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Best Things to Do in Penrith
Written by Rhea Alex on July 15, 2020 Share on

Best Things to Do in Penrith (Cumbria, England)

The beautiful region of Penrith has found itself filled with umpteen activities and attractions all through the year. This has been the sole cause to the plethora of tourists that flood the region, hoping to catch a glimpse and soak in the ver vibe and ambience of the place. 

Located just about a little distance away from the northeastern edge of the Lake District and in the ‘Cumbria’s Eden Valley,’ is this amazing place called ‘Penrith.’ The entire region is filled with beauty and majesty and accounts for a great deal of tourists population in the land.

The stellar beauty of the ‘National Park,’ owes its presence entirely to the location of the raw uplands that surround it. Towards the lower-lying rural landscape of the western region, lies the noble estates and castles belonging to an ancient era.

Undoubtedly one of the prettiest sights in the whole of England, the ‘Ullswater,’ is just about a few minutes away and brings along with it some amazing attractions and fun activities. Be it the fell walks, Aira Force, the Wordsworth inspired waterfall or even the cruises in historic steamers; tourists are sure to love and cherish the unique charm and beauty of the region. The most famous poem, written by the historic writer – Wordsworth, named ‘Daffodils,’ is said to have drawn inspiration from this region. 

Yet another interesting fact about ‘Penrith,’ remains the fact that the region was found to be located across the hotly disputed borders alongside Scotland, dating all the way back to the Medieval times. This, in turn, has led to the region being filled with two of the greatest Medieval castles of that time, two architectural wonders that are filled with a wide number of royal connections.

If you’re truly looking to explore the region and take it everything that ‘Penrith,’  has to offer; you could also head over to the ‘ Palladian country house.’ This gives tourists a whole new perspective of the region and also throws across an opportunity for them to explore one of the largest  ‘ Neolithic stone circle,’ that can be found in the entire country. 

For those of you who would truly like to experience some of the best things to do in Penrith, we’ve given you all that you need below. Find some of the most sought after places and attractions that we’re sure you’ll love and most definitely enjoy along the way. So let’s go ahead and explore some of the best things to do in Penrith together. 

1. Brougham Castle

Brougham Castle
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Found across the stunning and pleasant meadows, alongside the ‘ River Eamont,’ lies one of the most romantic regions in the whole of Penrith. The entire place is just the perfect setting for those of you couples exploring the region together, for the very first time.

This picturesque ruin, was found to be abandoned about 300 years ago and has ever since been explored and sketched by the famous men of ‘Wordsworth,’ and ‘J. M.W. Turner,’ overtime. The place is also filled with some stellar castles and architectural wonders along the way – the ‘Tower of League,’ and the ‘Brougham Castle,’ being just two among the many. 

When it comes to the spiral stairways and interesting artefacts that are housed within these structures, tourists are left awestruck by what they actually have to offer. Popularly referred to as a must-visit attraction, owing to the fact that it forms part of the list of the best things to do in Penrith – the ‘Brougham Castle,’ is a marvel in itself.

2. Penrith Castle

Penrith Castle
Image Credit – Wikipedia

The ‘Penrith’s Grade I-listed castle,’ located right across the western region of the town, has suffered a great deal of fate over the years. It is said that the fate of the castle is said to be similar to that of the Medieval strongholds in England, right after all of the above was pulled down, once the Civil ar had ended. This found its place in history during the course of the 17th century and is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Penrith.

It was during the commencement of the  14th century, that the castle actually came to light and acted as a protection to the regions that were surrounded by the Scottish attacks. It was only much later that the place had eventually become a grand fortified house, filled with a great deal of history.

The public park in the region is said to be home to some of the ruins coupled with the extensive walls that spoke worlds about its very existence. The walls are still accessed via a footbridge, right across the moat and reach all the way to their original height.

3. Ullswater

Image Credit – Pixabay

Regarded as one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole of England,  the ‘Ullswater lake,’ is a glacial ribbon lake that has gained the attention of tourists and travellers from far and wide. 

The landforms on its shores, the Hallin Fell and the  Place Fell, coupled along with the elongated zigzagging shape – are all just a few contributing factors to what tourists can expect at this amazing lake. 

Tourists can explore and investigate the mesmerising natural beauty of the ‘Ullswater lake,’ as they sightsee their way through the entire region, that dates back all the way to the 18th century. This is easily one of the best things to do in Penrith. The lake is home to some of the memories and adventures of some of the greatest aristocratic holidaymakers, of the 20th century. 

4. Aira Force

The ‘Aira Force,’ is a 21 meter stretch of ‘National Trust park,’ that is located alongside the western region of the ‘Ullswater lake.’ It is one of the most talked-about and prized possessions of the lake district’s waterfalls and has managed to garner a whole load of attention over the years – as it has remained one of the best things to do in Penrith.

Another interesting fact belongs to the sheer reality that the ‘Aira Force,’ has been mentioned and referred to by ‘Wordsworth,’ a number of times – across all of his poem. The general belief lies in the fact that it is the poem ‘Daffodils,’ that struck as his inspiration, once he had visited the land in the year 1802.

5. Hallin Fell

Hallin Fell
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The commanding ‘Hallin Fell,’ is yet another sight once cannot miss, as they explore the entire region of Penrith. It truly is the best things to do in Penrith, just for its spectacular setting and charm. With a mass of about 388-metres, the lake is found to be surrounded on all three sides and is a beauty in itself.

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