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Coorg Itinerary For 2 days – A Getaway Like Never Before!

If you’ve been on the lookout for a short vacation and are wondering where best you can travel, then you should consider planning a Coorg itinerary for 2 Days. Popularly referred to as the ‘Scotland of India,’ the entire region of Coorg, has so much to offer. If you’re in Bangalore, there really could be nothing better than a quick weekend getaway or two. Tourists are most definitely in for a vacation they’re going to remember, for a long time to come.


For those of you who love nature and truly appreciate the beauty of it, ‘Coorg,’ has everything and more in store, just for you. The landscape of the region is filled with lush greenery and extensive forests, making it a stunning natural setting to soak in. The breathtaking waterfalls and misty mountains make for another great reason to visit this spectacular place. So what’s stopping you from an amazing vacation to one of the most beautiful places in India

We’ve gone ahead and made your work easier for you. Find crafted a Coorg itinerary for 2 days below, just for you. We’ve worked in all the details and every minute concern you may have. All you need is a read-through of the blog and you’re set to go!

Coorg Tour

Coorg Tour
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Located in the eastern regions of the Western Ghats, ‘Coorg,’ is known to be the culmination of some of the most beautiful hills. One of the best things about the region is that it coincidentally also shares borders with about six other districts across India. The entire region is filled with coffee plantations and a number of other tea plantations, that is sure to catch your attention.

This little hill station stands at an altitude of about 1150 meters and is undoubtedly one of the best weekend getaway destinations, you’ll find. Hop onboard a Coorg itinerary for 2 days and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

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Day-wise Itinerary:

Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Find a day-wise itinerary, all listed out with great details below. We’ve got you all the information you may need, for a great vacation.

  • 1st Day – A visit to Kushalnagar and Namdroling Monastery\
  • 2nd Day – Explore Nisargadhama and Dubare Elephant camp

Day 1: Coorg

The first day of your Coorg itinerary for 2 days, is filled with a visit to two of the most popular attractions in Coorg.

A visit to Kushalnagar

When it comes to the two major towns in the region, one cannot help but notice – ‘ Madikeri,’ and ‘ Kushalnagar.’ Though the region of ‘Kushalnagar,’ is comparatively much smaller than that of Madikeri, it has so much to offer. Tourists could make their way to the town of ‘Kushalnagar,’ after about a six-hour-long travel.

If you’re travelling by road, be sure to encounter a good amount of traffic on the Mysuru highway. It could just be one of the major setbacks for your initial journey.

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Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Namdroling Monastery,’ also commonly referred to as the ‘Golden Temple,’ is a Buddhist structure in the midst of this beautiful hill. Located just about six kilometres, away from ‘Kushalnagar,’ the monastery has got be on your Coorg itinerary for 2 days list.

Tourists find themselves making their way to the second largest Tibetan settlement outside Tibet. Flooded with about seven thousand monks, this place is a one of a kind environment in the region.

Day 2:

Just when you think, there really could not be anything better than the monastery itself, wait for your second day to pan out.


Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

Located about three kilometres away from ‘Kushalnagar,’ the region of ‘ Nisargadhama,’ consists of extensive forest lands. The forest resort is filled with some of the most beautiful settings, one can find off the state highway.

It would be best for tourists to make their way up the resort, towards the latter half of the day. This is one of the most rewarding trips for your Coorg itinerary for 2 days.

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For those of you who are avid nature lovers, ‘Nisargadhama,’ is truly going to leave you speechless and craving for more. This island, formed by the famous Kaveri river, finds itself bursting with life and is a spectacular sight in the making.

Dubare Elephant camp

Dubare Elephant camp
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Dubare Elephant camp,’ is a pleasant location, that houses about ten small cottages for tourists to encamp in. These cottages also come with attached bathrooms and sometimes maybe a great bar or two. 

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast and would love for some amazing elephant activities, the ‘Dubare Elephant camp,’ has got to be on your Coorg itinerary for 2 days.

Tourists can truly witness the manner in which these elephants are trained, in their natural environment. If you’re an adventure lover as well, the camp offers some amazing adventure sports activities that you can engage in.

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Best Time to visit Coorg

Now that you’ve got your Coorg itinerary for 2 days, all planned out. Well, the obvious next question would be, ‘When’s the best time to visit Coorg?’

Our recommendation would be for tourists to plan their vacation, during the month of ‘September to March.’ Though Coorg really is a year-round destination, the weather during these months, remain the best all year. One of the downsides, on the other hand, is that these months also make for the peak tourist season of the year.

This, in turn, means, higher rates and more crowds. So if you don’t mind both of the above, a Coorg itinerary for 2 days could just mean the world to you.

Ideal Duration of Visit

Though most tourists plan for a one day trip to the hills, we would not recommend or advise the above. A one day vacation could just be one of the most hectic travel plans of your life. If you’re looking for a relaxed and laid back holiday experience, a Coorg itinerary for 2 days, is the least you could do. The region has so much in store for you, it would be best for you not to rush things and make the most of your getaway.

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Hassle Free Coorg Trip!

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Is 2 day enough for Coorg?

Yes, there are plenty of attractions to be explored in Coorg in 2 days. Weekends would be the perfect a 2 day getaway to Coorg.

Is Coorg and Madikeri same?

Madikeri is a town inside Coorg district.

How long to stay in Coorg?

Consider staying for 4 Days for exploring every attraction in Coorg.

What is Coorg famous for?

Coorg is well renowend for its coffee plantations, sublime surroundings, natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere, diverse plants and animals, and many more.

Which month is best for Coorg?

Consider your Coorg trip between September and June.

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