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Kirkjufell in Iceland
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Best Stays in Iceland -The Ultimate Guide in Finding Stays

Iceland provides a lot of choices from nice suites in the capital to private or common guest rooms and even Icelandic farmhouses. You might also opt to use a camper to visit Iceland free of charge without having lodging for any day of your trip. Outside of the Reykjavik area, lodging choices in winter are more limited, as many visitors and family-run businesses appear to be less seasonal. Throughout planning vacations for customers to Iceland, we have sought out a plethora of different forms of lodging and assembled this guide on where to stay. Check out these best stays in Iceland and choose what suits you more!

  1. Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik
  2. Best Places to Stay on the Golden Circle
  3. Best Places to Stay Iceland’s South Coast
  4. Best Places to Stay in East Iceland

1. Best Places to Stay in Reykjavik

Reykjavik City
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Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and 60% of the whole population of Iceland calls the home of the city. If it’s important to incorporate some nightlife and urban life into your journey to Iceland, it’s where Reykjavik is. Reykjavik is a top destination for the New Year and hosts in several events such as Iceland Airwaves, which serves to start most tours.

Tungata 32 Apartments Reykjavik

This is one of the best stays in Iceland and tops the list! Hotels are often more expensive than in Iceland when it comes to where you are living in Reykjavik. Twice, we have stayed in a gorgeous flat, Túngata 32, a nice alternative hotel in Reykjavik. The apartment is situated in a fantastic spot, within walking distance of the harbour and city centre and provides free on-site parking.

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

Hilton Reykjavik Nordica is an ideal alternative for those who want the hotel experience or who want to book Túngata 32. The hotel is not in the middle of the city but has a bike rental and a bus stop just outside the building. Bed and breakfast prices are available and wireless internet access and parking are also accessible. Hilton also offers programs such as children’s sleeping for families who choose to do non-child oriented things including glacier trekking. Don’t miss out to stay in one of these best stays in Iceland!

2. Best Places to Stay on the Golden Circle

Golden Circle, Best Stays in Iceland
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The circular road past Reykjavik, Iceland’s Golden Circle, includes some of the best-known locations in Iceland. The ride from Golden Circle to Reykjavik takes you about 190 miles and practically all the attractions are possible. However, to beat crowds and tournament buses is worth keeping around the Golden Path. However, the Golden Circle is far from Reykjavik light pollution and lets you seek better northern light if you are travelling during the season of Northern Lights from September to April. The Golden Ring is perhaps one of the most special locations in Iceland.

Buubble, Reykolt

Buubble is rare-experience glamping in the forest of a farm close to Reyholt. Five bubbles are available and can only be booked as a part of a tour of the Golden Circle and the bubble experience of the designers behind Buubble overnight. The bubbles are lit, ensuring that they remain safely at every time of year. There is a single house in the area, with two large bathrooms and a kitchenette. You need to bring in your dinner, towels and toiletries, but spending the night under heaven full of stars and maybe even northern lights is a magical experience.

Iceblue Lodge B & B, Selfoss

Located on the outskirts of the lava field of 5000-year-old Grímsneshraun, the Iceblue Lodge B&B is a family-run bed and breakfast on the estate where the family lives. It has seven rooms: three sharing a toilet, and four with private bathroom and deck. There is also a hot tub and guest sauna to use, as well as the nearby natural hot springs. This is a unique stay out of all the best stays in Iceland.

3. Best Places to Stay Iceland’s South Coast

South Coast, Best Stays in Iceland
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Some of the most spectacularly beautiful areas of Island is the South Coast. Countless waterfalls overhang sheer cliffs as you drive along Route 1, or the Ring Road of Iceland. Stacks of basalt lava and beaches of black sand make for the ideal setting for photos. The DC3 plane crash on a remote black sand beach is an almost surreal sight that looks straight out of a movie. So no journey to Iceland is complete without a visit to Jökulsárlón, the blue iceberg-filled glacier lagoon. Check out the best stays in Iceland when you visit in South Coast.

Hotel Ranga, Hella

Hotel Ranga is the only 4-star hotel outside Reykjavik, Iceland ‘s finest hotel and an ideal base from which to discover all the wonders of the South Coast of Greenland. The log-built hotel feels more like you are staying in the wonderful home of a friend than you are staying in a hotel.

Volcano Hotel, Vik

The Volcano Hotel is a modern bed and breakfast situated between Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Vik ‘s black sand beaches with only 7 beds. The Volcano Hotel and is a perfect choice for spending the night on Sólheimajökull after a glacier walk.

4. Best Places to Stay in East Iceland

East Iceland, Best Stays in Iceland
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East Iceland is the most remote area on the Ring Road of Iceland. During the Ice Age, the East Fjords were formed by the glaciers and are among the oldest regions in Iceland. Though mostly uninhabited in this part of Iceland, there are some beautiful hiking trails and you can even find golf courses in this part of Iceland. Much like attempting to ride in a day from Reykjavik to Jökulsárlón, the trip from Jökulsárlón to Northern Iceland seems to be much longer as you fly through one fjord after another. It’s worth spending a night in the East Fjords and visiting some of the attractions here, not to mention you might be fortunate enough to spot the reindeer population of Iceland that’s found only in this region of the country. Check the best stays in Iceland when you visit East Iceland.

Silfurberg Farm, Breiddalur

Silfurberg is a luxurious holiday farm in the East Fjords. In 2003, the lovely Guðrún and Jón bought the farm and completely remodelled the barn into a luxury hotel. There’s also an amazing outdoor hot tub where you can see the stars. Breiddalur town is not far from the farm but you can also book a delicious home-cooked dinner that will be prepared by Guðrún and Jón. You will also be taking part in their annual sheep round-up in September.

Hildibrand Apartment Hotel, Neskaupstadur

Located in the easternmost fjord of Iceland, Neskaupstadur, Hildibrand Apartment Hotel offers both guest rooms in the main building and fully furnished apartments that are ideal for families or those who love enjoying a few meals while travelling. The apartments have private balconies with panoramic views over the fjord and all visitors have free access to the town’s geothermal pool complex. Lastly, don’t miss out to stay on these best stays in Iceland.

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