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A coconut in the beach
Written by Kajani Shivam on November 14, 2022 Share on

Coconuts In Seychelles – A Paradise For Coconut Lovers!

Seychelles is a country in East Africa and is undoubtedly one of the famous tourist spots in the world. Seychelles is well known for its beautiful beaches, islands, waterfalls, luxury hotels and many more. Missed something? Oh yes, the coconuts in Seychelles! Seychelles is a paradise for coconut lovers. If you love coconuts, you should definitely continue reading this article. You will be able to spot a huge amount of palm trees in Seychelles. Well, that’s obvious in a country which is known for its coconuts, right? But, how about discovering more about the coconuts in Seychelles? Interesting? Well, keep reading…

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Orange coconuts
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Coconuts in Seychelles – The special coconuts

King Coconut

One of the famous coconuts in Seychelles is the King Coconut which is locally known as Coco Rouge. These orange coconuts can be seen everywhere in Seychelles and is a litter bigger than the usual coconuts. And yes, the water inside the King Coconut is the tastiest. Well, you definitely can’t deny this fact. These coconuts can be seen mostly at two places in Seychelles. You will be able to spot them on the beaches and in the market areas. Also, you will be able to spot Coco Rouge in some bars as well.

Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer is truly one of the special coconuts in Seychelles. It is a French word and it literally means coconut of the sea. Interestingly, various myths are associated with this coconut. This is one of a kind and there are people who visit Seychelles just to witness this coconut. As listed on the International Union For The Conservation Of Nature, this coconut can be found only on Praslin and Curieuse. Also, in Mahe, you will find a few of them which are planted at the botanical garden. The unexpected part is that you are not allowed to eat Coco de Mer in Seychelles. Well, you weren’t expecting that, right?

Well, as per records it is said that only 2 people in Praslin have permits which are granted by the Ministry of Environment to eat Coco de Mer. However, if you have your own property you can indeed eat it yourself. The Coco de Mer is eaten within the first two years when the fruit has not yet matured and the kernel inside is gelatinous. Also, it takes seven years for the coconut to mature. In addition, this coconut is exported to China and is used for their traditional medicine.

Coconuts in Seychelles – The importance of coconuts

A click of coconuts
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Coconuts are very important in Seychelles. The locals use the ordinary green coconut for drinks and for cooking. Mostly, the coconut water is used in Seychellois curries. So, get prepared to taste the flavour of coconut in almost every dish in Seychelles. Also, not to miss the coconut tarts which are completely mouthwatering.

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A girl holding a coconut
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Coconuts in Seychelles truly play a major role and is loved by the locals and tourists. Never miss tasting these coconuts on your vacation to Seychelles. Already planning to visit Seychelles. Well, you are just a few steps away from making your dream tour come true. You can head to the Pickyourtrail website and check on the amazingly crafted tour packages to Seychelles. Also, you can drop a message in Whatsapp for more options. In addition, follow this page to read many amazing contents on travel. Happy exploring!

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