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A beautiful click of Munnar
Written by Kajani Shivam on November 16, 2022 Share on

Cochin to Munnar – A Heavenly route for a peaceful journey!

Have you ever thought of taking the heavenly route from Cochin to Munnar? Well, it is one of the most beautiful routes to travel in Kerala. On your journey, you will come across breathtaking scenic views, waterfalls, mountains and valleys. You can feel the romantic weather on your face, the clouds will be prettier than ever and you would never wish to end this journey. Peaceful, right? Also, who would not love to experience a ride like this? Well, want to know more? Keep reading and virtually get ready to travel on the heavenly route from Cochin to Munnar.

A beautiful click from the route of Cochin to Munnar
Image Credits: Unsplash

A quick introduction on Cochin and Munnar

1. Cochin

Santa Cruz Cathedral
Image Credits: Unsplash

Cochin is a beautiful city which will impress you with its culture and colonial streets. In addition, you will also find some amazing beaches, splendid forts and churches to admire.

2. Munnar

A beautiful click of Munnar
Image Credits: Unsplash

Breathtaking hills, the largest tea-growing region, and a heavenly feel are all about Munnar, one of the best hill stations in South India. This splendid place will give you some beautiful memories which are to be remembered forever.

How to travel from Cochin to Munnar?

Well, you must be wondering about how to travel from Cochin to Munnar, right? Let me completely take you through this part and get ready to choose your mode of transport.

  • Cab
  • Bus
  • Train

1. Cab

You can choose to travel by Cab from Cochin to Munnar at a fixed rate. Also, cabs are available from Ernakulam Railway Station. You can easily take a cab and travel from Cochi to Munnar. It is a 4-hour drive and is one of the best ways to explore the route from Cochin to Munnar.

2. Bus

You can find bus transport from Ernakulam KSRTC Bus Stand. Also, you will find the bus stand floating with people all the time. To avoid the crowd, you can reserve a ticket prior to your vacation.

3. Train

There is no direct train from Cochin to Munnar. But you can always choose to take a train from Angamalay, Aluva or Trivandrum, which will take you to Munnar.

What will you come across while travelling from Cochin to Munnar?

  • Waterfalls
  • Spice Gardens
  • Restaurants

1. Waterfalls

Cheeyappara waterfall
Image Credits: Unsplash

On your journey from Cochin to Munnar, you will come across several waterfalls. The water is crystal clear and the sound of the gushing water will give you goosebumps. So, stop for a while and witness the beauty of the waterfalls.

2. Spice Gardens

Spice Garden in Munnar
Image Credits: Google Images

As you head close to Munnar, you will find a lot of Spice Gardens. You will find the gardens having plants and trees of all the flavours which are known in India. Interestingly, you will find a lot of guides who will help you stroll through the gardens. Also, you will find a lot of shops that provide therapeutic oils made of eucalyptus and different plants.

3. Restaurants

Also, never forget to grab a bite on your way to Munnar and feel the great taste of Kerala Cuisine. You can stop at the Rasa Vegetarian which is 63.6 km from Kochi for some good vegetarian South Indian food. In addition, you can stop at the famous Indian Bakery and have some tea. Also, never miss the crispy snacks.

You will come across many beautiful things on your travel from Kochi to Munnar. This impressive path of journey is beyond your imaginations and you will witness the beauty for real when you explore the route. At the end of your journey, you will have your own stories to share about this peaceful ride. Interested? Well, all you need to do is to reach Pickyourtrail and find out some interesting travel packages. Also, we have our own Customer Happiness team guiding you throughout your journey through our App. Pretty cool, huh? Also, follow this page to find out more interesting travel contents. Explore the heavenly route with Pickyourtrail!!

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