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Bird Watching in Andaman

A vacation in Andaman is a completely unique and different experience considering its exclusivity as compared to other regions in the Indian subcontinent. Pristine beaches, golden sands, sun blazing down through the towering coconut trees, Andaman is well and truly a paradise destination.

We all know Andaman for the above-said offerings, apart from the rich flora and fauna, dense forests, thrilling water activities. But there is one salient experience that Andaman has to offer which is quite not recognized or known enough for travelers flying into this island destination.

Bird Watching is yet another gem in the crown of Andaman that is highly recommended. Make no mistake, this is not just for ornithologists or avid bird lovers. This is also for every common traveler who would want to see a new face of Andaman that not many people have seen before. With a wide range of bird species flying through the wetlands, get ready for an experience you have never had before!

Bird watching in Andaman
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Where to bird watch in Andaman?

Andaman has a lot of islands that are highly conducive for a bird watching experience. The wetlands of Port Blair, Havelock Island, Digilpur Island, Jolly Buoy Island, and Wandoor Island are a few islands that are highly recommended for bird watching. Reaching these islands shouldn’t be an issue considering you have buses/ferries running regularly that will help you reach the spot without much hassle.

What should you keep in mind while going for bird watching?

Bird watching in Andaman Islands
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  • Bird watching requires patience. You will have to be patient enough to ensure you hit the jackpot of spotting some rare birds which will add a feather to your already existing crown of an Andaman tour.
  • If you are a bird-watching expert, you can do it by yourself. In case you aren’t used to this, you can always hire a guide who will be able to help you with anything and everything with respect to bird watching.
  • Ensure you start the day quite early, somewhere around 5 am. This will ensure you get to spot quite a large variety of birds through the sunrise, and you can also get done with it before the sun starts blazing down.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and ensure you don’t forget your binoculars.
  • Don’t make noise while you are bird watching as the noise could disturb the birds and you may not be able to see it.
  • Bring a notebook with you to list down the birds you have spotted.

Types of birds you can spot in Andaman

There are a wide variety of birds you can spot in Andaman, including a few rare ones. If you are patient enough for three to four hours, you may be able to spot species like White-breasted Kingfisher, Sunbirds, Spotted Woodpeckers, Scarlet Minivets, Purple Moorhen, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Cotton Teal, Racket-tailed drongo, Eegrets, Blacked oriole, Glossy staling, and several others bird species.

Seasonally, you can find migratory birds as well along with the local birds. Post bird watching, you can choose to relax in the lap of nature, enjoying a mini picnic experience in the lush green environment.

Sometimes, an offbeat experience like this can enhance your whole trip and leave you with satisfaction like never before. Pickyourtrail believes in curating customizable vacations through Andaman tour packages as everyone’s tastes differ, and vacations are meant to fulfill everything you aspire for! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags to enjoy your dream vacation in the paradise of Andaman!

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