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Indian Rupee
Written by Rhea Alex on November 14, 2022 Share on

4 Countries That have a lower currency value than the Indian Rupee

Tourists from across the world are seen travelling from far and wide, hoping to explore and truly soak in the spectacular beauty of every region. Each country comes along with its own culture, ethnicity, attractions and distinct atmosphere, altogether.

But, what remains a rather crucial calculative factor when it comes to accounting for travels, remains the currency value of your country to another. This is undoubtedly an essential and integral part of your travel and needs to be given the attention it is due. 

When it comes to an entirely new culture or the sheer thrill that surrounds a whole new country, one can’t help but enjoy every single moment that passes by. Whether it’s some quality time spent with the locals in the region, or maybe even just exploring the place on foot – every small activity leads up to a memory you’ll reminisce for life.

Regardless of whether a trip to a foreign country is on your bucket list or not, it would be most helpful for you to keep yourself updated on the countries that offer a lower currency value than the Indian rupee. Hence, it’s important to keep an account of the countries that have a lower currency value than the Indian Rupee. Many a time, travellers find themselves in a dilemma, owing to the fact that they haven’t properly accounted for the money a foreign trip may cost them. 

The general perception that Indians have remains that, a vacation abroad has inevitably got to be an expensive affair in the making. Though the above statement may be entirely subjective and not quite true, a great amount of trust around it – solely lies in the lack of proper lower currency value in the market. 

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  1. Algeria
  2. Vietnam
  3. Indonesia
  4. Paraguay

1. Algeria

The African country of ‘Algeria,’ easily tops our lists of countries that have a lower currency value than the Indian rupee. Tourists are most often blissfully unaware of the fact that ‘Algeria,’ is the largest country in Africa and is the most attractive of the lot, as well. The entire region is known for its sheer charm and charisma, that has floored a great number of tourists. 

Located in the midsts of some of the most beautiful coastlines you’ll find in the African continent, ‘Algeria,’ is stellar beauty in itself. The entire is rich in the natural beauty that accompanies it and has been an awe-inspiring region, from time immemorial. When it comes to the perfect culmination of Roman culture, with just the right blend of rural and urban cities – ‘Algeria,’ has got to be the palace for you. When it comes to the countries that have a lower currency value than the Indian Rupee, Algeria most definitely is one to be considered and noticed.

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For those of you wondering what the currency value of the region could just be – well it’s about ‘One Indian Rupee equalling 1.63 Algerian Dollars. This, in turn, gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy a great vacation at about half the amount, that they’ll spend in their own country.

2. Vietnam

Vietnam currency
Image Credit – Wikimedia Commons

For those of you who would love some delicious and flavoursome food, coupled with some rich and scrumptious ingredients – ‘Vietnam,’ has got to be the palace for you. There truly is nothing that can wholly describe the palate of the Vietnamese cuisine and the distinct burst of flavours that it brings along with it. 

The entire region of ‘Vietnam,’ is said to be packed with some spectacular sights and lush green landscapes that tourists are sure to love. The place gives tourists an opportunity to explore a whole new country, at comparatively relative costs. If you’re a fan of the famous ‘Spielberg movies,’ well, you’ve come to just the right place. Vietnam gives tourists the feel and vibes of any of the Spielberg movies that one can think of. 

Vietnam offers tourists with some great value for money, as one Indian Rupee equals to about 334 Vietnamese Dongs. To put that in simple terms, tourists can enjoy an entire day packed with attractions at only about one Indian Rupee. An extraordinary vacation is what awaits you, with a merger spend of just a few bucks.

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3. Indonesia

Indonesia currency
Image Credit – Pixabay

Indonesia is inevitably one of the most beautiful places tourists can make their way towards, at limited cost. The entire country is encompassed with about thousands of stunningly beautiful islands, that are sure to take your breath away. The islands of Java, Bali and even Sumatra; offer tourists with a paradise in itself and a vacation that they will truly cherish for a lifetime. 

The best things about the country owing to the currency value of the Indonesian Rupiah, in comparison to the Indian Rupee. The calculation figures that about one Indian Rupee accounts for about 197 Indonesian Rupiah. This means that tourists can enjoy a vacation, with a currency rate of almost 200 times. This, in turn, makes Indonesia one of the countries that have a lower currency value than the Indian Rupee.

This incredible value for money gives tourists an opportunity to shop their hearts out and take back with them – some amazing laurels. Whether it’s a rejuvenation spa session, a pleasant day by the beach or a day packed with a plethora of attractions; Indonesia makes for a great place to top your bucket list. The sunset views in the country have got to be yet another sole reason for you to make your way towards this incredible land. 

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4. Paraguay

When it comes to the lower currency value of countries, ‘Paraguay,’ is a rather interesting country on the lists. If you’re an adventure enthusiast and would love all things ‘Adventure,’ the region of Paraguay is packed with everything you’re going to love.

What tops the charts, however, is the approximate value of the Paraguayan Guarani to the Indian Rupee. The figures amount to the fact that about one Indian Rupee equals 83.31 Paraguayan Guarani’s. This makes for a great chance for tourists, to venture out on a great array of adventure activities and not blow a hole in their wallet. 

So if you’re looking for some amazing and smart ways to experience the best of both worlds, this could just be it. The lower currency value in the region truly paves way for a world of unknown explorations. 

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