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These are the 32 countries & islands Indians can just pack and fly off to in 2024 – WITHOUT a visa!

The hassles involved in getting visa approval can take you from “I can’t wait to go on my vacation” to “It’s alright, I’ll go next year” in no time. Think paperwork, fail-proof documents, eternal queues and wai…ting. If only the world ever goes visa-free!

But hang on! These are some countries that make international travel a cakewalk for Indians—you can totally visit these countries and island nations without a visa!*

Before that—here’s a basic checklist for a visa-free entry:

  1. Always, always check the current visa policy of the country you’re travelling to, as these rules are subject to fluctuations.
  2. Your original passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months upon your arrival at the destination.
  3. Proof of booked accommodation and a return flight ticket.
  4. 2 or 3 passport-sized photographs.
  5. A minimum of two blank pages in the passport for visa stamping.
  6. Proof of sound health and vaccination certificates(Mostly required only in African countries)

List of Island nations Indians can visit without a visa:

IslandsValidity Period
Cook Islands31 days
Fiji120 days
Micronesia30 days
Vanuatu30 days
Samoa60 days
Nieu30 days
TuvaluVOA, 30 days
PalauVOA, 30 days
El SalvadorVOA, 90 days
Marshall IslandsVOA, 90 days
The MaldivesVOA, 90 days

Frequently visited: The Maldives, Cook Islands

Why visit?
For the perfect laid-back holidays along the bright blue beaches and sandy shores with coconuts with tiny umbrellas on top (cheesy? sorry, it’s exactly like it)!. Check the Maldives Visa for Indians.

List of Asian countries Indians can visit without a visa:

CountryValidity Period
Indonesia30 days
Macau30 days
Bhutan7 days
Nepal150 days

Frequently visited: Maldives, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan

Why visit?
Home to surreal white sand beaches and an underwater world equally beautiful, no wonder the Maldives tops the bucket list of honeymooners. Indonesia and Nepal on the other hand, are perfect if you are looking beyond a loud mainstream vacation. The weather is almost perfect all-year-round and you will only wonder why you didn’t visit these places any earlier.

List of African countries Indians can visit without a visa:

CountryValidity Period
Mauritius60 days
Senegal90 days

Frequently visited: Mauritius

Why visit?
Of course, If Africa is known for anything other than its rustic wildlife and untamed wilderness, it’s not for anything beyond the bountiful tropical paradise called Mauritius. But that’s not the reason why should visit Mauritius. Plunge into the island’s emerald waters, wave at the lush coral reefs, reward your tired soul with the exotic flavourful African cuisine and don’t forget to party all night!

South American countries Indians can visit without a visa:

CountryValidity Period
Brazil90 days
Ecuador90 days

Why visit?
I don’t think we need a reason to visit Ecuador and Brazil despite the no-visa scheme(we know how the other American countries have notoriously tough visa process). Despite being an array of dizzying natural wonders and a vibrant city life, they are also relatively affordable to travel to.

List of North American destinations Indians can visit without a visa:

CountryValidity Period
The British Virgin Islands30 days
Haiti90 days
Jamaica14 days
Saint Kitts and Nevis30 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines30 days
Grenada90 days
Trinidad and Tobago90 days
Montserrat30 days
Turks and Caicos Islands90 days
Dominica90 days
Barbados90 days

Frequently visited: Jamaica, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada

Why visit?
Now we know our North American dreams are as well realizable. If you have picturized those vacations with nothing but bright coloured shores, tall vibrant trees and coconuts with a little umbrella on top, you won’t be disappointed.

European countries Indians can visit without a visa:

CountryValidity Period
Belarus5 days
Serbia30 days

Frequently visited: Serbia

Why visit?

  1. To visit a European country without having to worry about getting a Schengen visa.
  2. To experience Europe beyond Paris and Amsterdam.
  3. Serbia is a wonderful place where diverse European culture and charming offbeat experiences meet.

Now which of these countries you have picked? 🙂 Let Pickyourtrail craft the perfect vacation for you!

*Visa policies are subject to fluctuations. This information is legit as on October 30, the date of publishing. Please check before planning your vacation.

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