully restored after the destruction and destruction of World War II. when the city was neglected for 40 years behind an iron curtain. Fruenkreische’s soaring dome, nothing more than a pile of rubble for many years, stands once above the city, and the Dresden Royal Palace once again collects its famous Green Room and other treasures of the Dresden State Art Collection.

Other top places to visit in this German city are the Zwinger Palace and the Semperoper (Semper Opera House), as well as the lovely Bruhl’s Terrace overlooking the Elbe and its riverboats.

On a Dresden Day Trip from Prague, you can travel through the country by coach. Here is your leader describes the history of this city as “Florence of the Elbe”. Once here, you will visit Frauenkirk and the Zinger Ring Masters Gallery to see Rafael’s Sistine Madonna and other masterpieces. In the afternoon one is free to roam the city and see its other tourist attractions.

When most travellers think of the Czech Republic, they photograph Prague. Although Prague has a large number of cultural, architectural and historical attractions, there is much outside the country’s capital. You can explore some of the beautiful spots, like, Palaces, monuments, medieval cities, quaint villages and scenic natural areas. So now if you want to visit all the places as mentioned above, then let us know your requirement. Our Pickyourtrail destination expert will help you in making the best Czech Republic tour package for you. For more offers, please visit the website and follow us on Instagram.

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