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Best things to shop for in Australia

Vacationing in Australia will definitely be a memorable experience.While memories are lovely, wouldn’t it be nicer to have that little tangible memorabilia that would take you back in time?

Australia is a country that brims with culture and ethnicity, and what better to shop for something that would reflect the spectacular country.

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From wine, gemstones to Tim-Tams, here are the best things to shop for in Australia and where to shop for too!

1. Australian Wine

best things to shop for while at Australia

Wine is perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind when you think of Australia. The country is known for its fresh and seasonal produce. It is also the fourth largest exporter of wine (Semillon, Shiraz, and Chardonnay) in the world.

Where to find: Hunter Valley, Barossa Valley, and Yarra Valley produce the best wine in Australia. While you shop for exquisite wine at each of these places, also experience a hot-air balloon ride around the valleys and shop for antiques and traditional artworks in the art galleries.

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2. Opal Gemstones

best things to buy while at Australia

The Opal gemstone is an Australian speciality. You can shop for cheap opal jewellery at stores near prominent tourist attractions. The quality and intricate jewellery can be a little bit pricier, but totally worth it.

Where to find: The best opal stones and jewels can be found at Coober Pedy, Adelaide (nicknamed the Opal capital in the world) in addition to Flame Opals and Hardy Bros. in Sydney.

3. Vegemite

best things to buy while at Australia

We all know that Vegemite is the Aussie version of Britain’s Marmite, which is essentially a bread spread. But what makes it special is that it can be found only in Australia!

Vegemite is said to have been developed by an Australian company after imports of Marmite were disrupted by World War I. Furthermore, it is less intense in flavor than its English cousin.

Where to find: Vegemite, being a staple food of the country can be availed everywhere – from local grocery stores to big supermarkets!

4. Kangaroo leather products

best things to buy while at Australia

It is a well-known fact that Kangaroos are indigenous to Australia. Therefore while visiting Australia, it is not only mandatory to visit the Kangaroos, but also to shop for products made of quality Kangaroo leather!

It makes for a purchase worth the money spent, as kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world. Due to its high tensile strength, it is employed to make a wide range of products such as wallets, purses, belts, shoes, and handbags.

Where to find: Kangaroo leather products can be purchased at any ‘Australian Made’ store, which can be found throughout the country.

5. Tea tree oil

best things to buy while at Australia

This magical potion is known all over the world for its antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil comes from the Australian paperbark tree and was first used as a medicinal remedy by the Australian aboriginal tribes.  It continues to be used worldwide due to its medicinal properties, to this date.

Where to find: 100% pure tea tree oil can be purchased from tea tree farms in Australia.A few of them are the Thursday Plantation farms and the Teven Valley tea tree mulch, both near the Ballina Byron airport. You can also shop for them at any government recognized chemist across the country.

6. Tim Tams!

best things to but while at Australia

A trip to Australia is incomplete if you don’t shop for their famed Tim-Tams. It is an Aussie delicacy, it is composed of layers of chocolate malt biscuit, and coated with a thin layer of chocolate.

Fun fact:  In Australia, around 35 million packs of Tim Tams are sold every year – that’s nearly 400 million biscuits!

Where to find: An Aussie favorite, it can be found all over Australia from grocery stores to supermarkets!

7. Traditional art and handicrafts

best things to buy while at Australia

Colorful and pointillistic paintings are trademarked Australian originals. They were traditionally painted by the Aboriginal artists. The paintings usually feature geometric and animal patterns. They are a part of the traditional story-telling technique in Australia.

Where to find: These paintings can be purchased from Aboriginal communities and in tourist markets. The Paddington market in Sydney is one of the best places in Australia where you can shop for these kinds of paintings. They are usually available for less than 30 AUD.

8. Didgeridoos

A didgeridoo is a long wooden or bamboo wind instruments which can be several feet long. It is perhaps not the easiest souvenir to shop and back. But now, smaller instruments are available and are more portable. The didgeridoo is best described as the ‘soul’ of traditional aboriginal music. Colourfully decorated, these make beautiful gifts/souvenirs.

Where to find: These instruments can be found at Aboriginal art galleries across Australia. We recommend Spirit Gallery and Gifts of Quay at Sydney for quality instruments.

best things to buy while at Australia

9. Coogi sweaters

best things to buy while at Australia

‘Coogi’ is a name for a unique sweaters or jumpers, made and trademarked in Australia. The patterns are computer generated in various colors in asymmetrical patterns, which guarantee a unique pattern for each and every sweater.

Where to find: The best Coogi can be found at Queen Victoria market in Melbourne. Experts who have been trading Coogi for over 30 years usually set up their stalls, so that one can shop for great quality sweaters here!

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Inspired by the list? Let us know what are your favourites in the comments below!

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