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Bird Sanctuaries in Kerala
Written by Rahul on October 1, 2020 Share on

Bird Sanctuaries In Kerala – See the spectacular coloured wings in God’s own country

India is one of the most unique countries around the world. Once you visit and have a look at it, there is no turning back. You will never want to leave this beautiful and wonderful place. From time to time it has proved that it is one of the most naturally and culturally rich and diverse place. With many historically rooted monuments and some natural scenic beautiful places. In these amazing cluster of places, Kerala is one of the top picks for many travellers. There are many places to hit while you are in Kerala. But the major pulling factor here is the attractions that blend in with nature. Here are some of the best bird sanctuaries in Kerala.

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The beautiful Alleppey Backwaters
Image Credits: Image by Richard Mcall from Pixabay

Bird Sanctuaries In Kerala

Kerala is one of the very frequently visited states in the Indian country. People visit this place for its very picturesque locations and its nature blended scenic spots that people love. This place is a perfect spot for you to relieve you from all your stress. In a place like this one of the most relaxing activity to do is the birdwatching. Just watching a cluster of them flying from one place to another spreading their wings will refresh you. So here are beautiful to bird sanctuaries in Kerala.

Vembanad Bird Sanctuary

Also known as Kumarakom bird sanctuary it is one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries that is found in Kerala. Situated at Kumarakom in Kottayam district, it is on the banks of the Vembanad lake. This is one of the favourite places for many migratory birds. Right now, this sanctuary is taken care of by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation. Spread over 14 acres, there is a pathway which will let you move around the park freely. Apart from this place, you can also take a boat ride in the Vembanad Lake or the Kavanaugh river. You will reach this bird sanctuary within a short period of time as it is just 14 km away from Kottayam.

Neighbouring spots like the Kaipuzha Muttu, Narakathara, Poothanpadi Kayal and many more are also some of the best spots for you to spot birds. Visit this place and have a great experience during your Kerala trip.

Red whiskered Bul Bul on a tree
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

Situated in the ecologically sensitive area of the Indian city, Kochi is the Mangalavanam bird sanctuary. It is one place that everyone wants to visit in Kerala. This is a place that has many migratory birds and also many types of mangrove trees. Mangalavana is known as the Green lungs of Kochi, as it keeps the air pollution in the city under check. This green paradise boasts more than 194 birds of 32 different species of migratory birds in its sanctuary. Can you believe a green spot in the middle of the metro city? Well, it sure looks very beautiful and you have got to check it out. The best time to visit this sanctuary for the best experience is between mid-January to mid-march. Visit this bird sanctuary in Kerala to breathe the scene of fresh air.

A boat and a lake
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chimmony wildlife sanctuary is a tropical forest, which is celebrated for its diverse flora and fauna. The sight that you get from the Chimmini dam is just scenic and breathtaking. This is also one of the scenic and the most favourite haunt for the local people of Mukundapuram Taluk in the Thrissur district. This is also just a one hour drive from the metro city of Kochin. Joyfully living in this scenic beauty are the elephants, gaurs, sambars, sloth bears and many more. Located in the western ghats of the Indian subcontinent, this is one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world. This proves that they have many endangered species in this wildlife sanctuary. This is also one of the best places where you would find some great migratory birds. So this is also one of the prominent bird sanctuaries in Kerala.

Chimmony Wildlife Sancuary
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Also known as the Thattekkad bird sanctuary, this is the first-ever bird sanctuaries in Kerala. This is one of the richest bird habitats in peninsular India according to Salim Ali, one of the best orthodontist in India. This place is one of the best bird sanctuaries in Kerala with varied birdlife. The famous Orthodontist Salim Ali was instrumental for the formation of the sanctuary. The beauty of this place is both forest birds and water birds here. This is low forest land that is near the Periyar river which is the longest river in Kerala. Spread across 25 sq. km, this lies between the tributaries of the Periyar river.

You can spot birds like Bronzed Drongo, Srilankan Frogmouth, Malabar Parakeet and many more. Also known for its mahogany, rosewood and teak plantations, visit this bird sanctuary for an enthralling experience. That is why this is one of the best bird sanctuaries to visit in Kerala.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Kerala.
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Located in the Mallapuram district, the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is definitely a beautiful spot to hit in Kerala. Known for its wide variety of fish, mullets and crabs, the nearest airport is the Karipur International airport, Kozhikode. This bird sanctuary is most famous for its various species of native birds. Some of the notable species are the Bhraminy kites and Whimbrels. There are also 60 different species of migratory birds that fly in seasonally. You can see different sets of coloured wings across the sky within 2 sq. km. The best season to visit this bird sanctuary is between December and April. You will forget all your stress and roam around happily when you are here. That is why this is one of the best bird Sanctuaries In Kerala.

A bridge on a lake
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kerala is one of the places that invites many of the world tourists into India, owing to its great natural beauty. Book the best deals for Kerala holiday packages with Pickyourtrail. Customize your own vacations as you like it. Also, do check out our blogs for more interesting domestic and international travel contents.

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