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A click in Kerala
Written by Rahul on October 14, 2020 Share on

Backwaters of Kochi – Get to experience the serene waterways of the Gods own country

India is one great place that has everything that a tourist needs. With diverse landscapes and unique cultures, India never fails to impress the various tourists visiting India from all over the world. From top to bottom each of the places has its own unique set of culture and even various languages that often puts India with one of the most diverse countries in the world. In this one place that many people fall in love with its serene landscapes, beautiful water bodies and the green filled surroundings are God’s own, Kerala. Kerala is a perfect example of how people can co-exist with nature and lead a peaceful life. In this, Kochi is a famous spot. And one major aspect is the famous Backwaters in Kochi. In this article, we will be deep diving on this.

Backwaters of Kochi
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Backwaters of Kochi

Kochi is certainly one beautiful place that is there in Kerala. The serene landscapes alongside the pleasant backwaters here is a gift to watch for many tourists. Many tourists visit Kerala to forget their stress and to have the best time with nature. For those people, Kochi never fails them. With some of the renowned monuments like the Kochi fort and Mattancherry, they pull in more tourist crowd to this town. But not only that, but there is also this sense of modernity that is there with the buzzing MG road. In this, nature’s gift is what you will call this beautiful stretch of Backwaters.

Beautiful and alluring kochi Backwaters
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A Pleasant Experience

Offering you a great picture of the land of Kerala, these backwaters offer you a great ride to know the landscape better. With the backwater cruise, you will be able to view the scattered various islands of this beautiful land. Also, there is this lush greenery that will leave you in a complete trance. One other thing is the most famous Chinese fishing nets. Seen at the beautiful backwaters of Kochi, this is one place that you should certainly visit. View the cargo boats, passenger boats and many more while you are on your most famous boat ride. There are also the beautiful houseboats that go in this adorable backwaters.

The beautiful sunset in the Backwaters of Kerala.
Image Credits: Image by ejakob from Pixabay

What to Expect?

Take a boat ride near the Marine drive to view the beautiful and magnificent skyscrapers that grabs your attention first. But going forward you will see the shift in the ambience. Nearing the West Kochi you will be able to see the tile-roofed traditional Kerala buildings. As you get near the Cochin Port trust, there is the picturesque Wellington Islands that will interest you with various experience at various locations with great and unique photos. Conducting various boat trips around both the city and the village side is something that the Kerala tourism department has done. This initiation is something to be appreciated. All the trips that take place will start from Sealord jetty in the Marine drive. So the backwaters in Kochi is something that you should certainly experience while in Kerala.

Skyscrapers seen from the Backwaters of Kochi.
Image Credits: Image by sunnikp from Pixabay

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