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A lovely click in Manipur
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Best Time To Visit Manipur – Find The Best Of Manipur

Manipur is fondly known as the Jewel of India. It is the pride of Northeast India. Manipur is one of the Seven Sisters of India and is blessed with lush green meadows, aromatic tea estates, stunning waterfalls, beautiful valleys and many more. Interestingly, you will also find many activities to do here such as local handicraft works. Bored with your routine life and willing to take a break? Well, a vacation to Manipur would be the best idea to bring back life. The mother nature will refuel your soul with its stunning beauty. In addition, it is equally important that you get to know the best time to visit Manipur to experience the best of Manipur. True, huh? Each and every place in the world has the best time to visit and let’s find out the best time to visit Manipur to witness its real beauty.

tents in Manipur
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Best time to visit Manipur – The Winter Season

The best time to visit Manipur is during the winter season. Yes, it is believed that the winter brings back the original beauty of this lovely state. So, you can pay a visit to Manipur from the month of October to March. The romantic weather will bring out the true beauty of this place which you should not miss seeing.

The lush green meadows will appear even brighter, the waterfalls will be gushing with water, and the touch of the breezy air will be the most romantic. Lovely, right? Well, that’s how you feel when you visit Manipur in the winter season. As the winter season is the peak season of Manipur, make sure you get ready to face the crowd. You will find plenty of tourists visiting Manipur during the winter season. So, make sure you do your bookings priorly to avoid last-minute hassles.

Let’s discover Manipur in summer and monsoon too!

A scenic click in Manipur
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Summer in Manipur

The summertime in Manipur is basically from April to June. During this time, the temperature varies from 16 to 36 degrees Celcius. You will feel the heat as days pass. Visiting Manipur during the summer season isn’t a good idea. It is too hot and will make the tourists uncomfortable to wander around the state. You will have to stay in your hotel due to the heat and that’s not what we want, right? However, you will find it breezy during early mornings and late evenings. Interestingly, the prices of the hotels go down during the summertime. So, if you are planning a vacation to Manipur at a low budget and if the heat doesn’t bother you, summer is good to go.

Monsoon in Manipur

The monsoon season in Manipur is from June to September. During the monsoon season, Manipur experiences rainfall. Most of the travellers don’t choose monsoon due to rainfall. There are high chances that you might face network connectivity issues and landslides. However, monsoon is the perfect time for rain lovers. Love rain and want to witness the state of Manipur in rain? Well, then monsoon is definitely a good time for you folks.

A lake in Manipur
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Manipur is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit in India and make sure you don’t miss visiting Manipur which is filled with nature. The presence of nature will definitely light up your vacation and will rejuvenate every individual. Now that you know the best time to visit Manipur, quickly start planning your vacation to this stunning place. Already excited? Well, all you need to do is to head to the Pickyourtrail website and check on the travel packages to Manipur. Also, you can drop a message in Whatsapp and one of our travel consultants will immediately connect with you to help you plan your vacation. It’s time to travel with Pickyourtrail!!

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