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cordelia cruises India
Written by Akshaya Manoharan on July 27, 2023 Share on

Cordelia Cruise from India to Sri Lanka

Divided by an enormous water body and united by rich history and culture, Sri Lanka is one of the most visited countries. The country shows off it’s spick-and-span environment and most desirable ecosystem. All these years, the only option for exploring Sri Lanka tourism was by air. To our greatest convenience, the tourism boards of India and Sri Lanka have collaborated and launched the Cordelia cruise, which takes trips from India to Sri Lanka. With Sri Lanka tour packages, Here is everything from timings to prices that you need to know before taking a cruise from India to Sri Lanka. Also check out our Andaman Tour package

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How much does it cost to go to Sri Lanka from India by Ship?

The Cordelia Cruise price begins at Rs. 86,383 (for two people, three nights). To know the exact price details for your specialized requirements, check the official website. The price of this cruise mainly depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Apart from that, there are a few activities that are specific to certain packages. 

India to Sri Lanka Cordelia cruise package types 

Depending on the length of your trip and the kind of lodging you select, the packages for the Cordelia cruise change. The options available for duration of stay range from Two nights to Four nights. Below are the types of accommodations offered:

Type of Accommodation Number of People Allowed 
Interior Up to 4 people 
Ocean View Up to 4 people 
Balcony Up to 3 people 
SuiteUp to 3 people 
Chairman Suit Up to 3 people 

Cordelia Cruise route from India to Sri Lanka

For this cruise from India to Sri Lanka, there are a total of five possible routes. 

  1. Chennai-At Sea-Chennai
  2. Chennai: At Sea-Trincomalee-Chennai
  3. Chennai: At Sea-Hambantota-Trincomalee-Chennai
  4. Chennai – At Sea – Trincomalee – Jaffna – Chennai
  5. Chennai-Hambantota-Trincomalee-Jaffna-Chennai 

The cruise carries 750 people in total and will stop at three ports, namely, Hambantota, Trincomalee, and Kankesanturai. The itinerary for the above mentioned destinations is subject to change. You can check the major details on their official website to avoid confusion. 

Facilities on the Cordelia cruise – India to Sri Lanka

Below are the facilities that are available on the Cordelia Cruise, which sails from India to Sri Lanka. 

  • Dining
  • Casino
  • Bar
  • Fitness Center
  • Theater
  • Spa
  • Kids Play Area
  • Gaming Zone
  • Reading Zone
  • Night Club
  • Adventure Activities
  • DJ

The best time to visit Sri Lanka 

  • The best time to visit Sri Lanka: December to March, during the dry season.
  • Weather Conditions: Sunny weather with low chances of rainfall.
  • Ideal for: exploring beaches, historical sites, and lush landscapes.
  • Recommended Destinations: Coastal regions like Galle and Mirissa.
  • Monsoon Seasons: Southwest monsoon from May to September, northeast monsoon from October to January.
  • Avoiding Travel Disruptions: Plan your trip during the dry season to avoid heavy rainfall and potential travel disruptions.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free vacation: By planning your trip during the best time to visit Sri Lanka, you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

Is the Cordelia cruise worth it?  

It is always fun to take a cruise to any destination. Embark on an unforgettable journey on the cruise from India to Sri Lanka in 2023. This 11-day expedition will take you through captivating destinations, immersing you in the rich cultural heritage of both countries. From the bustling city of Chennai to the historic sites of Mahabalipuram and Trincomalee, each stop offers unique experiences. Indulge in the luxuries of the cruise ship, enjoy optional excursions to explore sanctuaries, forts, and backwaters, and savor delectable cuisines onboard. Conclude your voyage with a visit to the enchanting Elephanta Island. This cruise promises a perfect blend of relaxation, discovery, and lifelong memories for your experience on our Sri Lanka honeymoon packages as well as Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon package

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the domestic destinations covered by Cordelia Cruise?

Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, and Lakshadweep

What international destinations are covered by Cordelia Cruises?

Sri Lanka

What is included in the price of a Cordelia cruise?

Accommodations, Dining options, Entertainment, Recreational activities, and access to onboard facilities

Does Cordelia Cruise have wifi?

Yes, you will have wifi in the Cordelia cruise

What are the timings for the onboard casino and bar?

Specific times for onboard amenities such as the casino and bar on Cordelia Cruises may vary depending on the cruise schedule, regulations, and cruise line policies. It is best to check with the cruise staff or refer to the daily schedule provided on board for the most up-to-date timings of the casino and bar during your specific cruise journey.

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