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Tiger' nest in Bhutan
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Bhutan In December – The Paradise When Covered In The White Cold Snow

A place with a rich culture and great history. It is a country in Southern Asia that is Landlocked. Its Identity roots from the distinct national identity based on religion Buddhism. This constitutional monarchy was once an absolute monarchy. This country has the world’s highest unclimbed peak. It is also pioneering the concept of Gross national happiness. Yes, you guessed it right. It is Bhutan. The largest city and the capital is Thampi. The financial centre is Phuntslong. The country Bhutan is officially called the Kingdom of Bhutan. The wildlife in Bhutan is notable for its diversity. The Indian armed forces have a close friendship with the Royal Bhutan Army. Now let us see what to do in Bhutan In December.

The view of Bhutan during December
The view of Bhutan | P.C – Google Image

Bhutan In December

December month is the winter season and it has one of the most beautiful views one can see. It has the dramatic views of the great Himalayan mountains, to the clear flowing water to the unique Dzongs lure you into the beauty of Bhutan. That is the reason one would prefer to visit the place during the December season. Bhutan during the December season is famous for the Druk Wangyel Tshechu festival. This festival highlights the colourful nature of the country. The Paro is also one of the famous visits due to the Tiger’s nest.

Dochula Bhutan during December
Dochula Bhutan during December | P.C – Google Image

Top Places to visit in December


This is the largest city and the capital of Bhutan. This city gives you the pristine view of the Himalayan range. The hill range surrounding the city Thimpu which is 2000 – 3800 ft of height. The Raidak river in Thampu is the meeting point of various tributaries that emerge out of Himalayas. The two major attractions during December is Jomalhari Trek and The National Memorial Chorten.

the beautiful Raidak river
The View of Thimpu | P.C – Wikipedia


This little town under the eastern slopes of Himalayas named as Paro. Situated under the foothill of the Mount Jomolhari. The name of Paro gives in the Images of the panoramic view of the Himalayas, rugged terrains, alpine forests and many more. Paro is the home of some of the very ancient monasteries and temples which has dated back to the 7th century. Tiger’s nest Monasteries and the Samtengang winter trek are the two famous things that can be done in Paro in December.

Tiger's Nest in Paro
Tiger’s Nest in Paro | P.C – Google Image


The city called Punakha was the former capital of Bhutan before Thimpu. Punakha is popular for the Sightseeing viewpoints, temples, Courtyards. This city is also considered as the Religious city of Bhutan. You will be able to get the courtyard side feel in this city. The Haa Valley, Gangtuey and Wongdue are wonderful Photogenic places to explore at. The major attraction that you can do there is the Wildlife Safari.

Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong | P.C -Google Image

Why December?

December is the start of the Winter season in Bhutan. It is also the low season in the case of tourism. But even during these times, it is one of the best places to visit in December.

  • As many tourists don’t visit Bhutan in December, It gives you some quality alone time.
  • It is a great month for the tourists to see both the cultural and modern side of Bhutan.
  • Unlike the other countries in Winter, Bhutan has Relatively cold weather with clear skies and pleasant weather.
  • There is very little snow in Bhutan, as it only falls on the high mountains. It is only much colder at higher altitudes.

Weather Chart

Weather Chart in Bhutan In December
Weather Chart in Bhutan in December | P.C –

The country is one of the best tourist places to visit in the world. This has a blend of natural beauty with city life. That is why this place is much sought after by many tourists. You can make the best Customized holiday packages with the Pickyourtrail website. Our travel advisers will also help you out on building the best Bhutan Holiday packages. Do drop in your comments and suggestions. Meanwhile please have a look at the website to see more fresh content.

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