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Dzukou Valley in Manipur
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8 Must-Visit Places in Manipur for a Rejuvenating holiday

Manipur is the pride of Northeast India and is one of the Seven Sisters of India. Manipur is loved for its lush green meadows, aromatic tea estates, mouthwatering dishes, culture, festivals and lot more. It is a heavenly place with full of attractions. Interesting? Well, there are a few best places to visit in Manipur which you shouldn’t miss on your vacation. Let’s have a deep dive and find out the top 8 must-visit places in Manipur for an amazing vacation. Well, keep reading.

A beautiful click of Manipur
Image Credits: Unsplash

Top 8 Must-Visit Places in Manipur

  • Senapati
  • Imphal
  • Thoubal
  • Dzukou Valley
  • Andro
  • Tamenglong
  • Churachandpur
  • Bishnupur

1. Senapati

Senapati Market
Image Credits: Google Images

Senapati is truly one of the must-visit places in Manipur. Most of the areas are covered in verdant forests and the rest of them are inhabited by villagers. Also, this place is a perfect area for nature lovers. You can spend your day here by exploring the woodland and spending time with the locals. You will get to know a lot about the culture of the area once you start interacting with the locals. A visit to Senapati is definitely a lovely experience.

Attractions in Senapati

Some of the attractions in Senapati are Purul, Mao, Dzukou Valley, Makhel Cave, Yangkhullen, Sadu Chiru Waterfalls and Maram Khullen.

Best time to visit Senapati

The best time to visit Senapati is between the months of October and March.

2. Imphal

Imphal is one of the must-visit places in Manipur
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Well, it is very obvious that a visit to Manipur is incomplete without visiting its capital, Imphal. It is a flat valley surrounded by hills that extend to Myanmar. You will find some exhilarating green hills and can wander around the village. In addition, you will also find many festivals in Imphal. So take your time and explore this lovely place in Manipur.

Attractions in Imphal

Some of the attractions which you can’t skip on your visit to Imphal are Red Hill Lokpaching, Mattai Garden, Loktak Lake, Kangla Fort, Manipur State Museum and Shree Govindajee Temple.

Best time to visit Imphal

The best time to visit Imphal is between the months of September and April.

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3. Thoubal

Thoubal is one of the must-visit places in Manipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Love Trekking? Well, you should never miss visiting Thoubal in Manipur. This beautiful place is loved for its beautiful lakes, lush green environment and banyan trees. You will also find a lot of unique festivals celebrated here. Also, never miss tasting rice and fish in Thoubal which is the yummiest dish here.

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Attractions in Thoubal

Also, Never miss visiting People’s Museum, Waithou Lake, Khongjom War Memorial and Thoubal Bazaar. These places are some of the best attractions in Thoubal.

Best time to visit Thoubal

To experience the best of Thoubal, ensure you visit this beautiful place in October.

4. Dzukou Valley

A beautiful view of Dzukou Valley
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is definitely one of the breathtaking places you will find in Manipur. Nature lovers, Dzukou Valley is a place not to be missed. The whole place will be like a dream. Beautiful flowers, valleys, waterfalls and a lot more. Also, this place is named after the rare Dzukou Lilly which is only found in this region. Dzukou Valley is located on the border of Manipur and Nagaland and can be easily reached by car.

Attractions in Dzukou Valley

Jafpu peak and trekking trails are some of the best attractions in Dzukou Valley. Trekkers, get ready!

Best time to visit Dzukou Valley

If you are planning to visit the Dzunkou Valley, ensure you visit this place between the months of June and September for a lovely experience.

5. Andro

Andro is one of the must-visit places in Manipur
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It is a small village and is indeed one of the top places to visit in Manipur. Andro is loved for its pottery craftsmanship. You will find tourists flocking here to learn the best pottery skills. Also, you can learn a lot about history and culture in Andro. You will also find a museum in Andro which displays a variety of traditional pots such as Yukhum, Pudond Makhong and Ngangkha. Interesting, right?

Attractions in Andro

Also, never miss visiting Andro Shantheil Natural Park, Ecological Park & Andro Gramshang. These are some mesmerising places to visit in Andro as well.

Best time to visit Andro

Make sure you visit Andro between late October and March for a lovely experience.

6. Tamenglong

Tharon Cave in Tamenglong
Image Credits: Google Images

Do you love birds? Well, if yes, you are totally going to love Tamenglong. You can find different species of birds here. Also, you will find some waterfalls, rivers which are waiting to be explored. In addition, Tamenglong is well known for some best attractions in Manipur. So, never miss visiting this place in Manipur.

Attractions in Tamenglong

Zeilad Wildlife Sanctuary, Zeilad Lake, Tharon Cave and Kisha Khou are some of the best attractions in Tamenglong.

Best time to visit Tamenglong

Visit Tamenglong between the months of October and April for an amazing experience.

7. Churachandpur

A beautiful click in Churachandpur
Image Credits: Unsplash

Interestingly, Churachandpur is the second largest town in Manipur. Churachandpur is loved for its ethnicity and natural beauty. In addition, you will find a lot of schools and museums in this place. Also, you will find the locals speaking English, Hindi and Manipuri. So, you won’t find a language barrier in this region. Pretty cool, huh?

Attractions in Churachandpur

Tipaimukh, Tonglen Cave, Tuibuong Tribal Museum, Ngaloi Falls and Tipaimukh are some of the best attractions in Churachandpur.

Best time to visit Churachandpur

The best time of the year to visit Churachandpur is between October and March.

8. Bishnupur

Bishnupur is one of the must-visit places in Manipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Covered with rolling lush green grasslands and dense forests, Bishnupur is a lovely destination and is definitely one of the must-visit places in Manipur. Bishnupur is known for its Pilgrim sites in Manipur. Also, some of the temples will impress you with their stunning architecture. You will also find multiple devotees and tourists visiting Bishnupur to seek blessings at the temple.

Attractions in Bishnupur

Also, never miss visiting Susunia Pahar, Jor Bangla Temple, Panch Ratana, Dal Madol and Vishnu Temple which are some of the best attractions in Bishnupur.

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Best time to visit Bishnupur

The best time to visit Bishnupur is between the months of October and March.

Well, that brings an end to the top 8 must-visit places in Manipur. Hope Manipur didn’t disappoint you. Manipur is truly a blessing for India. Well, you won’t find enough words to describe this beauty. So, never miss visiting Manipur and witness the beauty for real. Planning for a vacation to Manipur? Well, You can reach out to Pickyourtrail website and get some cool travel packages. Also, you can customize your own itinerary. Cool, huh? Also, Pickyourtrail will be supporting you throughout your vacation through our cool App. So, don’t delay, start planning. Also, follow this page for some interesting travel contents. We are excited to hear your own travel stories with Pickyourtrail. Make it happen by choosing us. Happy Travelling!!

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